New Report Highlights Trump’s Shady Business Practices

New Report Highlights Trump’s Shady Business Practices March 28, 2019

One of the funniest anecdotes I’ve read about Donald Trump was featured in GOP strategist, Rick Wilson’s book, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.”

In the book, Wilson recounts his conversation with an [actual] successful Manhattan businessman, in regards to the Trumpian fantasy of the president as a high-rolling, wildly successful entrepreneur, rather than a reality TV punchline, with comic strip hair.

Donald Trump’s scams and screw ups in the business world are no secret to natives of New York and New Jersey. It’s just the rest of the country that seems to be drawn in by watching too much television.

Wilson noted that in listening to this businessman, he described Donald Trump as being “a clown living on credit.”

Imagine that.

And now, it appears The Washington Post has done the footwork, gathering up the financial documents that prove it.

According to WaPo, Trump would exaggerate his assets and hide his mountain of debts.

Trump would reportedly hand out documents called “Statements of Financial Condition” during business dealings. In these documents, Trump would allegedly misrepresent the property he owned, including omitting debts and overvaluing assets.

According to one such financial statement from 2011 reviewed by the Post, Trump said he had 55 home lots to sell at his golf course in Southern California. However, according to city records obtained by the Post, he only had 31 lots zoned and ready for sale. That difference accounted for at least $72 million in future revenue.

Trump made other reported exaggerations, including saying that his Virginia vineyard had 2,000 acres, when it really has about 1,200, and that Trump Tower has 68 stories when it really has 58.

It’s not like this is the first time anyone is hearing this. Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen testified before Congress recently that he helped Trump inflate his worth, in order to acquire loans from Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank is one of the only banks still willing to do business with Trump, given his well-known history of failing to pay off his debts or claiming bankruptcy.

He’s not a good businessman.

Because of this new focus on the scams he ran on the banks, there are more investigations.

OH – You thought Robert Mueller was the beginning and end of investigations for Trump?

Just kidding. If you’ve been following me here, you’re not hearing any of this for the first time.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee, now in the hands of Democrats, have opened two investigations based on these misrepresentations. On Wednesday, they began the process for obtaining ten years of financial records from the Trump Organization.

They made the request based on the testimony from Cohen, who presented the committee with the same three years — 2011, 2012 and 2013 — of Trump’s financial statements that the Post obtained.

During his hearing earlier this month, Cohen had claimed that Trump often inflated or deflated his net worth for “potentially improper purposes.”

The New York state Department of Financial Services also subpoenaed records from Trump’s longtime insurer, Aon, earlier this month.

According to Cohen, his old boss would falsify insurance paperwork, in an attempt to get lowered premium payments.

He is not a good businessman.

He is corrupt.

And he did not suddenly get better or less corrupt because he gained the presidency, or even because Robert Mueller failed to recommend indictment.

Chew on that one, for a bit.


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  • earhartam

    I want to know where the insurance companies are handling this news? I used to be an insurance fraud investigator. For instance, insurance companies in Maryland dont play around. FYI: regardless of fault in the state of Maryland EVERY claim is investigated aggressively. Meaning no matter whose fault.

    They have super powers meaning they have the same investigative pretexting (lying) that only two other entities have, the IRS and Law Enforcement. They are very powerful.

    Why aren’t they going after Trump for insurance fraud?

  • Michael Weyer

    Jeff Pearlman just wrote a great book on the history of the USFL, a spring football league that really seemed ready to challenge the NFL in 1987. But then Trump (one of the owners) decided it was a great idea to have the USFL go head-to-head with the NFL in the fall and it got crushed.

    The opening page has a memo from 1984 from another owner who cites how Trump “insults and bellities anyone who fails to treat him with adoration and acts as if he’s an expert on subjects he has no knowledge of.” That was 35 years ago and yet it’s obvious how Trump has just gotten worse with time.

