“Socialism for Thee, but Not for Me” Ocasio-Cortez’s Thin Principles on Display

“Socialism for Thee, but Not for Me” Ocasio-Cortez’s Thin Principles on Display February 21, 2019

Here is the latest – but surely not the last – entry into the astounding hypocrisy of New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s philosophy of “Socialism for thee, but not for me.”

Yesterday we talked about her very swampy behavior of giving her boyfriend a staff job, as well as giving a job to a wealthy benefactor, who used campaign money to pay that same boyfriend for “consulting” work.

It was all so very D.C. of her.

She’s living a capitalist dream, while pushing for the oppressive, destructive bonds of socialism for everyone else.

You know – like a younger, female version of Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, who recently announced that at 77 years old, he’d be taking another run at the presidency, routinely excoriates billionaires, Wall Street, and the evils of a capitalist America. Meanwhile, he owns three lavish homes, including one $600,000 beachfront property.

What is it about socialists that makes them think that rationing out scraps to the population is noble, while they feast on finery and opulence, at the expense of the suckers that buy into their shtick?

Remember that image of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro taking a big bite of an empanada on live TV, while addressing the starving people of his country?

That was beyond callous, given the wretched living conditions, poverty and starvation brought on by a socialist government, where only those in power thrive.

Thank God there is revolution now, as the people have risen up and are demanding he go.

Meanwhile, the vacuous AOC, Grampa Bernie, and the ilk that support them don’t really understand the comparison. They believe socialism can be “done right.”

It cannot, in fact, be “done right.”

So what has AOC done now?

Well, she’s purchased a swank little D.C. love nest for she and her staffer/main squeeze.

Ocasio-Cortez, 29, who said in November that she was concerned about being able to afford rent in D.C., now earns a $174,000 annual salary and is living in a newly built high-rise in the city’s Navy Yard area, the Washington Free Beacon reported last week.

The freshman congresswoman, a self-described socialist, campaigned on a platform to expand affordable housing, and her controversial Green New Deal proposal promises “Safe, affordable, adequate housing” for all.

Not bad for somebody who was slinging drinks at a bar for a living not too long ago, and otherwise has not proven to have any actual, marketable skills.

But that’s socialism, isn’t it? You don’t have to have skills. You only have to have enough personality to lull the truly gullible into a false sense of safety with the havoc you wish to rain down on them.

But Ocasio-Cortez’s new building — built by leading D.C. developer WC Smith — is part of a luxury complex whose owners specifically do not offer affordable units under Washington, D.C.’s Affordable Dwelling Units program. The Washington Examiner is not naming the building or complex.

In 2018, a civil rights attorney sued the Washington, D.C. government for allegedly discriminatory gentrification policies, claiming that development in Navy Yard area and other parts of southeast D.C. encouraged an influx of affluent “millennial creatives” who displaced minority residents.

And let’s not make any mistake, here. I don’t suspect that there are any politicians currently who are living in absolute squalor. Our government pays themselves well, no matter the political philosophy.

With that in mind, this creed of madness that is socialism proposes that true “prosperity” comes through the dragging down of others, in order to make them “equal” to those who have less. The pushers of said philosophy, however, do not apply those rules to themselves.

Ocasio-Cortez, commonly referred to as “AOC,” repeatedly criticized luxury real estate developers during her campaign, claiming that their buildings hiked up rent prices and pushed low-income residents out of their neighborhoods.

Take heart, Alex-from-the-Bronx. They were pushed out to make room for you, apparently. Somebody had to be the image of true socialism in America.

All is well.


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  • chemical

    Where did you get the idea that us socialists don’t think that there should be any rich people whatsoever? AOC works for a living, and for the most part represents my interests in Washington. She’s a bit further on the left than I am, but I feel that imposing a bunch of ideology purity tests is a path towards extremism.

    …given the wretched living conditions, poverty and starvation brought on by [the Venezuelan] socialist government, where only those in power thrive.
    Thank God there is revolution now, as the people have risen up and are demanding he go.

    Since you mentioned Venezuela, I’ve been doing a bit of digging on what’s been happening in the country as of late. It was a bit difficult to sort out through the partisan hackery, but I’m going to try to explain this using an analogy.

    Let’s say you have a widget factory. It only produces one kind of widget, but that widget is in very high demand and sells for a premium worldwide, and for the sake of argument, let’s say it’s US$100. The widget factory owner is a socialist who pays his employees well, and everyone is happy.

