Trump Pal Slams the West in Defense of Saudi Arabia

Trump Pal Slams the West in Defense of Saudi Arabia February 13, 2019

Tom Barrack.

You’ve probably heard the name, but in the event you have not, it’s a name I’ve mentioned before, specifically in regards to the investigation into Donald Trump’s inauguration committee.

Barrack is a friend of Trump’s and served as the chairman of the inauguration committee. His name has been brought up often, as the investigation carries out.

This particular story, however, has nothing to do with the investigation into inaugural spending – not yet.

At least, not on the surface.

Barrack, a real estate developer, like his pal, Trump, was recently in Dubai. Some of his comments of moral equivalence should set the blood of every American on fire.

Speaking on stage at the Milken Institute MENA Summit in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, Barrack was asked by CNN’s Becky Anderson about the reputational damage to Saudi Arabia over the Jamal Khashoggi killing.

In response, he joked: “As long as you don’t make me a guest at the Ritz.”

With regards to the murder of journalist Khashoggi, Barrack said that “whatever happened in Saudi Arabia, the atrocities in America are equal, or worse …”

Did you catch that?

So let’s just do a quick recap, in order to take that statement in its full context.

Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian dissident, as well as a writer for the Washington Post newspaper. He was an American resident, and often, his work would criticize the Saudi royal family.

On September 28, 2018 he visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, in order to pick up information on his divorce from his first wife, so that he could remarry.

He was told at that time to return on October 2, 2018, which he did.

He has not been seen again.

What the world later discovered is that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had made arrangements for 15 of his men to ambush Khashoggi as he entered the consulate.

According to Turkish officials, he was then tortured, strangled and dismembered, with his body parts being carried away.

The response of the Trump administration to this atrocity has been pitiful, as the president has said that there is a deal with Saudi Arabia that he has no intention of screwing up.

A man was ambushed, tortured, an murdered.

All this was for insults to the Saudi royal family.

These are the actions of subhuman beasts (and I’m being generous).

Now apply that to what Thomas Barrack said about the United States in Dubai:

Equal, or worse.

“So, the West is confused, it doesn’t understand the rule of law in the kingdom, it doesn’t understand what succession in the kingdom is, it doesn’t understand how there can be a dilemma with a population that has 60 per cent of people under the age of 20.”

He wasn’t done insulting the United States.

“The corrupt hand of the West has been the primary instigator in the kingdom, and in the resource curse across the region forever.”

This is where I remind everyone that the platform many of the terrorist attacks against our nation launch from has to do with the terrorists believing the United States to be an evil power.

Barrack then praised the strong leadership across the Arabian Gulf in the face of this perceived Western ineffectiveness, especially in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“The leadership in the UAE is brilliant,” he said, adding: “The English manipulated the region for decades.”

He further went to bat for Saudi Arabia and the current transition:

“…in a transition, bold action is required for bold places.”

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Riyadh represented some of the “most organised leadership regimes” in the world, he added.

That’s mighty big talk.

And I get it. He’s probably angling for a real estate deal in the area.

Then again, part of the investigation into Trump’s inauguration has to do with foreign influence buying into the fledgling presidency, by way of contributions to the inaugural fund – a move prohibited by law.

Of course, all of this, for now, is simply pulling at threads.

There are so many leads to follow, so many different investigations going, all at once.

For the time being, let’s just put a pin in this one. Barrack’s over-the-top courting of the crowd in Dubai, to the point of repeating heated, anti-West rhetoric may come in handy, should the time come that we begin uncovering information about those potential foreign investors to Trump’s inauguration committee.


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  • Alpha 1

    Tom Barrack is probably being paid by the gulf monarchies, but he isn’t wrong. Saudi Arabia has been an American client state for decades, and it ultimately serves American interests by providing oil, buying weapons, and serving as an ally against Iran. The United States has backed the Saudis even as they oppressed their own people and spread religious extremism all over the world. The Saudis use American-made planes fueled by American tankers to drop American-made bombs on children in Yemen. America is at least an accessory to Saudi crimes, if not the ultimate culprit.

    The main difference between Trump-era foreign policy and what came before is that it’s honest. It’s like the end of the Terminator: the flesh of human rights and democracy has been burned away, and all that’s left is the metallic skull of greed and imperial domination that always lurked underneath.

  • JASmius

    It’s a shame for Osama bin Laden’s sake that Trump didn’t become president twenty years ago. For a tall enough skyscraper in Riyadh, OBL might have been able to talk him into financing the 9/11 attacks, if the ironically named Barrack is any indication.

  • sometypeofguy

    One is tempted to say it’s “all about the Benjamins.”

  • Stephen

    This type of thing has gone on for a long time. Our history is full of this kind of shameless exploitation of other nations usually for the sake of a wealthy few. I love my country but not ignorant of it’s hideous warts. Being a patriot is not ignoring those faults.

