Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Celebrates the Loss of Thousands of Jobs to New York City

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Celebrates the Loss of Thousands of Jobs to New York City February 14, 2019

The top definition for “self own” at Urban Dictionary reads as such:

Self Own:

When you do something so stupid, you own yourself like a f**ktard!

jimmy self own ‘d himself


Let’s go ahead and add the state of New York, and the district (NY-14, Queens, Bronx) of freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the examples of self own-dom.

On Thursday, monster corporation, Amazon, announced that plans to build a new corporate campus in New York City were off.

It would have been a great boon for the state. Lawmakers estimated 40,000 jobs over the next couple of decades would have been added to the local economy, with average salaries around $150,000 a year.

Of course, for Jeff Bezos to agree to bring a new headquarters to the area, there had to be something in it for his brand. That’s just good business.

That came through an agreement for $3 billion in government subsidies, as part of the courtship to get the company there.

No, it’s not like Amazon went to New York. They allowed for bidding and jostling among several states that were under consideration.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, as well as Mayor Bill de Blasio had their hands all over that deal, because they knew what it meant for the citizens of their state.

Some lawmakers, including Ocasio-Cortez balked at the deal, mainly because their far left brain and socialist leanings are completely disconnected from real life.

Their envy over the existence of someone like Jeff Bezos, a man who has done well for himself and is, in fact, a self-made billionaire caused them to shoot their state and their constituents in the foot.

Their main complaint is that a man of Bezos’ wealth, with a company as big as Amazon should not have been getting a government subsidy when the city is facing budget cuts.

They also felt bringing in such a major company would result in rising rent prices and overcrowded subways.

Nobody tell them that the jobs and income that would come would help with any raised rent rates. I’m not sure they’d get it.

And if you want to get a picture of just how difficult the leftist mob intended to make it for actual prosperity to come to their city:

In a series of City Council meetings in recent weeks, Amazon executives were grilled about their view on unions, specifics about jobs in the neighborhood and the fact that their chosen site is located in an opportunity zone, enabling it to qualify for federal and state tax breaks there. Amazon said it wouldn’t claim the break. One executive hinted at the exasperation within the company, saying Amazon wanted to be in a community that wanted it.

Sounds reasonable.

You don’t want the company? You don’t want the jobs for your citizens?

Cool. We’ll move on.

“Amazon’s decision to withdraw from New York is no doubt a blow to our local economy,” said Julie Samuels, executive director at Tech: NYC. “New York City is today one of the most dynamic tech hubs in the world, but there is no guarantee we will maintain this status in the future, which makes this news so disappointing.”

Do you know how you lose that status?

By continuing to elect economic illiterates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

After news of Amazon’s decision, AOC and her merry band of dullards celebrated across social media.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose surprise election last year helped push her party to the left, also claimed victory.

“Today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers & their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world,” she tweeted.

I’m sure those who were counting on those jobs will build a memorial in your honor.

You. Are. So. Dumb.

Speaking of those who aren’t exactly on board with AOC’s reality-deprived view of economics, and the need to punish those more successful than themselves:

“Today New York lost billions of dollars of revenue that could have been used over the next decade to help rebuild this decaying city … All due to ignorance and small mindedness,” wrote one.

And there were others:

And they’re right to be angry.

The socialist utopia AOC envisions does not exist. This envy and covetous that propels mental voids like AOC to the top only serves to harm those they claim to represent: the downtrodden and desperate.

Please, if you’re of the belief that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the bright, young future of the left, understand some very simple metrics.

First of all, you cannot elevate someone by dragging down someone else. This drive to punish the wealthy does nothing to help those who are not.

It is the wealthy who create opportunity for others. Not everyone will be a millionaire or a billionaire, but the business acumen of those who run these mega-companies, such as Amazon, will always have a need for real people to keep the company going.

Those people down the line may not become rich doing it, but they’ll have an income. Their lights and rent will be paid. Their families will be clothed and fed. Their basic needs are met when they have jobs available to go to.