    Then, due to economic forces outside of the owner’s control, the price of widgets drops from $100 to $33. Furthermore, the people who buy most of your widgets elect a moron as president who decides to levy a bunch of tariffs, making it even more difficult for you to sell widgets. It no longer becomes plausible for the widget factory to even sell widgets anymore, but that’s all they do. So, the factory should go out of business, right? But, as you probably figured out by now, the factory is Venezuela, widgets are barrels of oil, and going out of business simply isn’t an option.

    The Venezuelan government made 2 critical mistakes: the first was printing more money in response to all this, and because of that Venezuela is going through hyperinflation right now — when that happens, it means Venezuelan money is essentially worthless. They can’t buy anything, and due to US tariffs (thanks, Trump!) they can’t sell anything, either. The second was not diversifying the economy when times were good. To go back to the widget factory again, when they were making record profits, some of that money should have been set aside to build other factories that make sprockets, whatzits, etc. But instead, the factory owner just decided to make more widgets, which left them vulnerable when the global widget market crashed.

    Venezuela is where it is at today due to a series of bad business and economic decisions that the government made. The “socialism” part of that — the decision to pay their workers well — had nothing to do with it. Matter of fact, many of the socialist programs in Venezuela were very successful in lifting people out of poverty, reducing crime, and improving living conditions. The money dried up because Venezuela based its economy almost exclusively on oil and the price per barrel went from $100 to $33.

  • Stephen

    There are some serious problems with capitalism in our country. It has devolved into crony capitalism. As Adam Smith wrote about centuries ago when tradesmen or business men gather together it is not long and they conspire to eliminate competition destroying barter power for everyone else.

    Many of our wealthy got their wealth from serving others enriching their lives. That is good. I have no argument against them. But others have done it by creating with bought off government’s help rent extraction schemes or simply inherited it. Those who got it by extraction are parasites and need to have their cushy rigging destroy. They can compete like everyone else. It is not wrong to inherit a fortune. But they got their money the same way a lottery winner does , pure luck. So tax big inherit money like we do big lottery winners. At the max marginal tax rate. This stops the creation of a new feudal order and cuts down the power of money in politics.

    And why is passive income tax lower than working income? That is not right. A wealth tax makes sense to me with having a large exemption of wealth say 10 million. It is hard to hide wealth. Much simpler to write regulation that prevents the tax avoidance dance. A couple of percent a year would not destroy those people. Or their rich status. I Know because I am an investor.

    Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other invention. But it needs to be rein in when it gets away from free and competitive markets. The Medical Industry and Insurance Industry are a poster child for this.

    We do need a good socialistic safety net. This helps people who really are down on their luck. And allows individuals to be more entrepreneur taking risk. My oldest daughter is a natural entrepreneur but cannot take the risk because her kids have health issues and loosing their health ins could be fatal. When they are grown she will most likely make that leap. What about the lazy lout who would take advantage of that net? You always have the cheaters. Which is why communism as well as libertarianism does not work. The benefits out ways that cost. And BTW you got those in the top economic tier too. I am not worried about crazy Bernie or the great socialistic AOC. They will be rein in by our institutions and the majority of us. Besides we have gotten too far to the right in this country and they will help pull us to the center where most of us live.

  • Fmontyr

    Just because our president keep yelling about socialistic Venezuela does not mean that is the road the US is on. Our goal is to become more like the northern European countries where people have greater happiness, less hate, universal medical care, mostly free education and an overall better life. Dunce portrays many (most) things falsely, so pay no attention to him.

    Susan, it seems has developed a real animosity towards AOC and it is showing as picky-picky.

  • Stephen

    We can do business , read my post. You are 100% right socialism did not cause Venezuela collapse. Corruption and bad polices did. The push to get us involved in their affairs to protect the people is a ruse hiding the true reason , plans to steal their oil by our oligarchic fossil fuel lords. Those lords are fighting the green revolution but they are going to fail because of economics. Their power is going to decline.
    Most of our economic advancement historically started with government investment with a hand out later to private bussinesses. This is a very good read.

  • chemical

    After thinking about it a bit more and reading your posts, I think the bigger mistake was not diversifying the economy when Venezuela was awash in oil money. The money would have never dried up in the first place.

    Venezuela tried to pay for its social programs by printing more money, but all that does is devalue the currency. I’m trying to think of an alternative they could have done — if they axed all their social programs, Venezuela’s situation would look a lot like Greece’s austerity issues did a while back. But really, a nation with that kind of resources should never have gotten into this situation in the first place.