  • Ronald Langdon

    Its amazing how easily we believe the bull that these people who tear down the United States and readily refuse to believe the truth about the corruption that exists in the Doj,democratic party, comey, Mueller, Clapper etc.

  • John Hinkle

    Wow, that is such a good point. It’s almost like you should have your own blog or something.

  • Ellen Elmore

    Susan, I have no doubt that Trump is connected to Tom Barrack’s real estate deals in Saudi Arabia. But I do doubt that Trump will ever be held accountable for any wrong doing. He is as untouchable as Hillary. Remember “lock her up?” It didn’t happen and nothing will happen to Trump either. They are both made of Teflon.

  • John225

    The DHS doesn’t appear to be making election security a priority with immigration and border security being the sideshow that is soaking up all the attention thanks to Trump. The daily beast has reported that the two departments looking after this have been “gutted”. Interference in 2020 could be much more, as now that the Russians have demonstrably been so successful other players such as China and Iran will likely be developing their own campaigns. I’m sure Russia will be adapting and refining its tactics to the changing landscape to be less visible and more effective. They have a blueprint now on how they were detected. I would think they would use their current moles to consolidate their position somehow. This could be by having their people (corruptible and hungry) appointed to positions that would endure beyond the current administration. Imagine if they could infect the supreme court (not saying they can but wow, appointments for life). I’m sure the Trublicans will see this as a paranoid fantasy and it is mostly just conjecture but the country needs to be extra vigilant to prevent a repeat of 2016.

    That brings me to Russia’s other partner in crime the social media platforms. Apparently, Facebook likes could (given enough of them) be used to predict sexual orientation, ethnicity, the 5 big personality traits, I.Q. and more including Democrat or Republican, Christian or atheist etc. The Facebook data breach scandal gave Cambridge Analytica access to 87 million users information including 70.6 million Americans. This allowed them to develop psychographic profiles of individual users (a derivative of the data). Now Facebook required CA to delete the original data files around January 2016 and audited CA’s servers to ensure that the data files or copies didn’t exist there, but they were able to retain derivatives of that data until April 2017. Since Cambridge Analytica worked for the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort would have access to those files I would think. What if the “polling data” he passed off to Konstantin Kilimnik was a copy of those psychographic profiles so that the Russians could better target individuals inner demons. Don’t forget Kilimnik worked for the GRU which is the military branch of Russian intelligence which ran the election interference. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Kilimnik to fly to the states to collect that rather than some boring polling data.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I think you make a lot of good points vis-a-vis the Russians now knowing how they were detected. I view your points as the main reason that Mueller MUST continue his work and why the Democrats in the HOR MUST also investigate Trump (Just as the Republicans SHOULD HAVE investigated Obama once they got control of the HOR but refused to do so).

    I fear that because of the back-room-partnering between the Ds & the Rs, the country may be subjected to a real coup attempt within the next 2-3 administrations because I do NOT see any sanity returning to DC. I think the people may have to rise up – if only to repel invaders. What I am noticing is that DC is getting more and more partisan and BOTH SIDES are choosing to lower the levels of agreement required to make law so they can pass THEIR policies strictly on partison, party lines. Instead of maintaining the 60-vote threshold in the Senate for judges the GOP is mulling over the very same thing they warned the Democrats against – removing the threshold altogether. They just capped debate on Trump’s judges to 2 hrs from unlimited time because of “Democrat delays” (I think the real reason was Democrat fear that Trump was appointing cronies for lifetime appointments to the fedral bench – people that for all we know could have ties or compromised histories with Russia or other foreign agents. I doubt seriously that Trump is holding to his promise to appoint only judges recommended by known legal associations and suspect Trump is appointing cronies or using “deals” to put his own people into place on the federal bench.

    The follows the Democrats employing the “nuclear option” to lower the bar for Obama appointees. As “the bar” keeps getting “lowered”, we lose the requirements for bipartisanship which leads to good government and descend into party-line appointments and judicial selections based on ideology instead of impartiality. I fear we may be headed for judicial selections based on fealty to governments other than our own – whether that be fealty to Russia/China or to Islam or to hispanics from Centra/South America makes no difference – the judges will NOT be primarily concerned with justice and the application of US Law, but Sharia, Russian, UN, or some ultra-progressive interpretation of our Constitution.

    Just the fact that Trump was calling for the abolition of the Electoral College during the primaries should scare everyone – including the red-cappers.

  • John225

    Mueller keeps winning, he’s winning so much he’s getting sick and tired of winning.

  • Ronald Langdon

    WOW” you cant fool all the people all the time” Mueller keeps winning ” I have been saying all along that those who are responsible for the Russian Collusion Mueller ,Hillary, Obama, Mccabe,DOJ, democrats, and many more are going to be charged for their treasonous acts. against a duly elected President of the United States. Exactly what is going to happen very shortly. Or maybe you do not follow factual news LOL The wheels of Justice turn slowly and accurately.

  • toni

    WHICH “factual news” are you smoking?