  • Rick

    All that is coming to light about Trump, was documented and available during the ’16 scampaign. I posted countless articles about his many failures and his practices of placing himself center stage where he didn’t belong, all to promote a false image of himself.

    People then, and the same (plus more) people now, refuse to read, listen, or in any way acknowledge that Trump is anything but their new gilded god. But I especially find it disheartening, to say the least, that there are those who know his past, and still have decided to adore (worship) him.

  • mersey

    Donald Trump would be nothing if not for the army of dolts who support and prop him up on a constant basis. Trump’s goon squad is the real problem with our nation today. Without them, Trump would be a footnote in history.

  • Ellen Elmore

    Yes, our country’s biggest problem is the number of people who worship at the altar of Trump. They are so into the #Cult45 that truth no longer matters to them. The problem is not Trump. The problem is the people who voted for him in 2016 and will vote for him again in 2020.

  • Michael Weyer

    That’s Maryland. If we counted the number of places in New York that skim by on insurance fraud, we’ll be here all day.

  • Ronald Langdon

    Amazing Susan takes another lying story from the WAPO and believes the trash. WAPO has not told the truth about Trump ever. You guys love A juicy gossip story by some anonymous person in the dark LOL I hope some of you lying slanderous writers receive the same justice as the previous admin. shortly!!! The greatest thing that has happened to this country is the election of Donald Trump by 63millionPLusordinary people who love Americain spite of all the opposition of Dems. MSM Obama DOJ FBI and hundreds of beau-rats unseen in the dark. Totally ungoverned by a Democratically owned media is the President of the USA.!!!! You talk about Trump supporters as though 63 or more million people have no idea how to vote. The false Gods of the Left are immorality, power at any cost,dividing society into racial conflicts, globalism,Corruption in high places,killing the innocent babies,Anti-Semitism, Mostly worshipping at the altar of communism.

  • Principled Conservative

    It’s Trump who has not told the truth ever.

  • Ronald Langdon

    You must mean Obama,Bush, Clinton,and Trump etc. There is no difference is there in any of the Presidents in my life time that have told the truth LOL Dont speak as though lying is a trait of one president or any elected officials. However it is impossible for MSM to tell the truth because they have an agenda and not capable of objective news!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IllinoisPatriot

    To be fair we have an equal-size problem on the other side – the ones that are so into Cult44 and and their socialist and special-interest agendas that truth, science, facts, or even reason no longer matter to them.

    It seems that we adults must walk the center-line, careful not to lean too far one way or the other for fear of falling off our sanity. It turns out not to be that hard as long as Christ is leading the way and guiding our footsteps.

  • Rick

    It was actually 63 million MINUS ordinary people that voted for Trump. Total- 62,979,879 (46.1%). Is’t it funny that Clinton received almost 66 million votes. Total-65,844,954 (48.2%). Almost 3 million more than Trump. Thank God for the electoral college, eh? Do you feel silly now for trying to make Trump out to be all that and a bag of chips?

    As for this story. All the FACTS in it have been known for years, if not decades. Just because you insist on wearing Trump colored glasses doesn’t mean those facts disappear.

    As for lies. I don’t recall ANY news organisation EVER keeping a scorecard for the number of lies, misrepresentations, and false claims a president has told. What’s Trump up to now? 9,000+ as of Mar. 4.

  • Ronald Langdon

    Hey i think it really is 65million minus the iilegal and fraudulent votes LOL The electoral college works for both parties at various times. If we do away with electoral college the Dems think they have an advantage in the election. What happens when a popular swings in the opposite direction? Will they want changed again? AS far as a popular vote is concerned it was merely one state that voted with the greatest population . The corrupt state of California the sanctuary for illegal immigrants. The MSM didnt keep score of Obama and Clinton-they covered for them. WE are just finding out the lies and cover-ups. Keep tuned in enjoy the ride.

  • Rick

    HAHAHAHA. You keep wearing those colored glasses. Reality will scare the hell out of you if you take them off.