James Comey Exonerated by Robert Mueller’s Report

James Comey Exonerated by Robert Mueller’s Report April 18, 2019

I’ve watched Attorney General William Barr’s ludicrous bit of Kabuki theater, where he pretended to be the attorney general of the United States, rather than Donald Trump’s personal fixer.

If nothing else, we can wipe away any fog over that situation.

Barr stood behind a lectern, before the press and the American people, and completely misrepresented what was included in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

In fact, very little Barr said bears a resemblance to the spirit of the report.

As it is, I’m just beginning the journey that is this voluminous report, and I have yet to fully digest what I have read. There’s a lot there, as well as quite a bit of redaction.

There is enough information contained in the report to keep pundits like myself busy for weeks.

As I have yet to digest the full report, I don’t want to dive too deeply into the thick of it, but I’ll take some time to go over bits and pieces of interest.

For now, let’s talk about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and her storied penchant for lying in service to the throne.

This was a woman brought up by a Baptist minister (Mike Huckabee). You would think that there would be some emphasis on truth in the home.

I guess it didn’t stick.

Out of the mountain of troubling information released on Thursday, is anyone surprised to find that Sanders admitted that she, like so many others associated with this presidency, lied to the press and the American people?

In particular, she lied about former FBI Director James Comey, in order to cover up President Trump’s attempts to obstruct the ongoing Russia probe.

The rhetoric from the White House following Comey’s firing was that he was inept, he had lost the confidence of those FBI agents working under him, and that the department was a mess, as a result.

Meanwhile, rank and file agents, in one instance after another, were refuting those claims.

Comey “was not doing a good job,” Trump said at the time. “Very simply, he was not doing a good job.”

Of course, there was Comey’s tale of a president who pressed him privately for “loyalty.”

Afterwards, the president admitted to NBC News’ Lester Holt that he fired Comey “because of the Russia thing.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team investigated this particular incident, as well as many others, in the portion of their work that dealt with possible attempts at obstruction.

To that end, they brought in Sanders to further explore her part in pushing the narrative of James Comey as a drain on the FBI.

Did I mention the fact that she’s a liar, working in service to a liar?

Mueller put it in his report.

“Sanders told this Office [of the special counsel] that her reference to hearing from ‘countless members of the FBI’ was a ‘slip of the tongue,’” investigators wrote in the document, which was released with significant redactions by Attorney General William Barr on Thursday.

“She also recalled that her statement in a separate press interview that rank-and-file FBI agents had lost confidence in Comey was a comment she made ‘in the heat of the moment’ that was not founded on anything,” it continued.

Can we talk about the difference between a “slip of the tongue” and a blatant lie?

A slip of the tongue happens when you call your boyfriend by your ex-boyfriend’s name.

A slip of the tongue is when you accidentally blurt out a spoiler alert to your friends about your favorite television show.

What Sanders did was stand before the press and repeat a lie, knowing what she intended to say. It was not rooted in truth, and it was intentional.

She spoke about the mindset of an entire group of people without even speaking to them, because what she was saying served Donald Trump’s agenda.

Now does this mean Trump or those in his administration sought to obstruct the investigation?

No, not specifically, but that she was so ready to lie shows that they realized the truth was potentially damaging, and it opens the door for so much else.

Like I said, we’ll be unpacking this one for a while, folks, so hang on.

At least James Comey’s reputation with the department has been cleaned up.




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  • chemical

    Haven’t read the full report yet, but this is MUCH worse for Trump than I anticipated — basically Mueller is saying here, right there after the table of contents that he decided not to prosecute Trump for a crime because “collusion” isn’t properly defined in the US legal code. The best he could do is hit people with “failed to register as a foreign agent”, and actually nailed Flynn to the wall on exactly that. I read about 60 pages so far, and it’s all basically “Russia committed a bunch of crimes to help Trump win, and these Trump campaign team members were happy to get the help”. Oh, and Don Jr. was retweeting Russian troll accounts during the 2016 campaign — Russian propaganda coming out of the President’s son’s mouth.

  • Michael Weyer

    Translation to the MAGA crowd: “Not only full exenoration but proof Obama spied on Trump campaign and is going to be indicted!”

    Sadly, I have seen that reported in total seriousness.

  • chemical

    The first thing I did when the report broke was to download the thing and start reading it myself. I wanted to make my own decisions about what was in the report, spin-free. I noticed that my opinions mostly match mainstream media (and Susan here).

    However, Fox News and the rest of the right wing fever swamp is essentially treating it like a full exoneration. I swear, the utter contempt they have for their own viewers — they’re basically saying “We’re going to tell you exactly what we want the Mueller report to say, because we know you’re all a bunch of lazy, stupid rubes who will believe anything we say and will never actually read the report yourself and form your own opinions.”