  • Polarbearpapa

    Ahhh yes…the Socialist elite..they claim they love the poor and promise them the moon and stars to gain their adoration(and their vote), but in the end it is only a ruse to deceive the feeble minded and naive …

    7 Hopes placed in mortals die with them; all the promise of their power comes to nothing.

    Proverbs 11

  • chemical

    Are you familiar to the pro wrestling terms of “face” and “heel”? Pro wrestling is scripted. They tell a story, like a soap opera, and it has good guys and bad guys. The good guys are faces (the most recent one being John Cena) and the bad guys are heels.

    For conservatives, in order to get elected, it’s very important to have a Democratic heel, to the point where if they don’t have one, the GOP doesn’t get elected. Obama was a great heel back when he was in office (also Nancy Pelosi to a lesser extent), and during the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton was another great heel. The problem they have now is that Obama and Clinton no longer have any political authority. Their terms are done. So, they were looking for a new heel, and right then AOC won a stunning upset, primarying a powerful Democrat. She’s a perfect heel, and exactly what the decrepit GOP base was looking for: A young minority woman that they can demonize, so they can continue lying to themselves by telling themselves that women, minorities, and young people are all stupid idiots.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Your analogy fails miserably – only partly because you make the (socialist) assumption that “everyone is picking on me”. You ASSUME that tariffs applied by ONE country (ONE our of 193 – count them) leaves 0 available trading partners instead of the 191 (minus Venezuela and the US) that they could trade with.

    You ASSUME that demand for oil does not exist in the other 191 countries, so their “widgets” have no value. You ASSUME that because they did well in a propped-up market (a market where prices were kept high by OPEC and Russian agreements and treaties) that that market would ALWAYS be there and that there would NEVER be a rainy day when they might not make the windfall profits they did in their hay-day.

    Socialists never see the need to conserve on expenditures, to build wealth against adversity, natural disasters, market downturns, etc – they only see TODAY’s profits and think ALL profits should go to their pay instead of being re-invested into the business to replace / upgrade aging equipment, find more oil reserves, learn new skills – both new techniques for obtaining / refining oil as well as increasing population education, etc.

    Venezuela is where it is today because of short-sighted management, greed and corruption in government and the idea that somehow, somewhere, sometime socialism CAN and WILL work.

    The very nature and foundational ideas of socialism fly in the face of what we know of human nature and of what we have been taught for ages in the Bible about human nature and the nature of good and evil. Socialism can NEVER succeed when it relies on men with power voluntarily sharing that power and ALL their wealth with those that only want to live a life of luxury without working for it or having any responsibility for the consequences of their own actions. Human nature says that the men with any shred of altruistic inclinations will be seen as weak and will be driven out of power by those with no desire to improve the lives of others, but only to live in luxury with others sharing the burdens and obligations that keep them in power.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Just because you deny it does NOT mean the US is not on the same road as Venezuela.

    The rest of your screed is self-contradictory nonsense. There is no “universal medical care” in the US (yet – but the socialists seem bent on providing the same level of care to everyone – that is to say “none at all”). There is no “free education” because SOMEONE has to pay the exorbitant salaries and pensions teachers keep demanding. There is no “greater happiness, less hate” if you look at cities like Chicago (murder rate) and LA (actually all of California and a growing amount of the west coast) where standing up for one’s principles and religious beliefs is now considered a “hate crime” and cause for financial ruination, loss of businesses, loss of life savings and even jail-time.

    It apparently helps the cause of socialism to baldly lie about it and pretend that it is better than the Republic we live in because in socialist countries, even speaking out against the native government (unlike our Republic) is cause for a death sentence – as it is in Cuba, Venezuela and Russia. Thus you will never hear citizens of those countries advertising the faults of socialism as observed first-hand by those that are subjected to it.

    By keep lying about socialism – you have less credibility than Trump does.

  • chemical

    You ASSUME that because they did well in a propped-up market (a market where prices were kept high by OPEC and Russian agreements and treaties) that that market would ALWAYS be there and that there would NEVER be a rainy day when they might not make the windfall profits they did in their hay-day.

    Did you read what I just wrote? At all? I specifically pointed this out as a critical mistake the Venezuelan government made, and said they should have diversified their economy with their oil riches. They didn’t, and became poor, and then made the problem worse by trying to pay for their social programs by printing more money, which led to the hyperinflation they’re currently going through.

