Minnesota Democrats May Be Looking for a Way out of Their “Omar Problem”

Minnesota Democrats May Be Looking for a Way out of Their “Omar Problem” March 14, 2019

I wondered how long Democrats would allow certain members of their freshman class to march them towards a destination of being the party of halfwits and anti-Semitism.

It’s kind of laughable, actually. The age of Trumpism with the Republican party gave Democrats the perfect opportunity to step up and appear mature, reasonable, and definitely far more intellectual.

Instead, the 2018 midterms saw them bring a New York bartender into Congress with all the intellectual heft of a plastic baggie, and two so steeped in hate for Israel and the Jewish community that they’re outwardly saying what has been a simmering undercurrent of the Democrat party for years.

That’s troublesome, considering a good chunk of Democrat support comes from the Jewish voting bloc.

We’ve spoken of the unbridled, raw anti-Semitism of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar before. At this point, some of Democrat leadership are hoping that just not talking about it, or downplaying it is the ticket to making voters forget what has been allowed to infest their party.

Let me interject here, so that there is no misunderstanding, on any level: If you hate Jews, or if you object to the right of Israel and the Jewish people to exist in peace, then you are a horrible person. You are the bad guy.

Last week, after wimping out on a bill that would specifically call out and condemn anti-Semitism, the Democrat-led House chose to stuff the topic into an overcrowded, broad bill that unnecessarily covered all the perceived hate bases.

Some of the Jewish members of Congress were stung by the move, as they felt strongly enough about the emerging problem with Reps. Omar and Rashida Tlaib (Michigan), that they believed anti-Semitism should have been a standalone bill.

Oh, well. Cowards, each and every one of them.

As for the Democrat party in Minnesota, however, some are looking to take matters into their own hands, in order to correct the mistakes their party made in the run up to the midterm election.

In order to pull the party back from the brink, some party members are now actively inquiring into a potential primary challenger for Representative Ilhan Omar.

Several party leaders within the state have admitted to having discussions about their party’s “Omar problem.” To date, however, they haven’t found a candidate that fits the bill.

“There’s definitely some buzz going around about it, but it’s more a buzz of is anyone talking about finding someone to run against her than it is anyone saying they’re going to run against her or contemplate it. There’s definitely talk about people wanting someone to run against her,” said state Sen. Ron Latz (D), who represents a portion of Omar’s district.


The votes the House has brought up were inspired by Omar’s loathsome statements, suggesting that there were House members who harbored “dual loyalty” to this nation and the nation of Israel, simply because they aren’t actively spreading the rumor that Jews kidnap Muslim children and use their blood in the Matzah balls, or some other equally atrocious anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish tale.

Some of Omar’s constituents are less than thrilled that the woman they sent to Congress can’t keep her inclinations under wraps.

“Our community is exasperated by Rep. Omar’s unfulfilled promises to listen and learn from Jewish constituents while seemingly simultaneously finding another opportunity to make an anti-Semitic remark and insult our community,” Steve Hunegs, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas, said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, having the opportunity to speak with her about that point didn’t dissuade her making that statement,” Hunegs told The Hill in an interview Wednesday. “We were appalled.”

Hunegs actually spoke with Omar in February, before she doubled down on her previous propaganda line.

Of those reportedly being considered are Bobby Joe Champion, a state senator with a bit of experience under his belt, having served in the state legislature for a decade.

Then there is Andrea Jenkins, a member of the Minneapolis City Council that really checks off some boxes for the party of identity politics.

Jenkins is a man, operating in the “transgender woman” lane. Has Congress scored one of those in Special Interest Groups Bingo, yet?

While they attempt to recruit the perfect challenger, they continue to discuss the best options.

“While she has created a significant amount of controversy for herself and said things that have offended many Americans, I’m not sure that one could make the case that she is in trouble yet,” said Mike Erlandson, a former Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) chairman and chief of staff to ex-Rep. Martin Sabo (D) who ran for the seat against Omar’s predecessor, Keith Ellison (D), in 2006.

If they’re already considering replacements, with only a couple of months on the job under her belt, then she’s in trouble. She’ll likely not get any smarter, as time goes on.

