Lindsey Graham Wants to Hold the Mueller Report Hostage

Lindsey Graham Wants to Hold the Mueller Report Hostage March 14, 2019

Sit down, Lindsey.

You know, I followed the Benghazi hearings and the hearings into Hillary Clinton’s email server with great interest.

In my opinion, the Obama administration and Democrats went out of their way to obstruct the work of Congress in investigating these matters.

Not a smidgen of corruption?


That being said, there is something most unsavory about using your elected office to go after political enemies.

It’s horrid when Democrats do it, and equally horrid from Republicans.

See the beauty in nonpartisanship, folks? It allows for you to call out the wrong or right from both sides, without feeling like a hypocrite.

Enter South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who has been working overtime to make himself President Trump’s most devoted Senate lackey.

Graham has been dutiful in slamming the work of special counsel Robert Mueller and carrying on the Trump-approved mantra of “Witch hunt!”

With signs pointing to a possible conclusion of Mueller’s investigation, the question, of late, has been in regards to just how much of the final report the public will be allowed to see.

Let’s face it. We all want to see it, don’t we?

On Thursday morning, the House voted on a nonbinding resolution to make the Mueller report public.

Overwhelmingly, the resolution passed.

And by “overwhelmingly,” I mean there wasn’t a single “no” vote. Both the Democrat majority and the Republican minority were in agreement that the public needs access to whatever it is Robert Mueller and his team have discovered over the course of their work.

Now let’s get back to Senator Graham, and his snotty little tantrum on the Senate floor.

Graham announced today that he would not support letting the public see what was in Mueller’s final report, unless an entirely new special counsel was formed to go after Hillary Clinton and her email scandal.

Specifically, how former President Barack Obama’s Justice Department handled the case.

I actually get it.

Recent reports suggest then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have tamped down any real, concerted efforts to hold Clinton accountable for her email debacle.

As I mentioned, I also believe the Obama administration made every effort to obstruct.

This stunt from Graham, however, just seems genuinely dishonest, and holds the American public hostage to “Gotcha!” politics.

He’s also hoping to go after the FBI, investigating how former Trump aide, Carter Page, got on their radar.

“Any American out there who did what Secretary Clinton did, you’d be in jail now,” Graham declared. “The question I want to know is, does anybody other than me believe that?”

“We let Mueller look at all things Trump related to collusion and otherwise. Somebody needs to look at what happened on the other side and find out if the FBI and the DOJ had two systems, one supporting the person they wanted to win and one out to get the person they wanted to lose.”

“If the shoe were on the other foot,” Graham said. “All hell would pay.”

It really is all about getting revenge on somebody for the probe into Donald Trump and his team’s ties to Russia.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had the appropriate reaction to Graham’s theatrics.

“This amendment appears to be a pretext for blocking this very simple, noncontroversial resolution,” said Schumer. “I have absolutely no idea why a member of this body would object to this basic level of transparency whatever their concern on other issues.”

He’s right.

One doesn’t have anything to do with the other, and if he stands against the bill to make Mueller’s report public, who is he working for – the people who sent him to Washington, or the president?

There’s a problem with any party that makes loyalty to the president more important than loyalty to the people.




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  • IllinoisPatriot

    It’s Republican theatrics like those of Lindsey Graham that caused me to first question, then leave the (R) party after a lifetime of voting Republican.

    By “leave the party”, I mean that I will not longer vote for ANY Republican EVER – just on principle – I WILL NOT support the (R) under any circumstance – at any level – local OR State OR Federal. The (R) Party could never have become so corrupt on the national level without equal corruption on the State level.

    This decision in no way indicates a change in my values or principles – only an indication that I recognize that the (R) party has changed THEIR values & principles since I first decided to support them because of Ronald Reagan’s eloquence. I no longer recognize the party I voted for for so long.

  • Unlike in the movies, minions are neither cute or funny.

  • John225

    Its Whataboutism. Comes from a relativistic view of morality. Office of the Inspector General has already investigated and reported on the handling of the Hillary case.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Agreed. If whataboutism is invalid when used to excuse immoral or unethical behavior of the left, what could possibly make it become valid when attempting to excuse immoral or unethical behavior of the right ?

    What this DOES do is it highlights the hypocrisy and unworthiness to hold a public leadership position or position of trust of virtually every member of both major parties in Congress. This childish bickering makes the Congressional Republicans (and the entire Senate for that matter) sound like a pre-school.

  • Annemarie

    What will you do now? Serious question; I have a friend who is a former Republican and is trying to find a new home that isn’t the Democratic Party.

