American Pravda Promotes Dear Leader Trump, Condemns Enemy Media for Unfair Reporting

American Pravda Promotes Dear Leader Trump, Condemns Enemy Media for Unfair Reporting November 1, 2018

Ah, American Pravda, we can always count on you to bring sniveling acquiescence to this administration’s bad behavior to dizzying heights.

And by “American Pravda,” if you haven’t been keeping up, I’m talking about that pit of journalistic malpractice and alt-right fever dreams, Fox News.

Sure, they do great in the ratings, but that’s much less an indicator of the quality of actual journalism going on, than it is a testimony to the large numbers of American viewers who either reject integrity in their news reporting or who can’t find the TV remote.

The awful isn’t even reserved for simply the opinion shows – Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, or the premiere Trump bootlicks, Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro.

Even Fox Business is saddled with a vast array of MAGA drones.

The “Fox and Friends” morning crew, however, share a particularly parasitic relationship with the Commander-in-Chief, where he feeds off of their adoration, just as surely as they feed off of his attention.

So earlier, we discussed a president who lies, admits he’s a liar, and doesn’t seem to see that as a bad thing, because, after all, it got him to the White House.

Think about it: He knows he lies and doesn’t care. It’s deliberate, because it serves his interests, not the interests of the nation.

He also has been in full attack mode against the press from Day One.

He regularly attacks the media as “the enemy of the people” on his Twitter account, as well as at his numerous rallies, whipping his rabid base into a frenzy.

Even after one of his acolytes sent a potentially explosive device to CNN (as well as other perceived political enemies), Trump refuses to tone down his rhetoric, because, again, his base eats it up and he believes it helps him to create enemies to hate – whether it’s media or immigrants.

Decent people are disgusted by this.

The “Fox and Friends” crew are making excuses for it.

In an Axios interview, when asked about his characterization of the media, Trump said that was how he “fought back.”

Given that he’s proudly announced himself to be a Nationalist, and given that other Nationalists in history also referred to the media as “enemy of the people,” as well, it would be really easy to make the comparison and it not be hyperbole.

But, again, it was A-OK with the “Fox and Friends” crew.

“Clearly what he doesn’t like, is he does not like stories that he feels are not fair to what he is doing,” co-host Steve Doocy observed.

Other presidents have had the same reaction, and other than Barack Obama and Richard Nixon, none have reacted as badly.

Even Obama and Nixon, however, wouldn’t dream of labeling the press as “enemies” and encouraging their supporters to attack the media.

Doocy pointed out that Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei pressed Trump on the possibility that his heated rhetoric could incite violence.

Ainsley Earhardt cut in: “How frustrating would it be if you are the president of the United States and every single time you turn on the TV on most of the channels they are misconstruing what you say?”

I don’t think that word – misconstruing – means what you think it means.

“You know your heart and you know your words and your voice and you watch what other people report on what you say and it’s completely different than what you mean,” Earhardt continued. “That has to be frustrating. That’s why he is calling it fake news.”

Except it’s not “fake.” That he’s not happy with them reporting exactly what he says and then reporting on it is not reason enough for him to label them as enemies to the American people. They’re just doing their jobs.

Maybe you should try it.

“He’s saying if you don’t want to be called the enemy, then get the story right, be accurate and report the story the way I want it reported,” she added.

The way I want it reported.

Yeah. That’s especially not their job. That’s the job of propagandists.

What he wants is a North Korea-styled media that starts each day with songs of praise to “Dear Leader,” and in the face of every fact, only praises him.

Like Fox News does.

“I think that’s a good point,” Brian Kilmeade said. Kilmeade then recalled the Bernie Sanders fan who shot Rep. Steve Scalise at the GOP congressional baseball practice.

And that was awful, and proof that neither side of the political aisle can claim to be squeaky clean, but let’s not get it twisted.

We have a president that is openly hostile to our press, and we have at least one news agency out there acting as blatant propagandist.

This is to the detriment of our nation. It does not help us.



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  • IllinoisPatriot

    Trump is not only trying to alienate the free press and curtail the constitutional protections accorded a free press, but he is simultaneously attacking the courts and attempting to coerce them (through intimidation, libel and slander) not allowing any legal judgements against him.

    Trump is indeed dangerous to our Republican – and especially to the ideals of freedom, fairness and honor that America has always stood for – even more so than Obama was or more than Hillary would have been had she won in 2016.

  • Brian Orion

    The answer to Pravda isn’t making your own parallel version of Pravda. I already believe in Jesus thank you very much; I don’t need a messiah.

  • Barros Serrano

    Who is creating this “parallel version”? The networks with an avowed liberal perspective still report NEWS and do not repeat propaganda and concocted lies such as are common on Faux News.

    Messiah? What the country needs is a govt which responds to the needs of the PEOPLE rather than only to the interests of billionaires. To get that, we have to elect Democrats, and good ones, not sellouts.

    I see no Republican in office currently who is not a corporate shill.

  • Barros Serrano

    Obama was no threat, nor was Hillary, other than that their centrism was too corporate-friendly and inadequately served the people who elected them.