    And that lying slimeball Kellyanne Conway was on Fox saying “Total exoneration!” and claiming she read the full report a mere 4 hours after it was available to the public. Oh really, you read a 448 page complicated legal document in 4 hours, Kellyanne? I’ll be happy if I finish the thing by this weekend.

  • sometypeofguy

    I wonder what the Conways talk about at night? Strangest marriage ever.

  • Michael Weyer

    Redstate is openly stating “Trump is now cleared.” Oh and the whole “families seperated at border” thing was never his call and he stopped it out of the kindness of his heart.

    Man…I didn’t always agree with those guys but watching what was once a place of true conservative thought transform into Brietbart/Daily Caller is proof of how sick Trumpism is.

  • chemical

    I haven’t finished reading through the Russian collusion section yet, but the conclusion I’m drawing so far is that while Trump may or may not have actually committed any crimes (at least to the point where Mueller doesn’t think he can prosecute them), Trump certainly doesn’t have a problem with other people committing crimes on his behalf. It’s basically calling the Trump administration a criminal enterprise, and Redstate and the like are all too dumb to recognize it.

  • Alicia Norman

    I say let them believe what they desire. The law is the law and evidence is evidence. The truth will follow where the evidence leads. They will be blindsided when the full weight of what the Trump empire has done comes crashing down on everyone’s heads. I say good, maybe they will learn to live in reality and not in the fantasy land they have built for themselves.

  • Michael Weyer

    I keep being bugged at how SNL keeps potraying Kellyanne as wracked with guilt over helping Trump which doesn’t match the woman’s persona at all.

  • Michael Weyer

    We can have video of Trump kneeling before Putin and agreeing to give him Alaska and half our oil and his cultists will still say “but Hillary sold uranium and Obama spied on him!” And even many “conservatives” will go “but we got some judges so he’s better than Hillary!”

  • Alicia Norman

    Precisely–which is why I wish the Dems would speed up the process. Enough of the political posturing and game playing…

  • Michael Weyer

    Problem is, even if House impeaches, McConnell won’t let the Senate convict. Graham and Cruz have turned into total Trump toadies and Sasse sadly is following his lead too. Plus, could backfire totally and mess up the election next year. This is just a crazy situation overall.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Just because it COULD “backfire” is no reason NOT to do “the right thing” (relative to the text & spirit of the Constitution – not relative to any particular political ideology).

    The intent of the Constitution is that if the President is found guilty of any “high crime or misdemeanor”, he is to be removed from office. It does NOT say “unless he’s a member of the governing political party of the either the HOR or Senate”.

    The people are watching. If the Dems submit Articles of Impeachment on a political basis, party-non-affiliated voters will likely turn on the Dems at the polls in 2020. If the Dems submit Articles of Impeachment based on evidence in Mueller’s report and evidence gathered by other prosecutors (NY Southern District, NJ, etc) and the Senate refuses to convict for clearly political reasons, the party-non-affiliated voters will likely turn against the Republicans in 2020.

    There was a growing anger toward Wash DC prior to 2016 among the Republicans – people were getting fed up with the growing partisanship and the growing evidence of being lied to and betrayed by BOTH sides of the aisle. People were starting to realize that the politicians were listening more to their “CONsultatns” (those that work strictly for highest bidder regardless of party) and were ignoring the moral and legal issues that the voters were sending them to DC to “fix”.

    The resulting election of Trump followed by the mass exodus of Republican conservative voters appears to support my theory above. I suspect that the declining enthusiasm and the current split in the Democrat party represents the same type of frustration is reaching a breaking point within the Democrat party also.

    I do not see EITHER party either changing their trajectories in the future OR being able to hold onto much less growing the support base they lay claim to today. BOTH parties are now so far down the slippery slope that they cannot be stopped and BOTH appear headed for extinction at the hands of the “progressive populists” (liberal AND republican) that want to ignore our Constitution and install their own brand of big government (either socialism followed by dictatorship or just skipping the ‘socialism’ part, going straight to dictatorship) based on popular vote as is so often glamorized by social media and bumper-sticker slogans like “one man, one vote” and “disenfranchised voters”.

    I blame a combination of social media dominated by pop-culture figures and the declining education level in America (now that teachers are focussing on social-justice issues in the classrooms and coaches are refocussing school spending and priorities on sports teams and championships instead of schools focussing on academics, civics and unbiased history).

    I suspect it won’t be much longer before we have entire schools being taught in Spanish because neither the teachers nor the students speak English. (The rationale will be that they save money by not needing to hire translators) and the public will never realize (or will be afraid to admit or confront) the damage and additional balkanization that will cause within our society….