    I agree that the Venezuelan government made bad business and economic decisions. Paying poor people wasn’t one of them.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    We see the hope that is placed in mortals dying all the time: Clinton, Obama, Trump, Venezuela, Putin, Xi, Jong Un, Brussels socialist politicians (that have cause the nationalist movements and are causing the destruction of the EU from within), AOC, Bernie, etc……

    You could not be more on-point and correct.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    … and why not ? Democrats have been using the Republicans in the same way for decades.

    I’ve got news for you – BOTH parties are heels. NEITHER party has any good vision for this country any more as the policies of BOTH parties logically and inevitably lead to destruction if allowed to continue.

    We need a new party dedicated to returning to the US Constitution and that will dissolve most of the federal government and the federal regulations, returning power to the states and to the people, but socialism and communism are not even close to answers.

  • chemical

    I agree partially. We got a great heel with Trump, but Dems don’t vote based on the other party’s heel. We vote based on our “face”, and Hillary Clinton wasn’t a face — she was a heel.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Paying poor people for not working certainly IS one of their mistakes – when you reward laziness, you get more of it. When you reward sloth, you get more of it. When you reward those that choose not to become educated, you get more of them.

    You ALWAYS get more of what you reward. People (almost) ALWAYS disregard the value of anything they are given for free. Free healthcare will be abused as people will ultimately demand to see top specialists to have splinters removed from their fingers because the time, skills and access to the doctors is “free” – so why not demand “the best” ?

    Socialism just makes everything free (so it can be abused, devalued and wasted by those that do not value the resources being expended upon them) and then pays people not to work (so those that DO work and make the efforts are discouraged, mocked, degraded and denied the time off enjoyed by those getting their services “for free”), resulting in more and more and people deciding not to work (including those that are supposed to be providing the “free services”. The alternative is that the “free services” providers become corrupt and extract their “pay” in the form of control over local populations, control over local law enforcement, and effectively become localized feudal lords – much like the way early mafia families in Italy came to power by “protecting” people from the local bandits and strong-men that would hurt them, then by paying the bandits and strong men to hurt only those that did not pay their protection money, then ….. (well we know the rest).

  • Stephen

    I went and read the whole of Proverbs 11. Neither is socialism or capitalism talked about. The main idea is rebuke of wicked people. Telling of their sure destruction and the salvation and winning ultimately of the righteous. Verse 7 is more about putting your hope in people is fruitless but putting it in God is safe.

  • chemical

    Paying poor people for not working certainly IS one of their mistakes – when you reward laziness, you get more of it.

    You do realize that people can become poor through no fault of their own, right? Like, for example, everyone currently in Venezuela. Their government made a bunch of critical errors that led to any wealth they had being erased by hyperinflation. You might deride them as getting what they deserve for voting for a socialist, but I’ll counter that they couldn’t have anticipated their government would have responded to their financial issues in such a terrible fashion.

    But it’s not just government incompetence that will make people poor. Someone can get hurt and can’t work anymore. Or, let’s take an oil worker in Venezuela. He could lose his job because the global oil market plummets. My point is, people become poor through factors they have no control over, and when they do it would be in the government’s interest to get them back on their feet.

  • chemical

    For further clarification, your point about rewarding laziness is rock solid. The reason why I disagree with you is that you and I disagree on who are the lazy moochers in society. You think poor people are lazy, and I think rich people are.

    What I’m concerned about is right now, the US government taxes income at a higher rate than the various financial instruments the rich use to get more money. If you’re poor or middle class, you work for a living. That’s labor, and is subject to income tax. If you’re rich, you get more money by bankrolling businesses, loaning your wealth to other people and getting paid back with interest, capital gains, stock dividends, etc. These get taxed at a lower rate than labor does. The point is: The more money you have, the less work you need to do to get more money. A while back I worked out if you have more than say, $10 million or so, you can do absolutely nothing and yet continue to accumulate more wealth.

    Rich people aren’t idiots. They know this, and don’t want the gravy train to stop, so they constantly lobby Congress to keep the laws in their favor. That’s why I call rich people lazy (although there are various titans of industry that are notable exceptions, like Bill Gates). The end result of this lobbying is the middle class being squeezed for every dime, while the rich, who enjoy a stable country the most, have to sacrifice nothing.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    No – it is not “the government’s interest” to get them back on their feet – it is their own. The alternative to working should ALWAYS be harder than the option of NOT working. Socialism at it’s heart denies this simple truth. People will ALWAYS take the path of least resistance so they will choose to NOT work if by doing so they can make an acceptable living.