For his part, Jenkins isn’t quite ready to have his Congressional coming out party.

“Support is really strong for Congresswoman Omar, but certainly there is some acrimony. I think people feel like she’s being unfairly targeted,” Jenkins said. “I love my job. I’m really close to the people I represent.”

So that’s a “no” from you?

It is the support for Omar from the Democratic Farmer-Labor Party in the state that may have many challengers spooked.

She bested two other candidates to become the party nominee for the midterm election, and will likely get the support of the powerful group again.

Many potential candidates may not be up for that particular battle.

Jenkins even suggested that he’s not willing to spend all his time fundraising.

A representative for Omar’s campaign  said they do not fear a primary challenge.

“Ilhan entered a 10 week six-way primary and she believes you get what you organize for. She organized her district to win and she’s really excited to do that again over the next two years,” a campaign spokesman told The Hill.

And maybe she will, but if she continues on in her current trajectory, not only insulting an important voting bloc for the Democrat party, as well as attacking other members of her party (such as her recent slam against the Democrat party’s golden savior, Barack Obama), they may find her a liability none are willing to shoulder.


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  • Alpha 1

    Susan we’ve been over this. Omar’s criticisms were of two things: the first was of lobbyists who use money to lobby. The second, the reference to forcing allegiance to another country, was of Christian Zionist politicians who are trying to limit political expression by outlawing boycotts of Israel. Neither of those criticisms are antisemitic, unless you think Christian Zionists are somehow Jewish.

    Beyond the factual inaccuracy, you’ve officially devoted more articles and more time complaining about Omar’s criticism of lobbyists and christian politicians than you have to Donald Trump telling American Jews that Israel is “your country,” which is a classic dual loyalty charge, Netanyahu agreeing to help Viktor Orban rewrite the history of the holocaust, or a nazi murdering 11 of us in Pittsburgh! Are you really concerned about antisemitism, or are you just looking for an excuse to scaremonger about Muslims and own the libs? The fact you’re still equating Israel with the Jewish people even though half of us don’t live there suggests it’s the latter.

  • chemical

    The votes the House has brought up were inspired by Omar’s loathsome statements, suggesting that there were House members who harbored “dual loyalty” to this nation and the nation of Israel…

    Lies. Omar didn’t suggest this. I actually watched the speech that raised the ruckus, and it’s about money in politics, and how bans against boycotting Israel are anti-democratic.

    …if she continues on in her current trajectory, not only insulting an important voting bloc for the Democrat party, as well as attacking other members of her party (such as her recent slam against the Democrat party’s golden savior, Barack Obama)

    Except none of the Jewish left-wingers have a problem with her. Also, the Muslim voting bloc is important to us, too — and if we treat our Muslim reps like garbage we’ll lose their vote. Right wing Jewish folks took offense with her comments, as well as other right wingers with a load of manufactured outrage looking to score political points. Sorry, that trick is old, tired, and we’re not paying attention to it anymore.

    Susan, you really do yourself a disservice when you print GOP propaganda like this.

  • RebeccaSusanWright

    I know her comment was about money in politics.
    Specifically, dirty Jewish money. That was the implication. How does that make it any less disgusting?

  • RebeccaSusanWright

    So I’m wrong, but Democrats in Minnesota are discussing finding a primary challenger for her.
    Why do you think that is?
    Apparently, me and those Minnesota Democrats see something you refuse to see.

  • chemical

    No, the implication was dirty Israeli money. Israel doesn’t mean Jewish. I know your side is real excited about getting to yell “Racist! Bigot!” to the left, but no. You don’t get to dictate what is and is not offensive to Jewish folks.

    And if Israel doesn’t want criticized, then they can stop electing thug criminals like Bibi Netanyahu.

  • chemical

    The Minnesota Dems putting together a primary challenge for Omar are spineless cowards. I’m not going to pretend that we don’t have our share of cowards on the left, just like how everybody currently with an (R) after their name is scared to death that Commander Bonespurs will tweet something mean about them.