  • Michael Weyer

    Sadly, all one needs to do is look around Real Clear Politics articles and see how this has become divided into “us vs them” mentality on party lines. To the point you see scores of Never Trumpers now going “well, he’s better than a Democrat so ignore his criminal behavior.” And yes, I can blame social media rise for helping dumb down folks.

    I would argue schools teaching social issues is actually a good thing. And agree on too much sports emphasis although it’s sadly been a case for decades how a school will spend more on their stadium than on books.

    I agree they should be sticking to the laws and such but we’re dealing with a President who thinks the Constitution is some sort of musical group from the ’70s.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Schools should leave social issues (and that always seems to include religious issues) to the parents and not try to teach any one religion as ‘fact’ and all others as ‘myth’. Currently we have the religion of Atheism being taught in schools – many young adults believe that the “big-bang’ theory is fact as is evolution when neither has been proven and both directly contradict Christian teachings. If students do not parrot the atheist mantras back to their ‘teachers’, they will be flunknd out or given poor grades as punishment.

    That is the main problem I have with schools teaching “social issues” — that and the definition of “social issues” is way to subjective to legislate, opening the door for radical teachers to tell the children entrusted to them what they should think instead of HOW to think. Radical teachers are thus able to brainwash the kids with their own views of homosexuality and transsexuals, teach ‘fisting’ and other sexual practices in Kindergarten and tell kids that God is myth, knowing full well that the children’s brains are not yet sufficiently developed for them to have judgement or descernment and that the children will simply take as gospel whatever social-justice nonsense the teachers beat into their heads, creating a new batch of ‘social-justice-warriors’ that have been taught that what they learn from their parents and their Church is just “outdated fantasy”. This is not the job of public schools in a nation that supposedly supports the free practice and expression of ALL religions.

  • Michael Weyer

    Okay….listen…contrary to what some think, LGBT people are not the Borg from Star Trek. They are not obsessed with “converting” people to their ways. They’re not going to teach sexual acts to kids in kindergarten. They just want to live like anyone else and could care less what straight people do in their private lives.

    As for radical teachers, those can be on the right too. See the way some Texas schools are altering history books and pushing Christian faith a bit too much to the point of the Rapture taken as fact and such. I’ve sadly noticed some on Christian right take the idea the First Admendment meaning “Christian rights overwhelm all others and we can push them on every facet of America.’

    The point is, there are good and bad teachers and teaching how LGBT exist and are human beings is not brainwashing anymore than teaching God exists with science.

  • Ronald Langdon

    James Comey will see a jail cell.. Exonerated!!! what a joke. Susans usual MSM twist.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    You’ve been brainwashed (or you choose to put words into my mouth).

    LGBT are mentally ill – they suffer from an illness known as “Gender Dysphoria” and are only “protected” because of political clout and the politicians that support them and forced a top-down change in the DSM.

    The thought that any amount of surgery can change the chromosomal makeup of every cell in their bodies is simply ludicrous. A man cannot be changed into a woman or vice-versa.

    Teaching children that man-man sex or woman-woman sex is ‘normal’ is not only perverted, but dangerous since we are now finding that gay men suffer from statistically significantly higher incidences of colon cancer and other life-endangering diseases than straight men and that women that participate in anal sex also suffer statistically higher incidence of colon cancer and the same set of other life-endangering diseases than women that stick to vaginal sex. Teaching young children that anal sex is “normal” while ignoring the growing body of evidence that such action is actually life-threatening is just wrong.

    As to LGBT obsession, I only have to look at Chick-fil-A, the executive from Mozilla, and any number of others that have lost their livelihoods, their careers and their reputations simply because they do not bow before the alter of homosexuality. (Remember – to the LGBT mafia “resistance is futile”).

    If homosexuality was as ‘natural’ as the LGBT crowd have convinced you it is, then the human species would have died out long ago due to lack of procreation. The fact that Christ teaches against it is a primary reason to many, but there are other reasons to object to LGBT teachings in schools. One is that the Constitution does not authorize a state religion. This includes the teachings of Atheism which start with the idea that there is no God and that the teachings of Jesus Christ are myth and not ‘science’ while promoting the idea that surgery can somehow change XY chromosomes into XX or vice versa, allowing one to change gender or that believing oneself to be of a gender opposite that to which one was born is in any way ‘normal’.

