Trump Touts His Honesty in a New Interview (and It’s NOT Parody)

Trump Touts His Honesty in a New Interview (and It’s NOT Parody) September 24, 2018

President Trump wants everyone to know he’s totally not worried about his former attorney and “fixer,” Michael Cohen rolling over on him and providing information to special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

On Friday we discussed the news that Cohen has now sat with investigators with Mueller’s team, as well as prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York.

This is significant, since other than the ongoing probe into Russian activities in the 2016 election, the Trump family has been charged in New York with using the Trump family charity for purposes other than the stated charitable aims.

In other words, it’s a scam to benefit Trump and his three older children: Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka.

It was a “charity” in the same way Trump University was a “school” – wholly corrupt and fully necessitating air quotes when referencing them verbally.

The interesting part of Friday’s news about Cohen is that he has sat for hours of questioning with these authorities on a completely voluntary basis, and with no promise of leniency in his own sentencing.

After a decade of devoted service to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen has truly hit his limit. By all accounts, he ate tons of abuse from his boss in that time, but now, with his freedom and the well being of his family on the line, he seems to be in full rebellion. He is making the cutting of those ties irreparable.

Considering that Cohen has been referred to as the man who “knows where the bodies are buried,” you have to think that President Trump is sweating bullets.

Cohen, has pleaded guilty to wire fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, and campaign finance law violations, the latter which refers to the payments made to two of Trump’s mistresses, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

As an added bonus, David Pecker, the CEO of American Media Inc., the company that owns The National Enquirer, has also agreed to work with investigators, as part of the same investigation involving Cohen.

Pecker is a longtime pal of Trump’s and apparently helped Trump through the years and during the campaign “catch and kill” stories that might emerge and prove inconvenient.

Is Trump worried?

He says he’s not, at least.

“I’m not, because I’m an honest guy,” Trump said in an interview on “Geraldo in Cleveland” on WTAM radio that is set to air on Monday, according to The New York Times.

Hang on. I think that one gave me a small brain bleed.

“And that stuff is unrelated to me. And that was Michael did that stuff. And Michael I mean you know, you know I have many, many lawyers. I have very big law firms I have that do my work.”

Well, you’ve had many lawyers. Most usually bail because you’re a lousy client who doesn’t heed their advice and you also have that annoying habit of not paying your debts.

Cohen, of the strip mall law degree, was the sort of shifty, shady character someone with the history of Trump needed. He handled “specialty” contract issues, but nothing that would require courtroom expertise or a packed portfolio of legal wins.

He is the rat-faced mob lawyer, straight out of central casting.

He only served two other clients, beyond Donald Trump.

One was Elliot Broidy, the big money GOP fundraiser, who came under fire for allegedly attempting to exploit millions from foreign governments, by promising he’d use his relationship with Trump to work for their interests.

Then, of course, there was the Playboy playmate mistress, allegedly paid to remain silent about a pregnancy that resulted in an abortion.

Cohen drew up that nondisclosure agreement, as well.

The third Cohen client he was forced to reveal in court was Fox News personality, Sean Hannity.

Interestingly enough, Hannity, while employing Cohen, would often have Cohen on his show so they could sing duets of praise to Trump. He just didn’t reveal that he was tied to Cohen in a way other than a mutual affection for the hay-haired mountebank.

He also, with all his wealth, has never adequately revealed why he needed the services of such a shady lawyer.

He claimed he was working out real estate contracts for him, but surely any lawyer could do the same work.

Whatever the case, he didn’t want his name to come forward, but it did.

But for Trump, if anyone could harm him, you’d have to assume it would be Cohen.

You also have to wonder if Trump is doing a mental rewind on every dirty deal he’s had Cohen work out for him, over the years.

“I don’t know anything because, I’ll be honest, I do everything straight,” Trump said. “I do everything straight.”

There are broken Trump University students, small businessmen, and unpaid investors screaming into a pillow right now.

My advice?

Don’t take your eyes off of the larger workings of Robert Mueller and the big field of the Russia probe, but to discount Michael Cohen right now would be a mistake.

Future American History texts will have multiple paragraphs citing Cohen’s involvement in this era of American politics.

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  • Kelly

    As a friend of mine would ask, “what color is the sky in your world Mr Trump?”

  • Teri Smith

    So much shady business in Trump’s world.

  • mersey

    It’s got to be orange!

  • mersey

    If this wasn’t so serious, Donald Trump would be the funniest man in America today.

  • Ellen Elmore

    I wish I thought what Mueller is going to find would make a difference. But I believe Trump is as untouchable as Bill, Hillary and Obama. He is above the law just like the others. Trump isn’t worried because in the past, no matter what he did or said, it always worked out in his favor. His bullying tactics are as much a part of his personality as his horrible, orange comb over.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I was not laughing even BEFORE it got serious. I don’t find Trump funny at all (other than in the seriously mentally defective [ special needs ]) sense of “funny”.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I think things are already catching up to Trump. His “charity” has been exposed and will be taken down. His international properties (all resort/hotel/casino-type “tourist” places and “luxury” ones at that) are likely to be met with a wave of extra scrutiny and / or “health” inspections and I’m sure his business bookings will continue to decrease as his general popularity around the world falls – possibly to the point where he (or his guests) have to hire extra security.

    I suspect the next president’s administration will not allow the waivers Mar-A-Logo and other Trump properties needs to bring in their cheap foreign labor instead of hiring Americans. American banks already want nothing to do with him. Most major law firms won’t have anything to do with him either. Wealthy Americans will likely abandon him once his usefulness and Presidential Influence wane, while most red-cappers (his political base) cannot afford to stay at his resorts.

    If the flow of Russian money is cut off, we could see a lot more Trump bankruptcies shortly after he leaves office.

    With Mueller closing in and a few Republicans ALREADY running on campaigns of opposition to Trump, his support in Congress appears to be disintegrating. If the Dems take Congress in 2018 (as seems likely), I believe impeachment may well be on the table. I think the GOP would be hard-pressed to vote “innocent” in the Senate without putting their own seats in peril due to the voter backlash.

    All it will likely take for a total Trump collapse is a serious terrorist attack (NYC centered on Trump Tower seems likely to me) or major economic hits as the world stops doing business with the US and finds suppliers/markets elsewhere that do not have Trump tariffs attached or the possibility that Trump will involve us in a war that goes nuclear (possibly with N. Korea being the trigger). I doubt Trump could organize a proper response to any of the above (and could possibly be overwhelmed by Florence response failures), let alone rally the country to unify with a response as GW Bush did after 9/11.

  • mersey

    I admit that I have a weird sense of humor. Stupid people make me laugh.

  • WW

    Trump and honesty… two words that don’t belong in the same sentence.

  • Brian Orion

    No. Comment.