    Trumpolini is indeed dangerous, but even more ominous than him are the hordes of white-rights who’ve emerged from beneath their rocks to expose for all to see their essential racism, misogyny and fascism.

    It would appear that group includes the majority of whites. We are in dangerous times indeed.

  • chemical

    I think Brian here is saying Fox News is American Pravda, and the “I already believe in Jesus…” line means he’s not planning on replacing Jesus with Donald Trump, like the red hatters do.

  • Barros Serrano

    oh ok, parallel to the Russian version…

    I thought he was attacking MSNBC for being a liberal Faux News

    Yes, they do pretend that Orange Mess is going to save them…

    And we Democrats were accused of thinking Obama was the “Messiah”…

  • JASmius

    Barack Obama was a mortal threat to constitutional government. It was much of why he bypassed the Founding Document and ruled by authoritarian diktat after the corrupt ObamaCare cramdown cost his party control of Congress. And he was no “centrist” by any twisted definition of the term, but a hard-core leftwingnut.

    Hillary Clinton was a hardcore leftwingnut when she was usurping her husband’s presidency in his first two years in office. But she long ago left the “revolutionary cause” behind in favor of corruption and grifting and refraining from any action that isn’t suffocatingly focus-grouped. Basically an extremely risk-averse, Hollywood-level stage-managed conventional Democrat-ism weighted down by a grotesque presumption of personal entitlement. But in even the medium term, a term of her presidency would have been less damaging to the country and the GOP than four years of the Deranged Yam.

    Utterly unsurprising that you conclude your comment with a plunge into anti-white racism and painting all white people, particularly conservatives, with a Trumpie brush. It’s so vividly devoid of factuality as to not be worth the trouble of point-by-point refutation. But it does illustrate the magnitude of the damage being done by Trump to the Right and the Republican Party and how the Left will exploit that self-inflicted gift for years and years to come. The bulk of ‘Pubbies are not “racists, misogynists, fascists”, etc., etc., etc. But they have been willing to throw away their principles to embrace the short-term vice of reactionary-ism, to take out their frustration at being unable to defeat Obama by backing their own version of him who they deluded themselves into believing would “fight, fight, fight” for them rather than just himself. Trump corrupted them and led them astray, and they were all too willing to go along for the ride. After Trump goes down in flames two years from now, there will be ‘hordes” of recovering former Redcaps who will claim that they never really supported Trump and will pour forth many or all of the same criticisms that we supposedly “irrelevant” conservative NeverTrumpers have issuing for the past three years. And we will be there to remind them of their acute lack of credibility, and the forgiveness and atonement will not be so easily attained.

    That’s how cults of personality are born. It’s what produced Obamunism and it’s what produced #Cult45. America would have been immensely better off without both.

  • JASmius

    The networks with an avowed liberal perspective have been repeating propaganda and concocting lies for decades. Good grief, just go back a few weeks to the Brett Kavanaugh lynching. The difference between them and Trump Pravda is that the latter is so new to the game and never bothered with subtlety. And that has, in turn, made it easy-peasy-lemon-squeezie for CNN/MSNBC/ABC/NBC/CBS/etc. to slip back into the mask of legitimate journalism, as this White House’s relentless idiocies practically do their jobs for them.

    Also, the job of the federal government is not to meet the needs of the people – that’s the job of the people themselves, left alone to do so – but to uphold, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States and function within its enumerated boundaries. Until three years ago there was at least one major political party that at least paid lip service to that standard. Now there’s functionally none.

  • JASmius

    It’s more like Fox News is the Trumpie MSNBC.

    And you Democrats *did* think Obama was your messiah. You may want everybody to forget about it, but some of us remember “Light-bringer”, and the pics of Obama with a halo around his head, and people at his rallies swooning like congregants at a Benny Hinn crusade, and Chris Matthews’ leg tingle, and Evan Thomas – on MSNBC, no less – actually saying, “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

    You Democrats broke that vile, unAmerican ground. It’s what makes it so appalling to those of us on the Right who haven’t swilled the Trump-Aid to see that same partisan idolatry having completely subverted and taken over the Republican Party as well. You could even say it’s how Obama “fundamentally transformed” it.

  • mersey

    You’re on fire today. Nice one. And who can forget this blast from the past from the progressive messiah…..”In 2008, then President-elect Barack Obama said his victory marked “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” Trump and Obama, two flawed prophets with crazy cult followers.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Very well said – I echo mersey’s comment.

  • IllinoisPatriot


  • Barros Serrano

    You are a dangerous and treasonous fascist.

    Obama and Hillary are centrists. They are barely left-of-center. Of course in the post-Reagan world Republicans think anyone to the Left of Mussolini is a Communist. Yes, that is fascist thinking, and YOU are a fascist, no doubt about it. That is a long post full of nonsense and gibberish and doesn’t deserve to be dissected point by point.

    The only point you make is that you are a fascist. About whom does YOUR cult of personality revolve? Ayn Rand? Goebbels?