State-Run Media in North Korea Already Claiming Victory Over America

State-Run Media in North Korea Already Claiming Victory Over America June 13, 2018

So what do you get when a sitting U.S. president decides to travel abroad, in order to give legitimacy to the tyrannical leader of a rogue nation, laden with horrific human rights violations and nuclear ambitions?

In the case of President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, you get photo ops, months worth of insane talking points to dissect and work through, and propaganda… so much propaganda from both sides.

What happened in Singapore this week was unprecedented, but don’t get caught up in the word. I’m finding far too many who hear that word, “unprecedented” and get the warm fuzzies about what Trump has done.

It’s not necessarily a good word.

North Korea’s state-controlled media (kind of like Fox News, here) is trumpeting the news that after meeting with “Dear Leader” Kim, our wishy-washy President Trump has agreed to lift sanctions against the country.

Both leaders signed an agreement committing the United States to unspecified “security guarantees” in exchange for denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula.

Trump reportedly offered to lift sanctions on the cash-strapped country in addition to those security guarantees, according to Reuters.

North Korea’s KCNA news agency cites Trump making the pledge to lift the economic barriers after saying the U.S. would end joint military exercises with South Korea.

We don’t really have any assurances of anything, from North Korea. The “Great Negotiator” went in and offered Kim the world, including some big, beautiful hotels for their coast, and got nothing in return.


This is not a new thing for North Korea. Their history is that of playing the role they feel the world is expecting of them, long enough to draw some concessions from a U.S. president, then they snatch the football away.

You should not expect the normal diplomatic measures to work with a nation that is run by a family dynasty. Of that dynasty, the family has appointed themselves as gods, and are worshipped that way by the people, under the threat of pain.

There’s a reason Christians are imprisoned and North Korea has sat at the very top of the World Watch List for nations that experience high or extreme Christian persecution for so long.

President Trump sought no good faith relief for those suffering human rights abuses under the Kim regime.

What Trump did was pat himself on the back for the three recently released American prisoners. He forgets that Otto Warmbier was returned from his torturous stay there as a shell.

“Otto Warmbier did not die in vain” was what Trump said on Tuesday to the press.

Didn’t he? Nothing measurable was achieved for the United States, nor for peace at that summit.

The document signed during the summit did not provide any specific details regarding a timeline or nature of North Korea’s denuclearization.

“I think both sides are going to be impressed with the result,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday. “We’re going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world.”

Lip service. Bread and circuses.

Of course, Trump is claiming this as a great victory, with absolutely no proof.

No longer a nuclear threat.

I can’t even begin to express just how foolish this is. If history has shown us anything, it is that North Korea is the kind of nation you do not turn your back on, yet, Trump feels that a twenty minute sit-down is enough to undo decades of evidence.

This road he has taken the American people down will not end at a good place.

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  • IllinoisPatriot

    What we SHOULD be learning (and what you refer to in your article and in your other posts) is that we cannot afford to turn our backs to Trump.

    Trump is not honorable and he is not trustworthy. He has made a pattern of cutting the legs out from under his own cabinet and his own spokespeople. Trump has undercut our judicial system, our Congress and the GOP.

    Trump no sooner left the G7 this week than he denied the deals he signed there. Apperantly Trump’s signiture on a “deal” means less than nothing to him once he walks out of the room. Again – this was predictable from the fact that even Trump’s lawyers would not meet one-on-one with him – always assuring there was a witness in the room to what was agreed upon so that Trump could not dispute or unilaterally change the terms of the agreements once the lawyers left his office.

    This is just more of what we’ve come to expect from Trump – total hypocrisy, totally dishonorable behavior, total lies and bullying in lieu of integrity, honor, and true loyalty to his Oath of Office.

  • CSN

    Susan Wright of the Left…you’re touting complete bull feathers. Pravda news is from CNN, WASHINGTON POST, YOURSELF, and others, NOT FOX!!!
    If North Korea is propagandizing the Summit, it’s to be expected. Kim doesn’t want to appear weak. China blacked out the summit so it couldn’t be viewed on the internet. Stop milking your Communist talking points.
    You leftists are so triggered by Trump’s success your hemorrhoids are burning.

  • acjewel

    Susan is as conservative as it gets; your ignorant talking points are showing. The Trump administration is also propagandizing the summit, but I wouldn’t expect a person who idolizes Fox’s orange-nosers to have gathered that fact.

  • JASmius

    The Norks are probably telling the truth. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump told Kim he will lift the sanctions, Trump’s underlings are trying to keep that part quiet, and Pyongyang is publicizing it in order to hold him to his promise. They know that Trump has his ego invested in this debacle and will never walk away from it now. Why shouldn’t they shoot for the moon?

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Kim is not the only one that is propagandizing the summit because he does not want to appear weak. After all Trump’s bragging and insults and name-calling of Kim prior to the summit, it is clear that Trump’s ego cannot take the fact that he may appear weak or an inferior negotiator to Kim. Trump’s eco DEMANDS that he preserve his bragging rights and so he and his pravda media will continue their lies that Trump walked away with something – ANYTHING – that in some way can be twisted into a positive.

    The truth is that Trump walked away with NOTHING while giving Kim a propaganda win and and diplomatic coup. Trump did not even get Hotel Naming rights to a new N.K. hotel on their “beautiful, wonderful” beaches with “a great view”.

    The truth is that Trump got taken to the cleaners by Kim and is far too ashamed to admit it.

    The truth is that because there were no recordings of the meeting to act as irrefutable records, Kim can now claim that Trump promised him ANYTHING and the world will likely believe Kim because Trump has proven himself to be untrustworthy, un-reliable, unrepentant and willing to break any agreement or treaty at the drop of a hat when / if it benefits his ego.

  • CSN

    Prey tell and how? You mean by admitting what he already proposed which is written on paper, and included in the interview with the President which George Stephanopoulos concluded after the summit? Your hair is on fire acjewel…better put it out..,you’re melting down completely. Trump is winning, winning, winning.!!!

  • CSN

    Yada, and Yada, and Yada. Kim will denuclearize in 2.5 years…it’s been confirmed by SOS Mike Pompeo. You’re all hemorrhaging from the reality that Trump has accomplished what no other President has been able to accomplish.
    Your entire rabid post here is pure propaganda from the leftist communist press you so love and adore.

  • CSN

    They lied to the President’s face, said one thing to him present, and when he left the summit for Singapore said another. Couldn’t be truthful with him face to face. The dishonesty of the LEFT knows no bounds. You’re all trigger happy. ..and you’re the active shooters not the right!

  • acjewel

    Sure thing, Sparky. Keep telling yourself that.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    It’s hard to believe you actually felt the need to upvote your own post.

    You really don’t have clue how this “internet thingy” works, do you ?