    As to being the Borg from Star Trek, both believe in mutilating their bodies to become more like how they want to see themselves in the belief they will ‘improve’ themselves. Both believe that ALL other people must be forced to agree with and participate in their lifestyles (otherwise there would be no instances of LGBT intentionally attempting to force bakers and florists and wedding photographers, preachers, & others who have religious objections to their lifestyles to “comply or be destroyed”. Neither will accept ANY compromise ‘live and let live’ scenario. Both have taken the attitude that “resistance is futile”. Both are willing to perform surgery on young children (children as young as 5 for the LGBT crowd have been recommended for gender-reassignment surgery and the Borg supposedly implant their nanobots shortly after birth, but give the LGBT time, they will eventually be recommending sex-change surgery shortly after birth at the pace they’ve been going…..

    Your analogy to the Borg not only fails, but you actually chose an analogy that closely describes the antics of the LGBT crazies.

  • Michael Weyer

    Or maybe they’re human beings who are treated less than human and long denied rights such as marrying those they love and literally killed for being what they are. That there are people who think you can “correct” them via eletroshock therapy. That slamming anyone as “wrong” for being what they are is not a very Christian attitude. The Pope has said homosexual tendencies are not a sin and I daresay he’s far more of an authority for God’s will than you or I.

    My attitude is like an old joke: “Is gay sex disturbing and unhealthy. Sure. You know what else is disturbing and unhealthy? Straight people having sex.”

  • IllinoisPatriot

    The Pope is just a man. Whether he sits in his chair or not, he remains just a man. He knows no more about divine will than any other man.

    Divine will is ONLY imparted through the Bible that teaches the Word of Christ.

    No on in the US is “killed for being what they are” any more than any person is “killed for being in the wrong place” (ie: the path of a bullet), or for being white in a black neighborhood. ALL such actions are criminal actions and subject to prosecution and jail time. Unfortunately, capital punishment no longer exists as a deterrent, so the bar for deterrence keeps getting lowered as human life becomes cheaper and the punishment for taking life becomes less severe.

    You’re spouting LGBT hysteria now with the nonsense you are posting. There may BE people thinking you can ‘correct’ homosexual tendencies with electroshock. That does not mean they are right any more than that two LGBT can raise an emotionally-healthy, socially-normal child. The CHILDREN of LGBT “experiments” from decades ago are now speaking out about how traumatized and warped their thinking has become and how mal-adjusted they are and unable to relate to the opposite sex.

    As to your charge of “slamming” people, the Bible itself states that man lying down with man or woman with woman is an “abomination” in the eyes of God, so condemning the practice of homosexuality (and especially the LGBT attempt to SPREAD their perversions) would seem to be VERY Christian as it is standing on and for the teachings of Christ.

    You call yourself a Catholic – why are you arguing against the teachings of Christ and the Will of God ?

  • Michael Weyer

    There are people who believe in conversion such as the Vice President of the United States who, as Governor of Indiana, passed laws to make it okay to discriminate against people for being what they are.. And those “experiments” are couples in love, not lab rats.

    As for arguing the Bible, the Bible also clearly says daughters can be sold into slavery, people put to death for working the Sabbath or planting the wrong crops and scores of other things that modern society knows is insane to enforce. And as a Catholic, we sort of tend to think that the Pope is a higher authority who speaks for our Church.

    I think you are a good person set in your beliefs. However, you tend to put that above scientific fact (denying the truth of climate change) and this belief of LGBT people some sort sort of wicked scourge when so many are also good decent people who have raised good children while heterosexual couples can be absolute toxic messes.

    EDIT: Clearly, we can go back and forth all day and likely neither of us changes our minds. So let’s just agree to disagree on this issue before we clog up this entire thread on anything besides the issue we can agree on, which is how Barr is covering for Trump’s criminal acts.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Now you’re conflating the (Superseded) Old Testament with the New Testament that was specifically formed between God and Man with the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Christ to REPLACE the Old Testament.

    The Old Testament required sacrifice of animals and wealth to honor God. The New Testament permanently replaced those animal and wealth sacrifices with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Now, those that follow Christ take communion in memory of Christ’s sacrifice in accordance with the New Testament. The Atheists among us eat crackers and drink grape juice.

    Your would be hard pressed to find anywhere in the New Testament where Christ recommends daughters be sold into slavery. (Perhaps you could find it in Catholic dogma or in something your Pope said, but not in the New Testament). Nor does the Bible say to put peopl to death for working on the Sabbath. …. More misinformation from the haters of Christianity and the preachers of Atheism.

    Again, you put words into my mouth. Science indeed tells us that Climate Changes. There is however, no scientific proof that anything Mankind has done has any significant or long-term effect on the climate as the Earth ALWAYS returns to equilibrium (as any stable system will). There is simply no way to measure the infinitismal impact of mankind’s activities on the climate nor is there any way to prove the climate would have been any different had mankind behaved differently.

    There is CERTAINLY no justification for wrecking our economy based on falsified data an faulty computer climate models.