  • Pearl Nardini

    The Republican party is gone and replaced by the Trump party and that is a frightening thought. I applaud the 12 senators who voted against Trump’s “emergency” attempt to redirect money to his “wall”. Twelve senators – bless them – the other senators who voted for their “king” will hopefully lose big time in their re-election endeavor. They deserve to lose!

  • JASmius

    I’ve said it before (for years) and I’ll say it again: Lindsey Graham is weak-minded and weak-willed. He was John McCain’s ventriloquist dummy and now he’s Donald Trump’s. The man can’t function without a master’s arm shoved up his backside where his spine ought to be. I’ve never taken him seriously and this is precisely the reason why.

    The other noteworthy thing about this story is that two years from now everybody knows that Graham and Schumer will be on the opposite sides of the equivalent and inevitable Biden or Sanders scandals, mouthing each other’s public utterances from today. It’s the essence of the “unibrow” mentality in Washington, D.C. that both parties are dirty, filthy, corrupt, authoritarian statists who, ironically, need each other for that very reason and indeed exist in a vile symbiotic relationship that oscillates back and forth with the political winds.

    I’d like to believe that Graham will be “spending more time with his family” after next year, but he’s doing everything he can to buy Trump’s support for his reelection bid, which will probably be enough in a State as “red” as South Carolina. Maybe we’ll have to start a betting pool on who his next master will be after Trump is sharing a cell with Paul Manafort.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Good question.

    I’ve found that because of the liberal corruption of our schools, kids are no longer taught civics except as a vehicle to push social-engineering goals: The American Revolution was a rebellion by a bunch or liberals and traitors against colonial oppression. The founding fathers were all slave owners that wrote a constitution designed to propagate slavery and to keep blacks as 2nd-class citizens. The US Constitution is outdated and needs to be “interpreted” to keep up with today’s changing cultural values (by today’s cultural values, they invariably mean “liberal/progressive social-engineering ideas” designed to further the Democrat party’s lust for national power. Kids are taught the glories of socialism with none of the drawbacks and that capitalism is a dirty word and a worse form of government (nevermind that “capitalism” is not a form of government, but an economic system).

    Christian values and any mention of God are rejected in the schools that teach the “pillars of Islam” and teach that governments are the highest authorities in the world and that Jesus was just a man or a myth (perhapa a “cult of personality”) but that Obama should be worshipped and revered as a messiah for implementing his progressive, socialist programs.

    Now we see the same attitudes from Trump and the Republicans creeping in from the alt-right: Trump was “sent by God to save America”. Trump’s policies are all working (even though most have yet to be fully implemented or even get past the courts), Trump is “strong” leader (nevermind that Trump could not lead water downhill). Trump is a “dealmaker”, etc, etc.

    The truth that is now coming to light for those that will look is that “leadership” is no longer taught in schools since moral character is no longer to be valued but mocked and minimalized at all ages and in all aspects of Society. Attempts to drive public references to God out of society are only now starting to receive serious push-back as people are starting to realize that the decay of society has (to a large part) occurred because they’ve ALLOWED it to decay without standing against the moral rot.

    You ask what I will do now. I will continue to talk to people and try to be an example of moral courage and leadership at an individual level. I will no longer hide my voice or stay silent in the face of overt Atheism or attacks on religion or those of faith.

    I will try to remind people of how our government was designed to work and that a government over 1000 miles away REALLY DOES affect them in major ways. I will try to awaken adults to the (current, real, practical) goals of the party they have been voting for (whichever party that is). The Republican Party has successfully hidden it’s revised agenda for decades. I’m willing to believe that under Ronald Reagan, the (R) was still a party that cared about the Republic and was trying to maintain and work within the confines of the Constitution – even through that meant that they did not always succeed in Congress, at least what they DID do, they did with honor and integrity (for the most part) without back-room dealing, manipulation of government agencies through political appointees, ets. It has been the Democrats that took the lead in the IRS suppression of conservative TEA Party groups. It was the Democrats that took the first step of appointing an AG and assistants for the primary purpose of protecting the President against investigations and legal challenges. It was the left that took the first blatant steps in the USSC to disregard the US Constitution by elevating social-justice concerns above the law and above the Constitution and allowing laws that violate the Constitution in the name of dubious invented “rights” (“right” to abortion, “right” to housing, “right” to a job, “right” to not feel offended by the free speech of others, “right” for government management of businesses to insure they don’t use their own freedom of religion to turn away customers they don’t want to support, “right” of Atheists to infiltrate and corrupt faith groups on campuses, etc). Now we see Republicans tossing out the Constitution and rule of law, descending to the same (or lower) level of the Democrats in their Trump-approved quest for “revenge”.