What’s more, there is a certain amount of self-satisfaction and inner peace that comes from not waiting for government handouts, but actually putting yourself out there and earning your money.

“This is a stunning development, with Amazon essentially giving in to vocal critics,” said Mark Hamrick, an analyst at “For those who didn’t want Amazon to bring the promised 25,000 new jobs and added economic vitality to the area: Be careful what you wish for.”

So while AOC and her ilk dumbly celebrate denying thousands of New Yorkers gainful employment (not to mention construction workers, vendors, area businesses, like convenience stores, restaurants, etc…), Northern Virginia and Nashville will benefit.

Great work, New Yorkers. Remember that when AOC’s seat comes up.




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  • Alpha 1

    Cradling Jeff Bezos in my arms, so that these vicious blows may fall on my body instead of his

  • Actually…it’s NOT a loss to the Deep State. Remember, ANY positive economy news is bad news for Democrats, even if a cronyist gets his billion dollar enterprise as the economy thing. So in essence, this WILL add to A-Ouch’s cred.

  • captcrisis

    20,000 jobs, which will disappear tomorrow if something happens to Amazon, is not worth giving this rich man $3 billion.

    Meanwhile the thousands of non-affluent people who will be displaced by gentrifying yuppies, who will be out of work if Amazon tanks, will still be displaced.

  • chemical

    From Susan:

    It is the wealthy who create opportunity for others.

    I was neutral about Amazon/AOC right up until this line. This is such an embarrassingly silly notion I’m surprised it even passes for thought among intellectual conservatism. Besides, Amazon jobs are terrible, and their warehouses are essentially pressure cookers. Get us that Green New Deal, AOC!

  • captcrisis

    Properly managed, a wealthy corporation can be invited to the benefit of everyone. One example is how Disney got into Times Square and revitalized what used to be a putrid hole of porn theaters and vacant office space. To do this the Dinkins Administration approached Disney carefully, without a lot of publicity, and through sensitive negotiations got Disney to come in and stay without too much in the way of giveaways. Disney profited from it, of course, but so did the whole district, which is once again a magnet for tourists.

    By contrast, here we have Bezos dangling this big piñata, a business which unlike Disney is not the type to attract other businesses (it will just be one giant warehouse, how scenic), and cities all over the nation are prostrating themselves to be allowed to buy the stick to hit it with. A piñata which might suddenly disappear if Amazon runs into the same mess that Facebook is now in.

  • chemical

    Well said.

    To me, this thing reeks of Bezos trying to bludgeon city governments with his money. He’s got enough wealth to throw a billion dollars around, so he can put his new warehouse, office, or whatever where ever he wants — he just wants to watch various local governments sing and dance for him because he enjoys the show.

    If Bezos was actually a decent businessman he’d carefully consider the local laws, zoning, etc., factor all that in, and base the decision on that business analysis, rather than which government does the best song-and-dance routine.

  • chemical

    If we decide to give Bezos an extra $3 billion, he will be able to afford 3 more yachts, and then I can get a sweet gig as his yacht polisher. /s

  • JASmius

    The moral of this story? Not every “business[person]” is Donald Trump. The vast majority of business[people] are not Donald Trump. Not incompetent, not corrupt, not rapacious, not greedy. Jeff Bezos is the antithesis of Donald Trump – why else would the latter’s allies at AMI have tried to blackmail him? The problem is that Donald Trump has resolidified the myth of the incompetent, corrupt, rapacious, greedy, villainous “robber baron” business[person] and encouraged the rise of economically illiterate leftwingnut radicals like AOC, who, I’ll remind everybody, will be back in total power two years from now for the very same reason.

    This is why Donald Trump, though not remotely intelligent, cunning, or self-disciplined enough for the role, has effectively, even accidentally, been the greatest Democrat deep cover agent and infiltrator of the GOP that has accomplished something not even Bill Clinton or Barack Obama ever dreamed of: “fundamentally transforming” the Republican Party to Democrat specifications.