    Because socialism is anti-Biblical and seeks to destroy families and communities in its quest to make everyone rely on an all-powerful government for sustenance, the “normal” options for people that have been injured and that cannot work (EVERYONE CAN work that wants to unless fully paralyzed – even if it’s just in teaching others through instruction) that rely on family, friends, and community charity are denied – even persecuted by government laws designed to destroy the very support structures you are claiming socialism builds.

    The major difference is that families and local charities are in MUCH better positions to identify and ignore / punish frauds and hucksters than is some government 3000 miles away (or less in the case of Venezuela).

    Yes – it IS government incompetence (unless you are trying to claim that destroying family structure and local communities / charitable organizations such as the Church and civic organizations) is somehow an example of government excellence or should be a function of government…..

    Most Atheists would LOVE to see the churches destroyed and all Christian charity replaced by faceless, careless government workers, but then most Atheists would love to see the US government in the hands of a tyrant as Venezuela’s has fallen and as has every other socialist government that has ever been tried — as long as it is THEIR tyrant in control.

  • Fmontyr

    Your reading comprehension needs to improve. I said, “Our goal is to become more like the northern European countries where people have greater happiness, less hate, universal medical care, mostly free education and an overall better life.” You entirely missed the boat!

    “Just because you proclaim it DOES mean the US is on the same road as Venezuela.” This modification was to illustrate a failure to comprehend and negativity for just about everything. Your knowledge of socialism is obviously quite limited and is proclaimed from a solely political viewpoint, just like Trump whom I assume you worship. You need to work on having a better understanding of what has been said before knee-jerking your anger in future comments.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    So you’re saying that Proverbs 11 IS about socialism and communism vs representative government and reliance on local community and local people that you know and that you choose to associate with……

  • captcrisis

    The $174,000 is her Congressional salary. It’s what all congresspersons get. It’s not graft. It’s not bribes. It’s not PAC money. It’s not from dollar bills guys stuck into her shorts while she was dancing on that rooftop. What is the problem here?

  • Stephen

    I am saying that it is not about either of the things you just wrote. People try to contort the Bible to support their pet belief or justify their evil. The Bible does not endorse capitalism or socialism. You see both in the Scriptures. But it does tell us how to treat our fellow humans. Many of the laws in the old Testament are a version of socialism. The Book of Acts also has an example of it too. You also see capitalism in both the old Testament and New. Abraham was a capitalist. Was a herder. As well as Paul who earned his bread by tent making. It irritates me when I see Scripture used to justify evil. It all belongs to God and we are stewards. God expects us corporately (government among that) and individually to be kind to one another and take care of and stand up for the weak and helpless. People exploit others and are stingy , oblivious to the need of others. Then try to use Scripture to justify this disobedience of God’s command. Read the parable of the Sheep and Goats. The Sheep loved and took care of their brethren. The Goats lack love and were obvious to the need of their brethren. The Goats thought they were saved. But were not. Enough , stop putting words in my mouth.

  • chemical

    FWIW, Illinois hates Trump nearly as much as I do, albeit for different reasons.

  • Stephen

    Well we agree on one thing. The main place for charity should be the Church. But the Church has failed miserably on that score so the Government steps up. In that case the Government is being more righteous than the Church.

  • chemical

    No – it is not “the government’s interest” to get them back on their feet – it is their own.

    I agree. I view welfare as a stopgap measure to prevent an individual from total financial failure. It’s up to the individual to find a new job and get back on their feet, but I think the government can help out a lot with this by softening the blow of a sudden medical expense / job loss, etc.

    The alternative to working should ALWAYS be harder than the option of NOT working.

    Except if you’re rich, who can sit on their butts all day and continue to rake in the dough. I find it odd that you choose to apply your principles only to non-wealthy individuals, and I can’t quite decide if you’re being duped into doing this, or if you’re perfectly OK with it.

  • Mark Sandlin

    Just the that Susan doesn’t have the ability to recognize the considerable difference between socialism and social democracy should tell you all you need to know about whether you should take this article very seriously or not. You shouldn’t.

  • brotherfire

    ….her boyfriend is NOT on staff. But y’all lie about it anyway? How Republikkklan.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    More correctly, I believe Trump to be unqualified for the office of POTUS and to ignorant of our government and public policies to properly carry out the duties of that office. He’s also corrupt and divisive with no positive vision for this country at a time when we desperately need a positive vision and unity.