  • Alpha 1

    The democrats are a waste. This is all about preserving the alliance with America’s client state in Israel. We don’t even have to speculate, democrats have come out and said it:


  • Alpha 1

    The Minnesota Dems putting together a primary challenge for Omar are spineless cowards.

    Yup. The democrats are determined to maintain the alliance with Israel even though Israel is openly allied with Donald Trump and every other far-right movement democrats are supposed to #resist. They’re so terrified of bad-faith criticism from the right they won’t even defend their own congresswomen, even after parading them around as proof of how diverse they were! It’s some of the most grotesque, depraved tokenism I’ve ever seen.

    At least Bernie Sanders has come out in support of Omar. That’s your next president right there.

  • Alpha 1

    AIPAC isn’t a Jewish organization! The vast majority of the pro-Israel movement is America is made up of antisemitic evangelical Zionists. They need Jews in Israel to bring about the literal apocalypse, and once that happens they think we’ll all convert to Christianity or die! This whole debacle is turning into an attempt by evangelical Zionists to appropriate Jewish identity so they can use it as a cudgel against their enemies.

  • Alpha 1

    It’s not even Israeli money, it’s evangelical money! I’m used to seeing Israel claim to represent all Jews, but watching evangelicals act as if they’re somehow Jewish, get offended on our behalf, and ignore actual Jews who disagree with them is utterly surreal.

  • John225

    Israel’s Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) is soon to be under indictment for corruption. It involves interference in the Israeli media to get more positive coverage. Bibi is prime minister of a nationalist populist party. His initial campaign strategist was Republican strategist Arthur Finkelstein who was introduced to him along with Steve Bannon by Trump friend Ronald Lauder. Apparently according to Bibi, it is all a leftist conspiracy to remove him from power and he had to do it because the corrupt liberal media (free press) hates him, it is so unfair, it is always generating fake news, and he is the most harassed prime minister in history. Some of this sounds just like Trump and some of it sounds like Hungary’s Viktor Orban whose strategist was also Finkelstein, and who is also corrupt as is in my opinionTrump. They all borrow heavily from each others stratigies. The corruption charge may actually help Bibi get re-elected as it is portrayed as interference in their election process by attempting to remove him from office. Expect to hear something like this from Trump when his time comes. If he wins, he will likely form a coalition with the ultra-orthodox parties and agree to support their interests in exchange for legislation giving him immunity from the indictment. This will be his hail Mary pass if he pulls it off. This would make Israel less the country of all Jews and more the country of the Ultra-orthodox minority than it already is. Ron lauder has fallen out with Bibi over this tack and the abandonment of the two-state solution for peace with the Palestinians. Lauder is the president of the World Jewish Congress. Lauder has also clashed with Viktor Orban over anti-Semitic stereo types being used in Hungary’s state-run magazine which Orban refused to condemn.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Apparently the American Muslims are not the only ones that want to see the total genocide of the Jewish people and the destruction of their homeland. You clearly have at least one very dedicated anti-semite troll (Alpha 1) and 1 Christian/Jew-hating leftist that think their poor judgement – based on anti-semite propaganda – is somehow more accurate or otherwise superior than the plain truth of recorded statements from the Muslim congresscritters.

    I found your article to be factual and accurate in getting your point across even though you’ve clearly “offended” the anti-Christian / anti-Jewish contingent simply by standing up for the principle that no person or ethnicity deserves to die simply because of their religion or their place of residence and for the principle that the US policies toward Israel are being subverted and contradicted by the hatred being spewed by the Muslim Congrescritters. Clearly the Muslims have NOT integrated into the American culture and (until they do), perhaps the entire community should be put back under intense FBI counter-terrorism surveillance because it sounds as of their rhetoric is ramping up to calls for Jihad within the US against the US government and it’s non-Muslim citizens…..

    I can just see the veins throbbing in Alpha’s forehead as he strains to contain his hatred while scribbling his screeds.

    I would caution you that Alpha is not above twisting the truth or making up his own facts to attempt to “win” his arguments, so bear in mind that nothing he says can be accepted as factual because (like Trump) Alpha 1’s “truth” is totally subjective and subject to whatever his hatred tells him is true at any given time.

