A Fresh Warning for Evangelical Trump Supporters

A Fresh Warning for Evangelical Trump Supporters January 26, 2020

It seems like I’ve written this piece, or some variation, so many times since June 2015. If the years since the introduction of Donald Trump to the political scene have taught me nothing, it’s that the lesson can’t be taught enough, and that those of us with discernment must push on. We must persevere, even if it seems our warnings fall on deaf ears.

So here I go again, pushing against the tide of worldly sentiment, trying to reach that one more person, who might be willing to listen and rethink their allegiance to the reprobate deceiver in our White House.

This past week saw Trump deem the March for Life to be worthy of his presence. He became the first sitting president to appear – physically – at the rally.

Evangelicals swooned.

Much can be said for the motivations behind the president’s appearance. It’s an election season and polls show that any number of contenders from the Democrat camp could potentially win the White House.

He’s also joined an exclusive club, becoming one of only three presidents in our history found to be so corrupt, that he was impeached.

It would have been four presidents, but Richard Nixon at least mustered the decency to see the writing on the wall and resigned before it could happen.

Of course, no president has ever actually been removed after impeachment. Somehow, the Senate always seems to pull them out of the fire.

In the case of President Andrew Johnson, in 1868, he narrowly (by a single vote) escaped being removed.

With the total sellout of the Republican Party to Trumpism, no one should be surprised if he escapes this latest pit of trouble, thanks to the doorway provided by a complicit GOP-led Senate.

OH – he’ll remain impeached. That stain is on him and it will follow him through history. Unfortunately, he will also remain with us, at the helm of power in Washington, at least through the next election (and possibly another four years).

The fact that his case is now being heard, and Democrats have given a serious, thought-provoking argument for the past week, detailing the breathtaking acts of corruption and abuse of his office for the world to see may have a bit to do with why Trump felt compelled to appear at the March for Life rally.

He wasn’t the first president to speak at the rally. Others have appeared to give encouraging messages, through video, feeling the logistics involved, security and traffic issues, would make a physical appearance inconvenient (and too expensive) for everyone involved.

Still, Trump is about Trump. He loves to be adored by the gullible, and to see how evangelicals gushed over his appearance, you’d think it was the Second Coming.

Which brings me to my next point.

On Friday, one of Trump’s media sycophants and enablers, Rush Limbaugh, made a statement on air that was both alarming, and in a sense, prophetic.

To paraphrase, Limbaugh stated that Donald Trump “owns” American evangelicals.

Yes, he did use the word “owns.”

For those of us who are evangelical and recognize our freedoms come from God, paid for by the shed blood of Christ, the idea of being “owned” by any worldly politician is rather repugnant.

Still, the reactions by some in the church to Trump’s appearance was immediate and heavy with the awe and wonder that should only be given to our Savior.

How many churches will give up pulpit time to praise him in the coming Sundays before the election?

Before and since the 2016 election, we’ve seen Trump supporters all too willing to give up the freedoms granted by God through Christ and the New Covenant, as they seek out a king.

“He’s our Cyrus!”

“Didn’t God choose King David?”

These are the defenses professed Christians are giving for Trump’s myriad character flaws and moral failings.

Cyrus was not a follower of Jehovah God. He was a pagan king, who God used to help the Hebrews rebuild their temple of worship in Jerusalem.

So even if Trump isn’t a Christian, he can still be used by God to benefit Christians and their goals, right?

David was an adulterer and a murderer, but God called him a man after His own heart, and he was used mightily by God to lead His people.

Trump has the adultery thing down to a science, and even though David repented, while Trump has publicly said he doesn’t need to repent, nor does he need God’s intervention, they’re basically the same guy!

Let me say this plainly, and I offer this for consideration by those Christians who see a King Cyrus or King David in Trump: Kings and judges were at work in the Old Testament, under the Covenant of the Law, in order to make sinful humanity see the need for a savior. Father God never intended for us to have kings. He wanted us to seek Him, and only Him for guidance.

In the New Testament, there is no mention of God raising up kings to guide or help His people. He stepped down from glory, in the flesh of His son, Jesus, and showed the way. After Jesus’ ascension to Heaven’s throne, the Holy Spirit fell on His people, filling them with the Spirit of God, and completing the New Covenant. It was not a covenant reliant on our fleshly ability to do what was right, but on the grace of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit within us. We were given freedom to walk as true children of the Most High.

If you’re defending Trump and your allegiance to him by comparing him to an Old Testament king, then are you also declaring the Spirit null and void in your life? Are you willingly dragging us back to the covenant that the Apostle Paul called the covenant of death?

The Old Covenant was good. The laws of God are good, because He is good. That being said, not a single person was saved by the Old Covenant, nor were any saved by kings.

The people of the Old Testament clamored for kings, so God gave them kings – some good, others not so good, at all.

If we possess the Spirit and cling to the Covenant of Grace, we shouldn’t need a “king” to guide the way. We should walk in the Way, and change the world around us.

Part of that is deploring that which corrupts and maligns the reputation of the Church. We should use discernment in determining who is actually for us, and who is using us for their own benefit.

Given the mountain of evidence against Donald Trump, there should be no question that he is of the latter group. Evangelicals are but useful tools and a means to an end.

So once again, I’m calling on Christians to look past the superficial actions of this president and call on godly discernment to see his true motivations. Our path and his path must not intermingle, for he is leading us to ruin, and many will be lost, because American evangelicals have yoked their reputations to that of an immoral con artist.