    It has to stop. People HAVE to step back and re-evaluate EVERYTHING they’ve been taught to believe. Not everyone is able to do this or is willing to do this, being so convinced of their own infallibility that they will simply refuse to listen to others. These people need to be identified and shunned as bad examples and bad influences.

    I will call out proponents of BOTH parties and am looking for some way to engage others in discussions about where the hatred and rejection of truth is taking our society and where we can go as long as we allow hatred, revenge, deceit and our current political parties to set the rules and choices we have to select our leaders. I will do this by asking questions that will get honest people to re-consider (what I call) fundamental truths, but will (usually cause the superficial partisans to lash out in rage. Questions such as: What is the vision that Trump/Obama has expressed for this country ? Is that vision sufficiently specific that there is no possibility of misinterpretation ? Is that vision truly a goal to be strived for or simply a series of laws they want to enact with no plan beyond getting their laws ? Do you share that vision ? What is the likely result of that vision ? What are the possible/probable downsides ? What (specifically) have they stated we need to do to accomplish that vision (beyond electing them to power) ?

    A vision of “Make America Great” is not a goal. It is not specific. A promise to “do the right thing” is useless because “the right thing” to Trump concerning the Mueller report is to bury the report in the deepest, darkest hole available, then kill all those that have read it. “The right thing” to Democrats is to extract the parts of the report that make Trump look guilty and ignore the rest. “The right thing” to Trumplicans is to bury the report, but allow those that wrote or read it to live as long as they never discuss the contents. “The right thing” to responsible citizens is to tell the unvarnished truth and lay out the paths that led to the conclusions as well as the avenues of investigation that resulted in dead ends (This is important so we know the inquiries were made and explored and not ignored for partisan reasons).

    Likewise promises to “make a great deal” means (to Trump) that ti does not matter how much sovereignty or US treasure is traded away as long as Trump (or family members) get really, really cheap property rights to build new hotel/casinos on prime real-estate that promises millions of dollars in future profits or if they get really, really huge commissions for “brokering” the deal in the first place or for changing US policy to make the deal possible. To responsible Americans, a “great deal” is one that produces as close to a level playing field as possible, removing incentives for EITHER side to place the weight of government “thumbs” on the scales to tilt the balance of trade. Responsible citizens recognize that level playing fields work best to incentivize both American and partner companies to perform at their best: producing the compromise of quality goods offered for their asking prices (given currency exchange rates) without incentivizing ether side to abandon the market as unprofitable or to attempt to gain monopoly production (followed by falling quality) because the field is tilted in THEIR favor.

    I will defend both Muslims and Jews when they express peaceful, non-violent views. I will even debate religion or politics with Jews, Muslims, & Atheists as long as they don’t become anti-semitic, accusatory or insulting and debate in good faith. I will attempt to cause people to think about the world around them in the spirit of Renaissance thinkers: rejecting the dogma and “conventional wisdom” of our time and re-evaluating the core principles were are taught as children.

    I will push the concept that we need to re-approach how and what we teach our children.

    Science now tells us that the judgement centers in our brains do not mature until the mid-20s, should we expect that children can be taught by “reasoning” with young children or that young children have the judgement to properly apply “reason” to their actions ? I submit the answer is “no” and therefore, young children NEED to be taught in black-and-white terms (to minimize the judgement they have to apply with their undeveloped judgement centers): Lying/Bullying/Disrespect/Disobedience/etc is ALWAYS wrong (there is no such thing as a “white lie” – the alternative is that EVERY lie they tell becomes a ‘white’ one and they gain an excuse for ANY lie).

    We can walk down the Biblical 10 Commandments and analyze what our world would look like if that Commandment had never been given to Mankind. I submit that no responsible adult would like to live in such a world.

    Can self-discipline be taught through “reason” alone ? I submit the answer is “no”. Self-discipline can only be developed in an environment where external discipline (behavior constraint) exists and is fairly enforced. Self-discipline is a learned behavior that becomes a response to the knowledge that expressing offensive opinions or behavior results in penalties to oneself. Self-discipline is the internalization of external discipline imposed in a person’s youth (the younger the easier it is to teach). By the time a person is 18 and treated as an “adult”, if he/she has never been disciplined (or internalized rules of behavior), they likely never will because (to them) it will always remain easier to lash out instead of considering consequences before acting. Without self-discipline in the members (especially the leaders) of our society, can we really say we have a functioning society ?