    I do not actually hate Trump – I do not personally know the man so I cannot actually hate HIM, but I’ve known many people that talk and act just like him and found out it’s best to not only avoid such fools, but to actually oppose them (stand against them) in order to minimize the damage they do to the structure of whatever organizations is foolish enough to hire them.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Yeah – and I’ll bet you believe that Trump has never told a lie in his life……

    You just keep slinging that BS buddy — perhaps you’ll manage to convince yourself someday that you actually know what’s going on…..

  • Alicia Simpson

    The problem is that she is pushing a form of regulated capitalism often called Democratic Socialism, that is not in the least bit socialist.

  • John Aynejian

    Wow – so now patheos is allowing anti-Christian writers like Susan Wright to write lies and hit pieces for them? Hey pathetic patheos, do you have any editors? …or are your editors just all incompetent? Patheos is the worst rag

  • Robert Hood

    Reads like a Russian bot hit job.

  • Robert Hood

    Bot answer. Go back to Russia, Troll.

  • Tris

    So your concern is a freshman Congresswoman is living within commuter distance of her job in the Washington Navy Yard district. Wow, that’s some mighty thin beer when her counterparts have 4 to 5 houses a piece, private jets and more at their disposal. So what precisely is your problem with AOC? That’s she’s finally making a bit of money and can afford a decent apartment in one of the most expensive areas in the USA while serving her constituents and pointing out that most of her co-workers are millionaires backed by billionaires? Or that’s BY FAR past time working class Americans were served by our own government?

  • Tris

    Why should we count on churches? Why SHOULD we count on churches when churches are constant sources of sex predator scandals? We pay the government in taxes and should receive value in exchange. Not all of us are church goers and not all of us want anything from churches. This nation is a secular one.

  • Tris

    Apparently Susan hasn’t heard of Europe, which has socialized medicine and requires the 1% to pay their fair share of taxes, so are FAR ahead of us in nearly every single rubric from technology, to healthcare, to public transit, to ethical leadership. All while paying the least amount per income for their medical care vs the USA which pays some of the highest income percentages for some of the worst healthcare outcomes in the world. #GobacktocollegeSusan

  • JASmius

    What is it about socialists that makes them think that rationing out scraps to the population is noble, while they feast on finery and opulence, at the expense of the suckers that buy into their shtick? Why, moral supremacy, of course. Plus a heapin’ helping of childish yet arrogant envy. They’re “better” and “smarter” people out of all connection to the reality of their comprehensive ignorance of how the world – especially economics – works. That cognitive disconnect leads inevitably to their usual tiresome scapegoating of “the rich” and ultimately the kind of blinding hypocrisy displayed by AOC, Weekend Bernie, and Saddam Hussein’s stunt double. It’s why their search for the “right socialist” will be an eternal one.

    The equivalences with Trump and his zombie hordes are striking. Two sides of the same confiscated coin, as it were.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Well, for one my problem is with her total hypocrisy: She justified protesting against Amazon by claiming the gentrification would destroy her urban downscale neighborhoods, then chooses to live in one of the very upscale, expensive, exclusive housing areas in DC where she’ll never have to rub shoulders with another poor or homeless person while she represents the poor and homeless from her district and (I repeat) protests any neighborhood improvements that could raise their standard of living.

  • Pennybird

    Her boyfriend is not on staff. He has a congressional email address – a perk for all family members and partners of congress members. The purpose is to allow them to see the representatives’ calendars for planning purposes. There is nothing fishy or out of the ordinary here. There, I just needed to set the record straight for you as your fact checker didn’t catch the mistake. You’re welcome.

    But as to the socialism for thee but not me part, have you discussed this problem with General Motors as well? How about Goldman Sachs? Note that whenever bad business deals are made you and I get to pick up part of the loss (and not to mention their travel and meal expenses whether they are screwing up or not). That’s conservative-approved socialism.

  • Pennybird

    Capitalists have been overplaying their hand since at least 1980. If there wasn’t such an effort to crush unions and to lower taxes to the point where we can only afford the barest minimum and wars (there’s always cash for wars), then maybe no one would be advocating socialism right now. Buying a home and educating the kids used to be the norm until someone decided that a few guys having way more than they could ever spend mattered far more than ordinary folks living middle class lives.

    So here we are.

  • Pennybird

    We are not scapegoating the rich by asking them to pony up a little more for the greater good. When we ask for higher taxes on wealth in excess of $10 million who is being hurt? Remember the national average hovers well under $100,000 Who would be hurt if we all had health care, well funded schools and well maintained infrastructure?

