White House Given First Look at Full Mueller Report

White House Given First Look at Full Mueller Report April 17, 2019

Did you really think he’d do it?

The “he” in this case being Attorney General William Barr. The “do it” being to release the full report written by special counsel Robert Mueller, regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election, possible conspiracy by members of Donald Trump’s campaign team, and obstruction of an investigation by Donald Trump.

To be more specific, did you really think Trump’s new fixer would let Congress see the report before running it past the White House first?

If you believed that would happen and there would be full transparency, with lawmakers allowed to do their jobs, along with oversight, then you haven’t been paying attention.

So here’s what we know.

AG Barr announced that he’d finally be releasing the full Mueller report on Thursday, after some careful redactions to protect sensitive information.

Fair enough.

Congress has requested the full report, along with any documents or materials that went into Mueller’s determinations.

Democrats in Congress have expressed concern that the White House would get to see the report before they did.

Apparently, those fears were well-founded, so we can assume Democrat lawmakers have been paying attention.

By the way, have you wondered why President Ranty Pants has been particularly spastic on his Twitter account, for the past couple of days?

Well, Barr the Fixer made sure the White House and Trump’s legal team got first crack at the report. According to The New York Times, White House lawyers and the Justice Department have put their heads together to prep their defense.

The two sides have had “numerous conversations,” according to the newspaper, which said the talks have allowed President Trump‘s legal team to begin prepping a response to the report.

The president’s aides plan to divide up the Mueller report and develop a rebuttal strategy, the Times reported. The full document is expected to total more than 400 pages.

Trump’s legal team is expected to release a lengthy response to Mueller’s report that rebuts any potentially damaging information.

What’s more, Barr will be working the propaganda angle by giving a 9:30 am press conference.

Yes, he’ll be telling you his version of what the report says, putting the narrative dictated by the White House into the public consciousness before Congress or the public has a chance to see anything it holds.

Now, this probably wouldn’t be such a big deal, if we were dealing with sane times. As it is, the groundwork has already been well laid in MAGA land to label investigators the “bad guys.”

It’s dangerous territory.

President Trump has also hinted that he may have his own press conference.

Here’s a thought I can’t get out of my head: Why is all this prep necessary? After Barr’s initial summary of Mueller’s report, President Trump, as well as all his bootlickers were ecstatically declaring victor.


I mean, if that were true, then getting the full report to Congress and soon after, the public, is a mere formality, right?

Nothing to see, no wrong doing would mean there would be no need for the White House legal team to prep any sort of rebuttal.

But that’s what they’re doing.

They’re not just doing that, but Trump’s brown shirts are calling for retribution against anyone who participated in what was a lawful investigation into the activities surrounding the election.

Trump has even spit out frothy tweets, suggesting Mueller and his team investigate something they were never given assignment to investigate – like the debunked claims of “spying” on Team Trump.

“The Mueller Report, which was written by 18 Angry Democrats who also happen to be Trump Haters (and Clinton Supporters), should have focused on the people who SPIED on my 2016 Campaign, and others who fabricated the whole Russia Hoax,” he tweeted Tuesday.

The president said last week he has not seen the Mueller report but in an interview Wednesday with WMAL said he expected to see “a lot of very strong things come out.”

“[Barr’s] been a fantastic attorney general. He’s grabbed it by the horn,” Trump told Larry O’Connor.

Well, Barr hasn’t been in his position long enough to say “fantastic.” What we can say is that it is clear he has an audience of one, and he is dutiful in pleasing the boss.




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  • Michael Weyer

    Yet somehow the Cultists will proclaim “this is so great, just imagine Killary breaking laws or how Obama trashed justice!”

    I cannot wait for Rick Wilson to release the paperback version of “Everything Trump Touches Dies” as he’s sure to add a new chapter or two of madness. As he says, the sheer hypocrisy of the cultists demanding Hillary be investigated on Seth Rich/PIzzagate/etc yet thinking Barr is “upholding the law” is amazing. I know, redacted report and all but you can’t make yourself look more guilty of something if you tried.