  • Alpha 1

    The whole point of Intellectual Conservatism™ is to justify the idea that “It is the wealthy who create opportunity for others” and therefore it is the wealthy who deserve to run the world. Everything else is window dressing. The reason Intellectual Conservatives™ are so scared and enraged by the opposition to Amazon is because it sets a precedent that large corporations can’t roll in and loot the state, which limits the power of their rich backers.

  • Camino1

    We are not the slaves of the wealthy and should not be dependent on them for opportunities, or our survival. AOC seems to understand this and does not want constituents to be even more marginalized.

    Do you see the homeless rate increases in places like Seattle (MS and Amazon) or what Silicon Valley has done to the Bay Area?

    Rich richer, poor poorer.

  • Camino1

    Yes, Plato’s “Republic” just won’t go away.

    For now.

  • Camino1


  • Gary Blinn

    I’m kind of thinking that “intelligent conservatism” is an oxymoron.

  • I was going to say something witty, but I do know your side loves giving taxpayer money to companies for no fucking reason.

  • Thomas Bear
  • sometypeofguy

    I’m with AOC on this one. There are dozens of sites that would benefit from Amazon’s presence much more than the oversaturated NYC. NYC is a disaster. The subways are a nightmare. Amazon would have made the situation worse. I believe the only reason they wanted to be there was the cachet of being in a hip place.

  • sometypeofguy

    let’s face it there is nowhere in the New York area for non-affluent people to live. But you are right Amazon would have made it exponentially worse.

  • John225

    I think what companies look for is subsidies in the form of reduced local government taxes or special tax deals. That would give them the enduring competitive advantage they seek. It is the kind of anti competitive behavior only very large corporations can engage in and goes against the free market principles conservatives supposedly champion. I also think 40,000 jobs at $150k ea. is just pie in the sky stuff. This echo’s Foxconn promising thousands of jobs in Wisconsin to get billions in tax breaks then most of the jobs evaporate. Foxconn has been busy automating its production lines in China. It got sick of its workers throwing themselves off the top of its buildings so it decided to replace them with robots but when it comes to the states it is going to use much higher paid US production workers, OK then. $4.1 billion subsidy divided by 13,000 “promised” jobs is $315,000 per job plus Foxconn gets the right to pollute the air and waterways, what a deal, can anyone say malinvestment. You know with the Amazon thing the jobs aren’t destroyed they just go else where so this is a net zero for the greater economy or positive if you count all the public money they wont be burning, I mean donating to the super rich.

    The notion that the rich create the opportunities, people get wealth two ways, creating or participating in a wealth generating enterprise or trading up. Entrepreneurship and innovation creates wealth by inventing new forms of wealth while trading up is kind of a zero sum game where someone only wins when someone else loses. Now an entrepreneur may need a venture capitalist to get off the ground but that frequently ends badly for the entrepreneur. Is it the entrepreneur who made the opportunity or the venture capitalist? Is it the factory worker who actually makes the goods wealth consists of or the factory owners who trade on that who are more important? There is always more than one angle to view things from. If you look at it from the angle of the market, the wealthy are a tiny group, maybe one in ten thousand individuals, and they buy foreign goods anyway, the poor are too busy surviving and have no disposable income, so by far the most purchasers in the market are the middle class. The middle class are the market. The middle class are also the workers who do the work to generate the wealth. If the middle class disappears so does the market.

  • IllinoisPatriot


    I see the communist / socialist trolls have hit this article particularly heavy today.

    I am somewhat distressed by the number of apparent communists that simply hate free markets. Many commentators below appear to hate Amazon while they live their lifestyles that rely rely heavily on internet commerce (which implies Amazon purchases and deliveries).

    Many commentators below appear to believe that NYC is “hip” and (somehow) a “good” place to live. They might as well be advocating for moving to Chicago or touting the advantages Chicago has over non-bit-city living where planning for contingencies, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility are key elements to survival and prosperity as opposed to reliance on the local city welfare offices, city-wide mass-transit and city hand-out programs.