    The writers of this article argue there is a happiness tipping point: the more you have, the more you need to be happy. Therefore, by taxing the uber wealthy more, we might be doing them a favor, and we could all have nice things like up to date textbooks and fewer potholes. But even if the writers are wrong, multimillionaires are hardly going to notice.


  • Pennybird

    The writer’s problem with AOC is the same as all conservatives: they’re scared to death of her. She’s got traction.

  • Pennybird

    Thank goodness you’ve got Trump on your team. He would never deceive feeble minded and naive.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Your (socialist) envy of the rich is striking in its obviousness and depth. It totally consumes those on the left who feel that the money the rich have comes straight out of their own pockets.

    You choose to think and believe this way because of decisions you made in grade school and high school to mock those with good grades instead of striving for grades yourself, to idolize those with sports skills (or positions without skills), thinking that sports (and social cliques) were the primary purpose of grade school & high school. Many socialists figured that by the time they left high school, they were qualified for 6-figure jobs, but found their opportunities closed because their high school diploma was often at or above their reading and comprehension levels.

    When your English teacher cannot (or will not) speak proper English, it’s an indication that your education is sub-par. If you believe that socialism can be made to work IN SPITE OF the nature of mankind and IN SPITE OF a record of 100% failure if only you can force it down the throats of everyone else and put yourself in a position to dole out the meager resources that will be generated by socialists that don’t care about production quotas, don’t care about quality, and don’t care about merit in promoting people (sounds like labor unions).

    You socialists are not “scapegoating” the rich, you are deeply envious of them and your envy has turned to hatred. Your hatred has convinced you that the only way you can be elevated in society is to destroy the rich, to destroy the government structure that produced the highest standard of living ever seen in this world, and to destroy anyone that would argue otherwise. Somehow, in all that destruction, you feel that you will find satisfactions or happiness instead of just more of the misery that has afflicted Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, and any other country that has tried either socialism or communism (There is really very little difference between the two as both lead to misery and poverty on massive scales because human nature can NEVER be trusted with the absolute power inherent in both systems when individual freedoms and individual rights are parceled out as the GOVERNMENT sees fit.

    Your dreams of “free stuff” are based on your ability to form a class of “highly-educated working slaves” that will work for free to provide you with all the “free stuff”. With no one paying for education, who will teach ? Who will maintain school buildings ? Who will cut the grass ?

    With no one paying for healthcare, who will become a doctor ? Who will build or run hospitals ? Who will become nurses ? Becoming a doctor or a nurse requires a lengthy residence period after a lengthy education process to provide supervision and evaluation of the new medical practitioners before they are release to the public to act on their own. Are you willing to terminate that practice and accept “doctors” that cheated their way through medical school ? Are you willing to do without hospitals and clinics ? Without trained nurses (or those that cheated / bought their way through training) ? If no one pays the medical teachers, who will teach the doctors about medicine ? Who teaches the nurses ?

    Where will all your “free stuff” come from ?

    You want “free care” for all those poor sick people, but where & why did they contract their diseases ? How many of their illnesses could have been prevented through education and common sense ? How many could have been prevented by making different lifestyle changes ?

    Though your arguments never stand up to common sense, your greed and envy compel you to continue making them.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    This nation remains a Christian one. Christian principles are baked into our Constitution and our laws and our culture.

    If you want a secular nation, move back to Russia – or you could try Venezuela or Cuba. Their governments are not build on Christian principles, they have socialism – I hear they’re great places to live if you’ve got the right connections…..

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Wow – the brainwashing about European Socialism is strong with you. You apparently do not know that the EU is on the brink of tearing itself apart because of the socialist policies being pushed by Brussels on the individual countries whose people are rejecting them. Britain was the first to exit the EU, but there are similar movements in France, Germany and other EU countries as Brussels saps more and more of their wealth to give to the spoiled socialists in Greece & Italy that won’t work and won’t accept any reduction in their lifestyles even though their countries are no longer able to provide those benefits.

    Germany is now struggling to afford the massive immigrants foisted on them by Brussels.

    Perhaps you should stop listening to the socialist activists in the Democrat party and start doing your own homework and research. You are being lied to by those that want to destroy the US out of greed, envy, and (more than a little) foreign government manipulation of social media.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    The only feeble-minded one here is you.

