WATCH: Sean Hannity’s Glaring Partisan Hypocrisy Is Put ON BLAST

WATCH: Sean Hannity’s Glaring Partisan Hypocrisy Is Put ON BLAST June 13, 2018

This is wonderful.

And to be clear, I’m no fan of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” It was only vaguely amusing when Jon Stewart was the host. With Trevor Noah at the helm, it has gone from mildly annoying to full-on social justice claptrap, with the occasional attempts at humor.

That being said, in this age of Trump, and my own, personal awakening to the hypocrisy of both sides, I’ve found quite a few bits from the show that deserve kudos.

This latest, giving the side by side of President Trump’s personal gimp, Sean Hannity, is devastating.

No, I don’t expect Trump loyalists to see this and be moved. The stain of cultism is too deeply set in, without a really solid, well-proven mental health program implemented to reverse the hold the hay-haired mountebank has over his subjects.

For those who remain in control of their facilities, however, you’ll see this and really get the picture that those of us who have chosen to remove ourselves from partisan politics have seen since Donald Trump became the GOP nominee.

The Sean Hannity video is so full of hypocritical contradictions by the Fox News personality, I’m recommending a neck brace for those who might suffer neck damage from the wild swings, back and forth.

Just a sampling:

In the video, Hannity says he sees “parallels” between Trump and former President Reagan, who negotiated with leaders of the Soviet Union during his presidency, while other clips show him comparing Obama to former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, famous for his appeasement of Adolf Hitler.

“President Obama, catering to the world’s dictators, is literally the Neville Chamberlain of our time,” Hannity says in an old clip in the video.

But in a more recent clip while talking about Trump, Hannity says, “There’s no downside to what happened here at all … only a win as far as I’m concerned.”

“It’s not wise, it’s not in our best interest,” past-Hannity fires back. “We’re dealing with the world’s worst dictators, and we’re showing a lot of weakness.”

Get it?

When a Democrat president courts the tyrants and dictators of the world: OH, NO! THIS IS HORRIBLE! HOW COULD HE DO THIS? HE HAS BETRAYED OUR NATION!

When Donald Trump courts all of our nation’s greatest geopolitical foes, including Russia, China, and a nation that is being compared to Nazi Germany (credibly): This is a great day for America, and for the whole world! Only a man of Donald Trump’s great wisdom and unmatched negotiating skills could bring about peace on earth, good will to men! He is the messiah we’ve longed for!

Ok. That last bit may be an exaggeration, but honestly, not by much, at all. No one has actually called Trump the messiah, that I’ve heard, but they absolutely have acted as if he has created a new peace in the Earth, based on absolutely nothing.

It’s chilling, to be honest. This hateful, arrogant man is being heralded as a conquering king, with men like Sean Hannity using their platform to play on the dulled senses of the masses.

Watch the full video. And yes, Sean Hannity is definitely self-owning, here.

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  • CSN

    Susan Wright on the side of the left, courting and upholding Leftist pathetic talking points against one of the most remarkable “Peace Negotiations” of historical significance.
    Let’s make this perfectly clear…North Korea was shooting Rockets and threatening Hawaii, Guam, Japan, and our other allies just 6 months ago. President Trump threatened them with annihilation and put in the most strict sanctions ever on North Korea. Then something happened. Kim Jong Un came to the table. President Trump sent over newly appointed Mike Pompeo to discuss denuclearization with Kim Jong Un. He negotiated some preliminaries with him, invited our other teams to talk with their advisors and have been doing this for three straight months. When Kim looked like he was back tracking on negotiations, Trump called it off but left the door open. Jong Un begged to reinstate the Summit, and sent his delegate to D.C. Trump just signed with Kim Jong un, one of the most important peace treaty’s EVER!
    1. Kim must totally give up Nuclear weapons.
    2. Kim won’t

  • WW

    I think the biggest revelation of this past election cycle has been what frauds and phonies hannity, limbaugh, levin, ingraham (plenty more) have proven to be.

  • GotMyLoveGlassesOn

    I’m pro-life, anti-gay marriage, for smaller government and religious liberty, and if there’s any blue showing, it’s my current shirttail.
    Otherwise, I’m more conservative than you or Sean Hannity.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Yet all Trump walked away with were undocumented (no one present took notes or official minutes of their actual meeting) session that both are now free to talk about however they want. Both dictators are famous for not being truthful about meetings they hold unless there are witnesses present to correct them whenever they ad-lib events that never happend into their “meetings”.

    Trump walked out of the Summit with no gains for America whatsoever. Nothing can be quantified, nothing can be verified as actually committed to and no procedures or arrangements were made to verify either anything IN the meeting or that came out of the meeting.

    In short, Trump made a bunch of vague promises in exchange for a bunch of vague assurances neither of which mean anything since Trump is becoming famous fore reneging on his summit commitments as soon as he leaves the summit – just ask any of the G7 participants (other than Trump) if you doubt that Trump actually means to uphold any document he signs.

  • rasseng

    If your Libtard Ass, that’s right, you are a Libtard Leftist, so don’t try to call yourself a Conservative, if your Lame Ass can’t see the difference between Obama and Trump, then you are seriously mentally challenged. Obama pretty much had, No, foreign policy. All he did was bow down to foreign leaders, talk about how terrible the US is/was and apologize for our dominance on the world stage. He supported many entities that are enemies of the US and our allies, including many Terrorist groups and the biggest Terrorist Nation Iran.

    President Trump is showing strength and negotiating with our enemies in order to keep the US and the world safe from their Lunatic Leaders. You think Trump is buddies with Jong-un and Putin, seriously? You think Trump met with Jong-un and just kissed his ass and gave him whatever he wanted, are you f#cking high? The meeting happened, because President Trump intimidated Jong-un and had him scared. Jong-un met with the President, because he knew he wasn’t intimidating him, and that things were now different than when Obama was in charge!

    President Trumps behavior toward foreign Leaders, is totally different than our last president. He exudes Strength and a no nonsense attitude toward these Leaders and our enemies. President Trump negotiates to win, he will never agree to anything that does not benefit him, and now, our country!

    Susan Wright is just a Bitter Psychotic Anti-Trump Libtard in disguise, that was Fired from the more legitimate RedState site, because her Anti-Trump rhetoric was beyond ridiculous!