    Many here apparently conflate “hip” with “big-city”, ignoring the crime rates, the high costs of living and the lower standards of living that are inherent in living in over-crowded “urban” areas that are often run-down due to lack of infrastructure maintenance and destructive renters as opposed to property owners that take pride in keeping up the appearance and functionality of their properties.

  • captcrisis

    “Free markets” don’t involve massive giveaways to billionaires. This would be a very big “city hand-out program”.

  • Alpha 1

    Remember, welfare is good when it goes to the wealthy. It’s only bad when it goes to poor people.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    “Free markets” are not a one-way street as the socialists/communists would portray them.

    NYC was bidding against other cities to be the host for Amazon HQ and it’s 20,000 high-paying jobs. While the socialists may worry about the cost of living going up in NYC, yuppies and many other Americans have worried about the crime rates and corruption that come from the chronically poor and ignorant welfare crowds that populate most of our inner cities. No one wants to live in or work in high-crime, dirty, decrepit buildings that are not being repaired with uncollected garbage or unclean, unsafe streets.

    Raising the standard of living around wherever the Amazon HQ was positioned would help to bring in money in the form of taxes that could be used to enhance street repair, pay more cops, collect garbage, and keep restaurants and clothing stores (as well as hardware and all other types of stores) in business so the Amazon workers (and those in the surrounding communities) can also enjoy the higher living standards, have somewhere to go to eat out, safe streets for their children, jobs to go to in the fast-food / restaurant / facility-repair / etc.

    While the cities are negotiating against each other for Amazon’s HQ, Amazon is doing its due-diligence and trying to extract the most attractive offer from several cities, then choosing the one most advantageous to its business needs.

    Socialists/communists that do not WANT improvement in the cities would naturally fight against 20,000 new jobs being brought in. The brain-dead socialist sympathizers will even attempt to reframe the marketing process as “giving money to billionaires” as if they think opening a new HQ and expanding his business should somehow NOT result in increased profits for Amazon (Bezos as well as the millions of investors in Amazon stock).

    If it helps, consider that NYC just turned away 20,000 jobs and that some other city will be more than happy to attract and retain the more upscale, educated workers to wherever Amazon chooses to relocate and that a precedence has now been set that NYC no longer wants technical companies to investment in their city and no longer wants educated, hard-working individuals living in their city because it “takes away from” the welfare base. Perhaps we are seeing the start of corporations abandoning liberal centers for more conservative venues and eventually we could see Wall Street leaving NYC as well as most of the big-name store-fronts as the city becomes more and more welfare-oriented. Should that happen, I wish NYC luck in attempting to maintain their mass-transit systems and utility infrastructure without the tax monies they current receive from the same working-class people they just told to “take a hike”.

  • captcrisis

    Drink less coffee!

  • John225

    There are terms for what Amazon and Foxconn is doing. “Privatizing the profits and Socializing the losses” also called “lemon socialism”, and referred to as “socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor”.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Thanks for not saying anything witty.

    It’s too bad you DID feel the need to say something half-witty and dim-witty (Dem-witty ?).

  • John225

    You are right in that such a deal will be struck somewhere so it might as well be NYC as anywhere. But that also doesn’t mean Amazon isn’t using its size to get an additional advantage not available to smaller businesses (engaging in anti-competitive behavior) by extracting subsidies from the public purse. This also isn’t Amazons fault as they have an obligation to maximize their shareholders returns. This has become the way business it conducted for very large businesses. I just hope cities do a proper cost benefit analysis without just accepting Amazons spin on its benefits while also extracting obligations from Amazon regarding their promised benefits. Such a deal needs to be mutually beneficial and all on Amazon’s side of the ledger. It is a bitter pill to swallow seeing a very rich corporation who already pays very little in the way of taxes extracting yet more tax breaks.

  • I keep thinking, “AOC absolutely cannot be this stupid.” And she keeps proving me wrong.

    I think the real question is whether or not New Yorkers will be stupid enough to re-elect her.

  • What color is the sky in your world?

  • Homeless rates increase in liberal cities. Sorry you’ve never noticed that.

  • Quit pretending you know what you’re talking about.