    Poarbearpapa is making a good point. You just don’t like the source because you have no way to discredit his source.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    There’s that envy again. You cannot say ANYTHING without your envy and hatred of those that have more than you do coming through.

    Have you given away your own house to the homeless yet ? How many homeless have you fed out of your own pocket recently ? How many groceries have you purchased for an elderly person ? Have you ever bought a restaurant meal for a complete stranger that shows up with kids to feed ?

    If not, you are part of the problem and your greed and hypocrisy are on display for all to see. A REAL socialist would have done all the things above out of their belief in the socialist principles and the recognition that to the homeless, those that own a home are “rich” and should share.

  • Stephen

    Agree with you. We need real tax reform . I like taxing wealth instead of income after you get to certain level. Also through a good safety net and unrigging the rules working people can have Enought barter power to get their fair share of the income and wealth they create. Part of why our economy is not growing at historic norms is because workers cannot purchase the goods and services they can create.

  • Stephen

    Not a socialist. I prefer capitalism. Just with open markets and a strong safety net. I have done all you talked about because I actually practice Christianity. Why are you so angry?

  • Stephen

    Just because you do not fully agree with someone does not Make them not a Christian. Read the letter to the of Romans. People are confusing politics with Christianity.

  • Polarbearpapa

    I am not a Trump follower, nor one of his deranged voters who cannot see the forest for the trees…

    Nor am Ia supporter of lying and deceiving liberals who use their followers to gain power and use that power to further themselves and not the people they claim to represent…

    Come to think of it …Trump and AOC….are a lot alike …they both are liars who don’t care one iota for the people …

  • GotMyLoveGlassesOn

    You missed the memo that listed him as ‘incoming staff,’ didnt you?

  • Polarbearpapa

    Well if I got you to read Proverbs…then it is a good thing I posted …

    I use the term socialist elite because they have used this same ploy over and over for decades…

    But it can be used for the Republican elite as well and their favorite mortal to hope in is Trump…

    And as to using scripture to teach from …

    Jesus is a great example …he did it all the time with the word of God…it drove the Pharisee’s crazy..so much so …they went out and plotted how to kill him…

    16 Everything in the Scriptures is God’s Word. All of it is useful for

    teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how

    to live.

    2 Timothy 3

  • Stephen

    I am a Christian and regularly read the Bible. We do not have to be in total agreement. But we do have to love each other.

  • Pennybird

    There’s no envy on my part. I am well set. As to your second paragraph, no, I have not given my home to a homeless person, nor have I bought a restaurant meal for a family with children. Who is to say they can’t afford it? But I’m sorry to inform you that yes, I take an elderly friend shopping every other week (she no longer drives), sometimes I buy her lunch, and I regularly contribute to a homeless shelter nearby as well as the food pantry in my town.

    But the point is, none of this is about the choices I make. It should never be about the choices of the miscellaneous willing, it should be our nation taking care of our own. If there are Christians reading this, remember Christ said something about how you treat the least of us you treat me. Since some want a Christian nation so badly (and insist we have one) maybe they should put their money where their own mouths are and pay a little more in taxes so that we can avoid the problems that lead to hunger and homelessness.

  • Pennybird

    In fact you’re right. Perhaps you could link to it here.

  • Pennybird

    My goodness, the leaps you take! For all you know, I live down the block and you like me.

    Taxing the wealthy more is presented as a solution to the problems we have. What we have done so far is not working, in fact, is making our problems worse. It is prudent to try something new. New solutions are not borne of envy or hatred, but a desire to make improvements.

  • John Aynejian

    It’s not “just because I do not fully agree with” the writer – it’s because the writer is an outright liar and displays fruits that are opposite the fruits of the Spirit. If you knew anything about Christianity you’d have known this.

  • Donalbain

    Well, she’s purchased a swank little D.C. love nest for she and her staffer/main squeeze.

    What???? She bought a home where she works ?? That proves it!

    (I am not sure what it proves, but it definitely proves it!)

  • Donalbain

    Free healthcare will be abused as people will ultimately demand to see top specialists to have splinters removed from their fingers because the time, skills and access to the doctors is “free” – so why not demand “the best” ?

    Can you point to any examples in any of the many, many countries with government funded healthcare where this happens?

    This is one of the few benefits to Americans in living in a backwards society. When you finally decide to change something, be it on gay rights or healthcare, you can look at the trailblazing countries and see what they did and what the consequences are. So. If gov funded healthcare inevitably leads to this outcome, where is the evidence?