Who Is Lobbying Trump to Pardon an Accused War Criminal?

Who Is Lobbying Trump to Pardon an Accused War Criminal? May 24, 2019

Is this a conflict of interests?

I’m feeling like it is, along with a very big deal.

Some of you may be following the news that President Trump is reportedly considering granting pardons to several members of the military who have been charged with what amounts to war crimes, or at the very least, abuses of their duties.

What could possibly be spurring this on?

For starters, we can assume [rightly] that with an election looming, President Trump feels this will up his cred in the eyes of the military.

He could never be one of them, after all. His life of pampered privilege kept him from safely out of harm’s way when duty called.

Trump is really big on claiming fellowship with, and assuming the honor belonging to groups he has no connection with, whether it be the military or Christianity.

He may have found an easy mark in America’s evangelical community, but stunts like this might not win him the affections of our military, so easily.

Since he put it out there that he was considering pardons for war criminals, some of the feedback from the military has been less than enthusiastic.

What message is he sending?

What these men did was demeaning to the integrity of the armed services. To suggest they walk away from the punishment due does not sit well with those who know and care about honor.

Trump is just throwing things at the wall to see what will stick, and he’s allowing others with special interests in these cases to guide his thinking.

We can safely assume that’s the case, because the president, from everything we know about him, thus far, has no curiosity about anything that doesn’t benefit him directly and in the moment.

Somebody brought these cases before him and told him a pardon would be a good thing for his numbers with the military.

Perhaps one of the most egregious cases is that of Navy SEALS special operations chief Edward Gallagher, arrested and charged last September for a series of disturbing war crimes.

The crimes Gallagher was arrested for include killing innocent Iraqi citizens, such as a young girl who was simply walking with her friends. There was also an old man who became a random target.

Then there was the 15 year old enemy combatant, wounded, and being treated by U.S. medics.

Gallagher allegedly approached the boy as he was being treated for his injuries, took out his knife, and stabbed him to death.

He later bragged about it.

His platoon members were reportedly so concerned that they began taking warning shots whenever they saw civilians approaching, in attempts to scare off these people before Gallagher could take aim.

Seven platoon members eventually went to authorities, and he was arrested, charged with 12 counts, including murder, attempted murder, and the attempted intimidation of troop members who were reporting his crimes.

He faces possible life in prison.

Meanwhile, Fox News personality, Pete Hegseth, has lobbied the president to pardon this man. We all know Trump gets most of his policy info from Fox, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

CNN, however, has uncovered another potential source of influence in the Gallagher case: a Trump Organization lawyer, Marc Mukasey.

CNN reported Thursday that Marc Mukasey, an attorney with the Trump administration who was most recently involved in efforts to block House Democrats from accessing the president’s tax returns, is “one of the attorneys on Chief [Edward] Gallagher’s team,” according to a source familiar with Gallagher’s defense.

Mukasey has been working for Gallagher for “two to three months,” according to that source.

Gallagher’s wife confirmed Mukasey’s involvement, but stressed that he was not the main attorney.

That may be the case, but it does pose an interesting dynamic. You have to question just how much influence Mukasey may have with Trump, and if he’s pulling out that card to benefit his other client.

The optics are bad.

The lead defense attorney on the case insists that it’s all just coincidence and that they’re not actively seeking a pardon.

“We have not asked the President to get involved … We haven’t had any communications,” Tim Parlatore said, according to CNN. “If the President chooses to act it will be on his own.”

“The president has the power to pardon anybody either before or after a conviction,” Parlatore reportedly added.

He does, but is it always right?

Gallagher’s trial is scheduled for next week. He has maintained his claims of innocence, suggesting that it was “disgruntled” team members who have brought false charges against him.

Watch the next few days to see what President Trump does. If he pardons this man, questions should be asked and answers sought about just what sort of lobbying went into letting a genuine war criminal go free.




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  • Andre Stricker

    Clearly you never served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Former Army, Military Intelligence, MOS 35F. Intel Analyst. I worked VERY closely with Human Intelligence Collection, often getting Intel directly from the Horses mouth, to finish up a briefing on a hot zone. When you have some animal, who has killed your friends, in the room with you, maybe your buddy just got blown up, and you’ve got the supplier of the IED maker right in front of you and he’s saying “F you Americans, I’m not telling nothing” it is EXTREMELY easy to lose control. These people are SAVAGES. So much for conservative principals, you have no understanding of the rigors of war, and the dangers to sanity, as well as the raw violence of it. When some savage creature who has killed your friends, blown off legs and arms, is smugly and arrogantly sitting in front of you smiling it is SO easy to exact justice on the spot, and I know this from experience.. These “war criminals” are HEROES, how DARE you, sit there and claim to be a patriot and have “conservative principals”…. the stuff these men are charged with, largely, is stuff we all did, just very few got caught. In your feverish hatred of Trump, your willing to sell out american heroes, and think men who suffered for YOU should be punished for actually fighting a war. We aren’t police, we were soldiers told to CONQUER. When our friends are dying, and we have orders to find out who, and stop them at all costs, that is what happens. If you are so concerned about these raping, torturing, murdering arab savages, then maybe you shouldn’t have sent us to war. God your a hypocrite, Trump has the courage, to disagree with the war, while simultaneously recognizing that ALL of us were heroes. nice “conservative principals” you traitor. Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is showing

  • chemical

    I’ve also heard that some troops who served with Gallagher skewed the sights on his rifle a bit, to make it less likely he’d kill civilians.