  • Alpha 1

    Luv to stand up against bigotry by saying a minority group is working to undermine the state and calling for them to be put under mass surveillance

  • IllinoisPatriot

    So stop saying Christians & Jews need to be crushed under the surveillance of the liberal state and you might actually stand AGAINST bigotry instead of standing FOR it.

  • Fmontyr

    I see this article for what it is, Susan, a highly vindictive diatribe denigrating people with whom you do not agree primarily because of religion. Grow up and get over it. Muslims are not Jews and Jews are not Muslims, they think differently.

  • Fmontyr

    P,S. Now that you have stoked the fires of religious hatred you must be pleased with what happened in New Zealand.

  • Joslyn Renfrey

    Turns out, democrats aren’t really sold on the whole “hastening the eschaton” thing that gets Israel such blind support from evangelicals.

  • Joslyn Renfrey

    “Apparently the American Muslims are not the only ones that want to see the total genocide of the Jewish people and the destruction of their homeland.”

    The Christchurch mosque shooter was probably thinking a similar thing when he killed 47 people this morning…

  • Mother124

    Omar represents a largely Somali population in her district.

    Removal by local means is unlikely. She needs to be expelled by the Congress.

    Decent Democrats need to stand up, and not just with wishy-washy statements condemning “all bigotry.”

    Will they????

  • IllinoisPatriot

    We’ll likely find that the Christchurch mosque shooter is an atheist that simply hates Muslims – perhaps a gay person – we don’t know the details yet, so there’s no value in speculation unless your desire is to spread propaganda and try to get some hatred going before the actual facts come out…..

  • IllinoisPatriot

    The only fires of hatred I see being stoked are those you are stoking yourself against Christianity.

    Do you really fear Christians and those that follow the ways of peace and Christ that much ? You are really getting pathetic.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Of course not. Honor and dignity left the Democrat Party a LONG time ago. Just has they have recently left the GOP with the RNC-assisted nomination of Trump.

  • Fmontyr

    Yep, and those Iowa Republicans are frantically searching for persons to run against Steven King.

  • Fmontyr

    Did I mention Christians? They too are just as guilty of taking life in the name of their religion and are diametrically opposed to peace as taught by Jesus. I have no interest in demeaning you any further than you own words.

  • Fmontyr

    Steve King of Iowa, been at it for years???

  • Joslyn Renfrey

    You serious? You talk about muslims desiring genocide and somehow that doesn’t count as spreading hate?
    Fucking Lunatic.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Susan makes no secret that she’s an Evangelical Christian. This entire blog post is on a site that supports ALL faiths and Susan’s post are under the Christian faith. Yes you DID mention Christians when you decided to attack Susan for stating her opinion. Perhaps you can cite examples of Christians taking life in the name of their religion. (Mind you – it should be more recent than the Crusades), but if that’s all you have, even the Crusades were not done in the name of Christianity but in the name of avenging the Christians killed when the Muslims over-ran Jerusalem and killed every non-Muslim living there. The Crusades were for the purpose of liberating Jerusalem from the Muslim conquerors and returning it to Christian rule – much like Desert Storm was to liberate Quwait from Iraqi rule and return it’s sovereignty or like WWII was to liberate Europe from the German conquerors and return it to the rule of the various countries that Germany invaded and conquered.

    Much like the invasion of Syria was to liberate the people from the rule of ISIS and return them to self-rule.

    Your (apparent) Atheist blinders prevent you from making any other distinction concerning religion than “Religion bad. Atheist Good – Ugh !”.

    Grow up. Mature. Only then can someone hold an honest discussion with you. As a minimum, stop acting like a two-year-old (snowflake) with the tolerance of a toddler when it is told “no”. If it helps, go have a good cry….

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I call it like I see it. Your hatred prevents you from recognizing the truth and your lack of self-discipline prevents you from questioning and moderating your own actions. Your lack of civility is noted in your inappropriate language usage.

    As to muslims desiring the genocide of Jews, we see it routinely from the Muslims in the ME. We see the same sentiments in the languages from Ormar and our own muslim “leaders” and from all muslim clerics that get interviewed on Teleivision.