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  • Annemarie

    Folks here know the Bible much better than I do. My friends who support the president argue that they’re getting pro-life judges and freedom to follow their faith. (Whether or not they were actually in danger because of their Christianity, they *felt* endangered and now they don’t.) They feel supported.

    What I’m wondering is whether there are examples in the Old Testament of kings who offered things that were much desired — not just material things but something morally good — and what they wanted in exchange.

    Possibly only Jesus offered something good for the soul. I don’t know, but this is interesting. Thank you.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Well said Susan — and it needed saying (again) — it desperately needed saying.

    Though I am not of the Evangelical belief as a Christian (I’m non-denominational), your post is correct and appropriate in all references and in all ways.

    Trump is a deceiver, a corrupt, secular con-artist and usurper – not a leader – and no one that a person of faith should be looking up to for anything. Anything Trump has to offer comes at far too high a price since it always involves the selling of a soul and total sell-out of all principles to pledge complete fealty and devotion to Trump’s ego.

  • Re: “We must persevere, even if it seems our warnings fall on deaf ears.”

    This lesson is no better taught than in the Book of Jeremiah, where he persisted for forty years without a single convert.

    “It was Jeremiah’s lot to prophesy at a time when all things in Judah were rushing down to the final and mournful catastrophe; when political excitement was at its height; when the worst passions swayed the various parties, and the most fatal counsels prevailed. It was his to stand in the way over which his nation was rushing headlong to destruction; to make an heroic effort to arrest it, and to turn it back; and to fail, and be compelled to step to one side and see his own people, whom he loved with the tenderness of a woman, plunge over the precipice into the wide, weltering ruin.” ~Dr. W. G. Moorehead, Studies in the Prophecy of Jeremiah

  • Ellen Elmore

    Susan, I am a born again Evangelical Christian who agrees with you 100%. I am so disappointed that all of my Evangelical friends (and family) think Trump walks on water. Trump speaking at the pro-life march was like manna from heaven for them. I see it as Trump using his speech as a campaign rally with his adoring worshipers. Susan, you can not say it enough. Keep saying it until Evangelicals wake up and see Trump for what he really is: a self-serving, crude, narcissistic, ego-maniac who is a pathological liar, a serial cheater and abuser of women. As long as Evangelicals support and vote for Trump we will continue to lose our witness to the world through our hypocritical actions.

  • Stephen

    My Pastor last Sunday warned us Neighter Trump or Biden were our Savior. Jesus is our Savior. The congregation is pretty diverse and split poltically. BTW I see it our way Susan. I am not that smart but pray constantly for discernment. God faithfully honors that if you mean it.

  • Christine Rodden

    This is fresh air to a drowning person. So well written. Thank you, thank you for a clear and powerful piece. I am a Christ follower, and I am beyond discouraged and sickened watching fellow evangelicals give fealty to this mob boss and wholly immoral, cunning snake oil salesman. It is utterly maddening.

  • RebeccaSusanWright

    I’m right there with you.

  • JASmius

    Rush Limbaugh used to use a term that applies to Trump’s March of Life speech/appearance in spades: “Symbolism over substance”. Which makes his sell-out to Trump (he was one of the very first) and describing Trumpgelicals as being “owned” by Cheeto Jesus all the more bitterly ironic.

  • Wow! I am amazed at the vitriol I see in the words written in the article and the opinions shared in the comments. “I am a Christian therefore I know!” This seems to be the sentiment. WOW!
    The consensus seems to be that Donald J Trump is a self absorbed adulterous person who does nothing for anyone but himself. I cannot argue with people who know better than the facts. All I can do is unsubscribe to this gathering of garbage before I become so pious!

  • Hope Africa Project Advocacy

    Thank you for your words. “Trump Evangelicals” have put Trump before the Bible as real evangelicals preach that everyone falls short before God. They never ask Trump to repent and give his life to Christ. Among other things maybe at least we’ll see a stop to his lying, slander, and boastfulness.

  • Mirror

    Please give it up Susan. Trump is not good, but your over the top hysteria is unbecoming. While there are some examples of evangelicals who have unbiblical reasons for supporting Trump, there are many more who have sound, reasoned boundaries to their support. I call on you to use your own discernment; Trump certainly isn’t the man portrayed by the news you watch, nor is he always the person he wants you to think he is.

  • Michael Weyer

    I know you used to write for Resurgent, Susan. I’m sorry to say in your absence, it’s followed Red State going full Trumpian. I’ve even heard of them banning folks for anti-Trump comments. I may not always agree with you but at least you’re sticking to your conservative thinking rather than join the madness.

  • ColoradoSusan

    Susan, you didn’t approve my post. Please re-read your posting policy and follow it.

  • RebeccaSusanWright

    I’m not censoring posts, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  • RebeccaSusanWright

    Money talks.

  • RebeccaSusanWright


  • RebeccaSusanWright

    I’ll never give up on saving the reputation of the church.

  • JA Myer

    Far too many folks who call themselves Christian, are just really very hard hearted republicans first. And they are harming the very church they claim to love.

  • Ron Swaren

    Trump Derangement Syndrome

  • J B

    Since when is President Trump the example of the reputation of the Church? You seemed to have taken on the responsibility of filtering that out on your own.

  • J B

    Wow, so it is all the Pious Democrats that have it figured out. Nice. Within minutes of the 2016 election, the news outlets cried “Let the impeachment begin!” And slowly the courts and history are sifting out all the false witness bearers against the administration. Your blind hate is obvious. Racism, sexism, bigotry and hate is alive and thriving in the Democrat party, business as usual.