    As a veteran, this makes me very upset. Refusing to hold war criminals accountable for their actions weakens our military in several ways:
    – It emboldens opposing forces. The fact that Trump is even considering pardoning Gallagher is ISIS propaganda. He might as well load their AK47s for them.
    – It’s demoralizing for our own troops who actually believe in the mission. What should a soldier who serves with someone like Gallagher do? If they don’t believe they can take the issue to the appropriate channels, then what? Friendly fire incident? I don’t know what I’d do if I reported Gallagher for war crimes and then nothing happened.
    – Damages relations with Iraq (where the crimes happened). Put yourself in Iraq’s shoes: The USA just let a dangerous maniac go around killing people in your country for no reason. So, in the future, why would you help the USA with anything? The highest levels of US government protect the lowest criminals. This pushes Iraq out of our sphere of influence — and into Iran’s and Russia’s.
    – This also lessens Trump’s control of the military, which will be an issue if he needs to respond to a threat elsewhere (not like I had a lot of confidence in Commander Bonespur’s peerless military leadership and tactics in the first place).

    What in the world did I actually fight for?

  • captcrisis

    You are lying. You’re an impotent overweight 40-year-old living in your parents’ basement.

  • Alpha 1

    Whether it’s fantasizing about shooting migrants or cheering on police brutality, Trump and his bloodthirsty base love state violence. Pardoning war criminals sends a message to everyone who works for the government and carries a gun: if you brutalize foreigners or other undesirables in Trump’s name, he’ll have your back.

  • chemical

    Word of advice: Just block him. He’s a troll, has nothing useful to say, and won’t argue in good faith.

    Trolls are all a bunch of drama queens who thrive on angering people. In his mind, you yelling at him validates his trolling here. Don’t give him what he wants.

  • Michael Weyer

    “Fight? But you’re a liberal atheist! No liberals can be in the military, all they want is to destroy it and weaken us all by outlawing the Pentagon!”

    Sadly, I have seen that said in utter seriousness at other boards.

  • JASmius

    The scenario you’re describing bears no resemblance to the acts Edward Gallagher committed. He didn’t lose it in the face of an insolent jihadist who’d killed his buddies (perhaps understandable, though still criminal); he murdered children and elderly people. He was a predator. A serial killer. His entire unit saw it and reported him to the proper authorities. It was the right thing to do. Do you consider ALL of them “Trump-haters”?

    Nor did Susan goad a Trump Organization ambulance-chaser into joining Gallagher’s legal defense team, an act which is so utterly unsurprising that there’s really no need to even pose the rhetorical question of why Marc Mukasey would have done such a thing.

    In short, your comment is not responsive to anything Susan wrote in her post, but rather is yet another tiresome MAGA-rant. Your time would be better spent on getting started on your long psychological recovery from this Trumpie bender in which you’re hopelessly mired.

  • chemical

    Sadly, it makes accusations of me being a militant atheist somewhat true.

    I’ve mentioned before here that I voted for Bush on 2000. I enlisted in 2001, and my political beliefs shifted while I was in the Army. I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, and never really left that bubble until I joined the army.

    Because the military is a great opportunity to get a stable job and an education through the GI Bill, the military’s demographics skew towards poor folks and minorities. I even met a few immigrants there who joined to get on a path to US citizenship. That tends to moderate your political views, if you’re conservative, because you see and work with the people demonized on Fox News every night, and you know you will have to rely on those people.

  • captcrisis

    ok thanks I’ll do that

    It’s just that he pressed a bunch of my buttons at once

  • Laughing Falcon

    Wow, listen to the Christian man spewing his hate. Very impressive.

  • Michael Weyer

    I can get that. Know a guy pretty conservative often complaining on SJWs as a former military man. but he also hates Trump and is open on LGBT issues. He knows he served with guys who were gay but didn’t mind as they didn’t make a big deal out of it and doesn’t see it as “weakening” the military as anyone who wants to risk their lives for their country should have a chance.

  • Michael Weyer

    Meanwhile, elsewhere in Trump lunacy, Corey Lewandoski was on Fox and claiming Biden was behind the Steele dossier and “Comey, McCabe, Stzok and Page will be on trial by about March or April of next year.”

    I can’t be the only one who’s looking forward to the hysterical sight of the right-wing nuts claiming Joe Biden is an evil mastermind.

  • captcrisis

    Lewandoski is still bound by his non-disparagement contract with Trump.

    He was then hired as a commentator for CNN. I don’t know of any show that hired someone who was under contract not to criticize the President. Do you know of any?