    When was the last time you saw an interview with an Ameican Muslim cleric that preached tolerance, love and a desire to co-exist with Jews or any support for Israel ? How about any SJW group on college campuses ?

    If I can so easily find examples of Muslim hatred (including Jihad mercy killings and death threats agains Journalists and non-muslim activists, perhaps you can find some examples of where Christians decide (as a matter of faith) to kill any and all Muslims they find ?

    Perhaps you can find examples of pre-meditated violence committed by Christians against muslims ? (as opposed to Atheists or gay-activists against Christians ?)

    Muslims talking about, planning and committing genocide against the Jews (as they did in partnership with Hitler during WW2) is proven, objective fact. Now where is your proof to the contrary ? Are you going to claim that 9/11 was an act of love by Muslims ? Perhaps the rockets that constantly get shot into Israel are love letter from Gaza ? Did Saddam Hussein send his SCUDs (some reportedly carrying nerve gas) into Israel as a peace offering ?

    Or do you just object to allowing those that have been attacked to defend themselves ? Do you think all Jews should lay down and die or do you require them to dig their own graves first (as Hitler did during WW2) ?

    There’s just no hatred like the hatred you spread when you attempt to defend and justify genocide and persecution by misquoting the Bible – a book you clearly know nothing of.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Maybe they’ll find another Trumpie to drive off the rest of their own conservative base.

  • Joslyn Renfrey

    Oh my god, just gonna dig yourself deeper into the pit, aren’t you?

  • IllinoisPatriot

    What pit ? My argument and statements are supported by fact. Yours are supported only by outrage and emotion.

    If you have a point with counter-arguments, make it. If you have no counter arguments (no proof or evidence to back up your otherwise worthless claims to victimhood, then just do us all a favor and stay silent. Perhaps if you stay silent fewer people will have proof of your foolishness.

    You are quickly proving yourself unable to hold a reasonable discussion because all you’ve done on this site so far is provoke and attempt to shame people.

    Your inane, vapid, valley-girl responses mean nothing if you cannot provide documentation or reasoned arguments. Is it so hard for you to use reason in a discussion that you have to resort to valley-girl / drama-queen nonsense and pretense ?

    More and more you exemplify the brainless, twits from which twitter no-doubt gets its name…..

  • Joslyn Renfrey

    The counter-argument is that islamophobia kills people, like yesterday. I have no need to take your arguments seriously if they’re insane.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    “Islamophobia kills people” is no argument. It is nonsense.

    Islamophobia has killed no-one. Ever. Islamophobia did not pick up a gun. Islamophobia did not fire that gun. A PERSON picked up & used that gun. Tests have been done and video-taped for the internet where a gun has been watched to see if it spontaneously jumps up and kills someone. They prove (pretty conclusively) that a gun has no ability to fire itself. I’m pretty sure you’d have a hard time proving that an IDEA was able to fire a gun. Islamophobia is a buzzword used by Muslims the left to blame anyone that challenges them just like “homophobia” is used by the gays to attempt to discredit anyone that challenges them. Islamophobia means “Fear of Islam”. I’m pretty sure the shooter was not afraid of Muslims. He probably felt about them pretty much the same as most Muslims feel about Jews and Christians.

    If you can prove that the shooter was afraid of Muslims, you STILL cannot prove that Islamophobia picked up the gun or fired it. You MIGHT be able to prove that the shooter picked up the gun, but you’ll NEVER prove that an IDEA or a FEAR picked up a gun OR pulled a trigger. You probably cannot even prove that the shooter had a FEAR of Muslims (though there is a possibility that he has a hatred toward them – just as they hate Jews and Christians – it’s part of the Muslim religion, their words and actions throughout the ME and in their actions in the US when they radicalize within their mosques, then go on Jihad to kill non-Muslims.

    If you truly believe that an IDEA can kill, you are CLEARLY not ready to have an adult conversation. If you truly believe that an IDEA or a FEAR (as yet unproven and uncharged against the mosque shooter) can kill or can interact in any way with the physical world, you have more mental issues than mere liberalism.