    I find that it’s primarily the Atheists that twist reality to fit their prejudices and ideologies. Muslims and Christians may deny reality at times and make claims not supported by scripture, but rarely try to twist what we know to be scientifically-confirmed fact to support their arguments to the contrary. (Muslims & (Christians/Muslims will not claim that it is possible for a surgeon to change a man into a woman or [vice versa] because we know that there is no way to change XY chromosomes into XX chromosomes at a cellular level and that all a surgeon can do amounts to nothing more than cosmetic surgery. Christians/Muslims will not claim that the puny actions of Man can affect planetary temperatures given the exponentially larger impacts of volcanoes, sunspots, sun cycles, planetary vegetation and so forth that are under God’s control (laws-of-physics to Atheists) and that have no respect for Man’s puny industrialization activities.)

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Here’s hoping that BOTH the (R) and (D) lose the elections in 2020 and we wind up with a divided government (and no Trumpian WH corruption).

    Until we start electing 3rd-party candidates (or actual “no-party” candidates – candidates without an entire apparatus that can control (as opposed to persuade) Congress to enact personal agendas), our best outcome will continue to be gridlock where NOTHING gets done to by the federal government to further erode individual, local-government and state liberties.

  • Cousin_Ken

    Hello IllinoisPatriot,

    Thanks for spirit[s] lifted up.

    Resurrection can/did come:)


  • Cousin_Ken

    Hello BTG,

    Consider this a double up-vote.

    Dumb as a lamb, searched for cute or funny minions in a movie, LOL.
    Duh! ‘Minions’ is a movie, the slaves to the Trump are his minions.


  • Hi Ken,

    Sorry for the delay, just found your reply.

    There are always an exception to the rule, and in this case a very small exception. If you are ever on Youtube, search for Daschund Minions.

    God bless,


  • Cousin_Ken

    Hello BTG,

    Thank you for a link to comic relief.
    Good play above on DJT minions 🙂

    Mysteriously serious,

  • Annemarie

    Thank you! If you don’t mind, I’m going to copy and send your response to her. If nothing else she’ll feel less alone.

    I’m really sorry for the late reply. I know there’s a thing somewhere to notify you that there are replies to a comment, but I have to remember to look for it. Sigh. I blame age but it’s probably just dumb moments.

    Anyway. In my experience (former education reporter) you’re right that social studies (formerly civics) is largely laden with social justice concerns. Teachers I’ve talked to say that it’s a) the textbooks — and they have a point there and b) that they’re trying to engage students to think beyond their own teenage concerns. Get them out of the bubble and they will eventually learn independent thought. I kinda think that’s optimistic but there’s another problem in modern schools.

    Critical thinking takes time to teach. Sometimes a lot of time. And it takes teachers with training.Time for the classes no longer exists. Yes, you could drop a lot of subjects and require it, and I’d support a school that did. (Some charter schools are specializing in Socratic method and as far as I know they’re doing well. Another argument for school choice.)

    And yes, you’re right that young kids need clarity. They aren’t necessarily mature enough for more. (although I think some individual teachers are making it work, though I lost that reference a long time ago.)

    For what it’s worth, we homeschooled.

    I agree that conversations need to be started. Saying that the Obama administration committed (or may have committed) many of the same actions that we Democrats rage against the GOP for (maybe) doing now, does not mean that we have to give up our principles and our moral alignment. (Pause to shake the D&D reference out of my head.) Power corrupts. And being aware of the slippery slope to corruption can only be a good thing.

    I have to hedge on who actually committed what because I spent the Obama years only reading British newspapers. No, I was in America, just sick of yelling at opponents substituting for actual discussion. The Economist mostly loathed Obama’s foreign policy.

    My conservative friend and I have discussed the Constitution and how to apply it to the modern world. I think we finally agreed (it’s a work in process) that the founding fathers would be horrified by the modern world and especially by social media, but not surprised. And Washington would have said, “You see! This is why I opposed factions!” I’m reading Madison’s notes on the debates along with the Oxford history of the period and providing book reports. From the beginning, the fear of tyranny (seen in a larger state if you were a smaller state, or a highly populated state if you were a farming state) was paramount. (Possibly that sentence didn’t make sense.) People had just come off a war, which they could have lost easily, against tyranny…and they were sure it was lurking around the corner here too. Maybe the urge to lord it over others is a part of original sin.

    I guess my point is that the Constitution, while a brilliant political document and absolutely applicable today, is also a product of its time and place. And those things should be taken into account. Saying that doesn’t mean we have to throw it out with the bathwater, just that…isn’t there a middle ground somewhere?

    All right. You have a lot there to unpack and I want to give it the attention it deserves. But now I have to go write about the critically important alpaca industry and earn some $$. Have bookmarked the page because once I hit post I am guaranteed to forget about the reply thingybopper.