  • Andre Stricker

    It sounds like you are projecting. I’m a 30 year old bodybuilder, former veteran, unrepentant fascist, who leads a real fascist lifestyle centered around fitness,morality, and a lack of vices. I joined the army in 2006 right after i turned 18. ASVAB score was 91. Basic at Fort Jackson South Carolina, AIT at Fort Huachuca Arizona. I don’t use facebook because I don’t give money to (((them))), but I do have a VK, its right there, I also have a youtube channel, fascistfitness, and I host a blogtalkradio show listened to in over 65 countries weekly called Friday Night Swim. My details are all publicly available because I have no fear of doxxing. Oh, and I make more money then you, inherited a business that my parents retired from, managing a number of rental properties. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/074610e9bd2435f1146495655ce8dccdb91d7dff15e90cf3e867f905a4e2a8f9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/806b7317de4f68f5f9bc412cdef1f10751eb7e5e40b7cc02646404f92235bddb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b436a3427a3e7d568b2efde7cfd77b3fd02fe82e97a05873d487ea98ce7e41bf.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f801245f3c43a7dabd1348980700982cc60b21e0855476374e717b4ac9de8a9d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/abcca047c4824e17d9b5051e4819aacea830b6a23a43006d40e4ed6d49cc71e0.jpg https://vk.com/batmanraking

  • ColoradoSusan

    This article is wholly inappropriate. Susan Wright calls Gallagher “a genuine war criminal”. She doesn’t know how our justice system works. It’s innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I’m afraid it’s your ignorance of our justice system that is showing….

    For possible war crimes, especially those actions taken outside the borders of our country by our military in times of war, civilian courts do not apply. for these actions (which are NOT covered under civil law), UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) is applicable. That code of justice has additional and more stringent requirements that are soldiers are expected to comply with.

    While it’s true that US servicemen are expected to comply with all US civil law WHEN STATIONED INSIDE THE BORDERS OF THE US), they must ALSO comply with all foreign laws WHEN STATIONED OVERSEAS and they must ALSO (at all times) comply with the UCMJ. The same levels of proof are NOT required for cases of UCMJ as may be true for US-based circus courts – especially when social-media and SJWs get involved in attempting to sway the jury or when either defense or prosecutors go “judge-shopping” for activist judges.

    In cases covered by UCMJ (such as possible war crimes), witness testimony – especially over-whelming witness testimony – carries MUCH weight with military tribunals….

  • ColoradoSusan

    You are incorrect. Even in military justice, the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    But the level of proof is different. In this case, having so many witnesses against him likely meets that level of proof. No video documentary is required as would be the case in civilian courts…. Military members are held to a higher standard of honor, integrity and behavior than civilian law requires.

    He’s had his chance at “innocent”. The proof of guilt is there in the formal reports of multiple fellow soldiers in multiple instances on multiple occasions.

  • ColoradoSusan

    The degree of proof is not different. In military trials, just as in civilian trials, the burden of proof is on the prosecution, and guilt must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

    There is a detailed and unbiased article on Gallagher at Navy Times.

  • ColoradoSusan

    Since I posted here last night, I have read tons of information on Gallagher’s case. It is not what the MSM is painting it to be.

    There is a helmet cam video of the incident with the 17-year-old ISIS kid that is not public, but the judge gave Republican U.S. Rep Duncan Hunter permission to show it to lawmakers.

    Approximately 20 GOP lawmakers chose to watch it, and they have publicly stated what it shows is Gallagher giving medical care to this kid. Gallagher cut the kid’s pants to treat his worst wound, which was a gunshot wound to an artery.

    There were more than 20 people present at the incident, including an Iraqi General and an Iraqi Colonel, who both say Gallagher did nothing wrong, he’s the best chief they have ever worked with, but the Navy investigators didn’t want to interview them.

    As to the other war crime charges, there are conflicting witness accounts, and even witnesses have contradicted their own previous accounts. This is very confusing.

    And get this – The Navy prosecutors recently got busted for putting spy bugs into the computers of Gallagher’s defense lawyers and a reporter. Navy prosecutors have admitted to doing this, saying they had to find who was leaking to the press. But the spy bugs gave them access to all emails (if not everything in the computers), which include other clients’ confidential information. Now the head of the Air Force lawyers is afraid that the spy bug has compromised Dept. of Defense software systems. The military cyber investigators are accessing the damage. And Gallagher’s trial has been postponed while this is investigated.

    Meanwhile, some mystery person from inside the prosecution’s investigation sent thousands of pages of investigative information to Carl Prine, the Editor of Navy Times, which is not a govt publication. According to Navy Times, the information sent apparently includes exculpatory info which would exonerate Gallagher and which the prosecution illegally failed to disclose to the defense attorneys.

    There are 30 articles on Gallagher’s case at Navy Times. They are detailed and very interesting.

  • ColoradoSusan

    Hi, Illinois Patriot. Since we talked last night, I got very interested in this case and have read tons of information. I just posted on it here, up top, if you are interested in reading it.