    As to whether or not you take my arguments seriously, I don’t really care. I don’t take accusations of “meanness” seriously from two-year-olds. Neither do mature adults, but that is the level of discourse you are offering on this site.

    I reiterate my previous position: you cannot provide reasoned arguments or any kind of evidence to back up your wild claims of “meanness”. (Seriously – IDEAS or FEAR (alone) can kill ?). You are here only to provoke and offend others in an attempt to intimidate people into listening to and agreeing with you and your idiotic beliefs.

    Grow up. Mature. Gain some measure of common sense and reason. ONLY then will you (maybe) be ready to start acting like an adult and be taken seriously.

  • Fmontyr

    Dignity and honor left the GOP back in the civil rights era when Democrats became Republicans and vise-versa. You would benefit from an intense course in post-WWII American political history. It was segregationist, bigoted, white, “ex-Democrats” who put Trump in office.

  • Joslyn Renfrey

    The portrait of a fucking idiot…

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Add a foul mouth and it perfectly describes you.

    To think that you believe a phobia can actually kill people without the benefit of some unhinged individual…..

    You are the one that is really dangerous here. Your ignorance is actually dangerous – to you.

    BTW: I have YET to see you make any kind of reasoned argument in support of your wild and unfounded claims.

    You have not denied that in the entire history of the earth “islamaphobia” has NEVER killed anyone, yet you continue to claim just the opposite (apparently bitterly clinging to your religion of hatred and leftism).

  • Joslyn Renfrey

    Go back into the cryptofascist hole you crawled out of.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    It was a combination of the democrat voters and the RNC that “rigged” the convention, violating their own party by-laws and using many underhanded and strong-arm tactics to insure the delegates that would have voted against Trump were not allowed to vote and that all voice votes were taken with the microphones for the opposing delegates turned off.

    The death-threats and threats of bodily injury and against families for those that would vote against Trump continued even during the convention.

    The RNC and the so-called “conservative” media are as much to blame for Trump’s ascension as the Democrats that voted for him and the Russians that manipulated the social media platforms in his behalf and the media that gave Trump all the free air-time he wanted while denying the same to other candidates.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Your foul mouth just keeps getting worse while you continue to refuse to produce the first shred of evidence or documentation to back up your alternate-reality claims where fear kills people all by itself and “islamophobia” is somehow able to pick up and use a gun without the assistance of a mentally unstable person.

  • CSN

    Golly Gee Wiz! You’re a Democrat Talking Point and boy do you like to make your points look plausible. Unfortunately they don’t set well with any Jew, whether they’re progressive or not. GOP Propaganda? It’s Fascist Democrat Propaganda on the rise.

  • CSN

    What’s your ethnicity? Antisemitic much?

  • CSN

    It’s a setup by the left to oust a conservative in Israel…same as over here.

  • CSN

    Antisemitic and Anti-christian too? Just all coming out of the woodwork eh?

  • CSN

    So you think the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR have no ties to terrorism?

  • CSN

    You’re on a roll aren’t you unknown Alpha?

  • CSN

    Chemical is obviously Islamic Radical?

  • chemical

    Chemical-American. Says that right there in my profile. Read much?

  • CSN

    So you think ISIS was supporting genocide? Really? Even if there are only 6,000,000 Radical Muslims in the entire world, but who can you trust?

  • CSN

    The Christchurch shooter is all over the map. Whether he’s an actual person or a made up person we don’t know. Just like the so called right winger in USA whom they claim they caught before he did harm, when we saw no pictures, no actual footage of him, just people saying he seemed weird. He had a collection of guns and ammunition, but a lot of people have guns and ammunition with no intent to kill other than hunting and target practice with their friends.
    There is a dark secret out there, and only those who can manipulate people to perform these evil deeds know the true details.

  • CSN

    You and the hijab wearing Democrats? How does Abortion align with Islamic principles?

  • Joslyn Renfrey

    So too can christian behaviour towards gay and trans folks like myself be generalized to all christians, apparently.

  • John225

    GrafT(ech) and th(yss)en Krupp-tion in Israel. Netanyahu’s problems deepen.