White House Adviser Picks up Trump’s Line of Rhetoric to Attack Allies

White House Adviser Picks up Trump’s Line of Rhetoric to Attack Allies June 10, 2018

Just so we get a firm grasp on where we are at this point in our United States history, in this age of Trumpism, consider the recent behavior of President Trump, and the words of White House trade adviser Peter Navarro.

While Donald Trump is off to play footsie with a murderous tyrant, who only months ago was threatening the lives of the American people, Navarro is continuing Trump’s vicious war of words against the nation’s longtime allies.

To backtrack on this whole mess: President Trump has been on a kick, where he has decided to act against the advice of economists and everyone else with an ounce of commonsense and a fair grasp of U.S. trade policies. He has set about to demean and punish the nation’s friends, while simultaneously encouraging and supporting our greatest foes on the world stage: Russia and China.

Before and during the G7 summit, Trump advocated for the return of Russia to the table, inexplicably and unprompted.

Let’s speak plainly. Trump may be an innocent man, but he acts exactly like someone would act if they were serving as an asset to the Kremlin.

And everything those of us who stood on the sidelines and screamed about during the Republican primaries is becoming a reality.

No matter how the Republican partisans and Trump devotees howl, history will prove us right, but by then, it may be too late.

To be clear, I’m no fan of any socialist, simply because they back a failed system that does not work, and it’s the last thing I would ever want for our nation.

That being said, our neighbors to the north, Canada, have been good neighbors and supportive friends. Trump’s feud with Justin Trudeau makes no sense.

Following Trump’s Saturday departure from the G-7 for Singapore, Trudeau held a press conference stating that all of the member nations, including the U.S., had signed a communique dedicated to lowering tariffs and other trade barriers. He also threatened retaliatory tariffs for those the U.S. “unjustly” slapped on Canada and emphasized that Canadians “will not be pushed around.”

Trudeau has said that retaliatory tariffs will begin on July 1, so mark that date.

Trump pointed a finger at the Canadian leader for acting “meek and mild” during their meetings in Quebec during the G-7 summit and being “dishonest” in the way he portrayed the newly imposed U.S. tariffs. He also claimed to have informed U.S. officials not to affirm the communique signed by G-7 members.

Trump is being a bully. He’s losing his mind over dairy.

To be honest, Trump could almost be overlooked for his ignorance, but it’s the ones backing his hand and this destructive path that need to be held accountable.

So back to Peter Navarro. He took the attacks on Trudeau to a new level on Sunday.

“There’s a special place in hell for any foreign leader who engages in bad-faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door,” Navarro said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Of course he said that on Fox News. Anywhere else and he would have been challenged.

Something about giving Trump such a messianic status that to mildly insult him is an offense worthy of burning in hell is particularly disturbing.

Define: Cult.

Navarro went on to say his attacks came straight from Trump, himself.

“I will tell you this. To my friends in Canada, that was one of the worst political miscalculations of a Canadian leader in modern Canadian history,” Navarro said, stressing that Trump has “bigger things on his plate,” like his upcoming meeting in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump “did him a favor and he was even willing to sign that socialist communique and what did Trudeau do? As soon as the plane took off from Canadian airspace Trudeau stuck our president in the back,” Navarro added. “That will not stand.”

He didn’t stick him in the back. He gave a press conference that was far less aggressive and inflammatory than what Trump has given on a near-daily basis since taking office.

Navarro was then pressed by Fox’s Chris Wallace to clarify that his message was actually from Trump.

“They are my words but they are the sentiment that was on Air Force One” after Trump left Canada.

“This was just wrong, what … Trudeau was doing,” Navarro added. “The Canadians are totally bungling our trade relationships and it’s due to their leadership. Take NAFTA, for example. We’d have a deal. We’d have a great deal with NAFTA by now if the Canadians would spend more time at the bargaining table and less time lobbying Capitol Hill and our press and state governments here. They just simply are not playing fair. Dishonest, weak.”

Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow was also on CNN, offering the same line of bull:

Trudeau had stabbed Trump in the back.

It’s as if they were given a script to follow, told to deny their economics background, and go out and just attack, so they did.

But Trump is giving legitimacy to the rogue regime of North Korea with no pre-conditions, at the moment, so all is fine.

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  • JASmius

    We may not be in Barack Obama’s third term, but in so many ways, we might as well be.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    In other words, because Trudeau cared about his country and did not simply roll over for Trump’s extortion that Trump refers to as “negotiating”, he and Canada have become enemies of Trump and must therefore be hit back 10 times as hard ? Nonsense.

    I believe that Trudeau’s response to Trump’s actions and attacks combined with Trump’s unreasonable demands for NAFTA are the primary reasons Trump’s “renegotiations” have fallen apart. Actions like those after the G7 will not help bring Canada and Mexico back to the table and will likely cause GB & Europe to respond to Trump’s “negotiations” in the same way Canada did.

    It’s also possible the US may get kicked out of the G7 by the end of Trump’s term – making it the G-6 Summit meeting – particularly if Trump decides to make Russian participation a pre-requisite for US involvement.

    … and this all helps the US economy to flourish how ? This Makes America Great Again how ? If anything, this raises prices for everyone, denies US markets to US exporters and destroys jobs – the same jobs the GOP was going to tout in the 2018 mid-term elections to try to keep their majorities…..

    The next thing we should expect to see is foreign-owned manufacturing (factories that manufacture foreign goods such as cars in US-based plants) leaving the country due to Trump’s tariffs & trade war. As VW, Audi, Honda, Toyota etc pull their manufacturing out of the US, those jobs will disappear as well – and all the proud red-cappers will finally be able to spend more time watching their idol on TV since they will no longer have to go to work…..