  • Alpha 1

    Mueller Report prediction: the report will reveal that President Crimes did all of the crimes except for colluding with Russia. It’s going to be obstruction of justice and the kinds of white collar crime Paul Manafort went down for. However, Trump will face no consequences for doing all of the crimes because the Democrats are a waste and the Republicans will happily protect a criminal president as long as he’s on their team. Pelosi won’t impeach him because she knows Mitch McConnell’s senate would never convict, which would reveal that America’s institutions are as corrupt and worthless as Trump himself. Liberal politics are incompatible with a world without functioning institutions, so the Democratic leadership has to maintain the lie that those institutions work or else they’ll have to admit their politics are a dead end. Republicans, meanwhile, will hoot and oink about how having their president be a massive criminal triggers the libs.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    1 will get you 10 that Trump and his lawyers are “helping” Mr. Barr with his ‘redactions’, insuring that all truly incriminating information is fully redacted because – well…. Congress just does not need to know that stuff – they’d just get all excited and try to impeach Trump or something…..

    #MAGA (Make America Grate Again) / #MASA (Make America Socialist Again)

    As to McConnell and his anti-socialism talking points, he’s pushing a boulder uphill after the betrayals ‘his’ GOP made when ‘his’ party promised much that they never intended to deliver and wound up ‘delivering’ Democrat Socialism instead…..

    With luck, the farmers in Iowa that Trump brags about ‘helping’ will lose their farms because of Trump’s tariffs and the disputes he has started with China and other major trading partners…

    Remember that for all the bru-ha-ha Trump will make about a possible China trade ‘deal’, nothing is in concrete until ratified by Congress. … and we are STILL waiting to find out what is in Trump’s NAFTA-replacement (actually we are waiting to see whether either Mexico or Canada back out before Congress ratifies the ‘deal’).

  • Michael Weyer

    Meanwhile, in some alternate universe, Graham is pushing for investigation #27 into President Hillary’s e-mails, Hannity ranting on when she’s going to be indicted for killing Seth Rich and late night comics are poking fun at Trump’s rants on his cable channel and “can you imagine what kind of world would have elected this nut President?”

  • Michael Weyer

    If it’s anything like the GOP’s plans for replacing Obamacare, we should hear the NAFTA replacement in, oh….2027.

  • Alpha 1

    Republicans probably would have turned impeaching Hillary into a monthly event if she had won.

  • Rick

    While I don’t hope farmers lose their farms, with luck they’ll realize the folly they pursued by placing their trust and hopes in Trump, and NOT make that same mistake again.

  • Ellen Elmore

    If Trump was truly innocent, he and his MAGA crowd wouldn’t be so nervous about what the report will show. If there is nothing to hide, then Trump would not need to get his legal team ready for a rebuttal. Trump is not innocent. Trump does have something to hide. Therefore panic has set in and preparations are being made to attack the enemy and verbally abuse the Justice Department and anyone who is not a Trump worshiper. But just like Hillary Clinton, Trump will never pay the price for his crimes.

  • Michael Weyer

    I actually remember a bit on Fox a week before the election where they were seriously asking “can she be impeached before she takes office?”

  • Michael Weyer

    Sadly, too many may be Fox viewers and thus believe it’s those evil Democrats who are responsible, not Trump.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I’ve reached the point where I’m actually hoping that the people pushing this political insanity – including and especially those that vote in lemming-like or cult-like packs – actually start paying a personal and/or professional price for their actions in influencing and / or blindly following-and-casting a vote when they have not done the research necessary to insure that it’s a SANE vote.

    Trump’s personality prior to the primaries was plain for anyone to see, yet people blindly voted for him because they believed he would (somehow) have a complete change of personality and become “presidential” after the election, that he would single-handedly ‘straighten out” the mess the Democrats left after Obama, and that even through “all politicians lie”, somehow Trump was not lying – even when Trump went off the rails frequently, ranting against one demographic or another (as long as it was not THEIR demographic).

    More and more I’m seeing why people are referred to as ‘sheep’. Most of the ‘proudly liberal’ people I talk to have an actual aversion to thinking, have trouble understanding the issues surrounding politics and appear to have never been taught civics or done any critical-thinking at any time in their lives.

    They simply feel good about themselves sympathizing with whatever demographic the liberal press identifies to them as ‘oppressed’ without any thought whatsoever that the liberal media’s reporting may be (and likely is) biased or that they may be watching an opinion show instead of “hard-news” factual news.