Rep. Justin Amash Nails Trump’s Mercenary Fervor

Rep. Justin Amash Nails Trump’s Mercenary Fervor January 12, 2020

Michigan Representative Justin Amash continues to be the voice we need in Congress, during this treacherous age of Trump.

Last year, the congressman, more Libertarian in his political leanings than Republican, made the choice to walk away from the Republican Party, and those of us who have seen the truth about the GOP cheered him on.

Amash is one of the more consistently conservative members of the House, with a particular emphasis on maintaining individual freedom and free markets. He has a score of 99% with FreedomWorks.

Amash has also been an outspoken and steadfast critic of the rise of Trumpism, often pushing against the tide of sycophantism arising from his then-party. Walking away from that association has only made him more vocal, and many who have avoided being stained in orange have clamored for him to launch an independent bid for the presidency.

To date, he has yet to announce any such plans, even though the Libertarian Party seem to have their eye on him as a potential candidate.

I’ll say this: I firmly believe that if Justin Amash were to join the Libertarian Party – officially – and run as their 2020 candidate, we would see an actual challenge to the hold of the “Big Two” in the presidential race and over this country.

Let’s not forget our history, oh, you many naysayers. At one time, the Republican Party was the third party underdog.

Of course, that was back when there was a discernible difference between Republicans and Democrats, but still, under the right circumstances, history could repeat itself.

This week, Amash stepped out and accused (rightly) President Trump of creating mercenaries out of our military.

For those who missed the president’s disgusting display, he sat with one of his loyal bootlicks, Laura Ingraham, for one of those “exclusive” interviews on American Pravda (Fox News, for those who haven’t figured it out, yet).

While Trump has pulled U.S. troops out of sensitive areas in the Middle East, creating a vacuum for his Russian pals to fill, he’s essentially sold their services to the highest bidder.

As Ingraham gazed at him adoringly, he boasted of pressuring Riyadh for payment for the troops he recently sent to Saudi Arabia.

“We have a very good relationship with Saudi Arabia. I said, listen, you’re a very rich country. You want more troops? I’m going to send them to you, but you’ve got to pay us. They’re paying us. They’ve already deposited $1 billion in the bank,” he said.

That’s great.

It’s not what our military is supposed to be used for, and Saudi Arabia is one of the most oppressive regimes in the Middle East, but, hey, no one sane is suggesting Donald Trump understands that, or cares one whit about freedom and human rights.

Representative Amash’s Saturday afternoon response was succinct and on point:

“He sells troops,” Amash tweeted in response.

He does. He treats our government as a dirty, under the table deal, just as he has always conducted himself in his many failed business ventures.

He is unfit to lead.

And Amash is not wrong.

Donald Trump’s priorities are misplaced. His intentions are self-serving.

At what point do we say enough – or does Justin Amash stand alone in his outrage?

I pray not.

If it is our hope that our military’s dignity and purpose remain on the side of what is right, then the Commander-in-Chief must be someone who reflects the same values as those of our nation, from its founding.

Donald Trump is not that man.


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  • chemical

    Nice to see you back in action again, Susan. It’s always nice to hear a voice of reason on the right, even though, being a liberal, I’m not going to agree with you on all things.

    Turning the US military into a mercenary band also has a few other side effects. The first one is that it lowers discipline and morale of the US military. New recruits are more likely to be solely motivated by money (as opposed to patriotism, like I’d say the majority of recruits are). Second, it lowers public perception of the military. They’re no longer the defenders of the country, but a group of people who make money for Trump. Just another institution that Trump is undermining for his own benefit.

    Regarding this:

    I’ll say this: I firmly believe that if Justin Amash were to join the Libertarian Party – officially – and run as their 2020 candidate, we would see an actual challenge to the hold of the “Big Two” in the presidential race and over this country.

    Personally I think it would be a 1992 Ross Perot situation. Johnson got around 5% of the presidential votes in 2016. The Libertarian party has a lot of work to do before it can field a presidential candidate with a serious chance of winning. Generally speaking, 3rd parties do poorly when people trust the Big Two and do well when they don’t (as the case was in 2016 and 1992). Still, you can’t construct a political party from the top down. It has to be from the bottom up.

    Strong 3rd party candidates always damage the party currently in power. So if Amash runs as a libertarian, that’s going to hurt Trump’s chances of reelection.

  • Jonathan G. Pugh

    If Justin Amash runs, I am 100% on board. For the past three elections, I have, consistently, voted Constitution
    Party. As a non-noseholder conservative, I don’t vote for RINO’s. I refused to vote for RINO John McCain in 2008. I refused to vote for RINO Mitt Romney in 2012. And I refused to vote for the stealth RINO (secret RINO) Donald Trump in 2016.
    Yep, I’ve voted Constitution Party for the past three presidential elections. Until the GOP returns to four-legged stool, Reagan-Goldwater Conservatism, I will continue to vote for Conservative third parties. Again, if Justin Amash runs for president, “I’m There!!!!!!! “.

  • mersey

    Only Donald the Trump could turn our military into the world’s Rent A Cop agency. Like everything about the man, money is his prime motivator.

    Like most around here, I like Justin Amash. Would I vote for him as a presidential candidate, I’m not sure. It depends on who the Democrats nominate as their candidate. If they insist on nominating a progressive, I’d vote for my mailman before voting for them or Trump, so Amash would definitely get my vote. But I’m not sure on what to do if the Dem’s nominate someone near moderate. Is it better to vote for someone who may take votes away from Trump, but not enough to keep him out of the White House, or is it better to say a prayer and vote for the Democrat, which not only takes votes away from Trump but gives them to the most likely candidate to beat Trump? What a dilemma.

    Oh, and like everyone else said much better than me….welcome back Susan. It was a long autumn without you.

  • Alpha 1

    The Saudi-American alliance goes back decades, through presidencies from both parties. I think what Trump is doing here is less turning the American military mercenary, and more saying-the-quiet-part-loud about American foreign policy because he doesn’t care about maintaining pretenses.

    Also the Saudis are spending big bucks on his hotels. Can’t forget that.

  • if Amash runs as a libertarian, that’s going to hurt Trump’s chances of reelection.

    And this is a bad thing?
    At least Amash has principles, ethics, intelligence and integrity – everything that trump does NOT have.

  • chemical

    No, it’s a very good thing. Like I said, I’m a progressive liberal, and right now I’ve settled on voting for Elizabeth Warren in the Dem primary. All of the candidates remaining in the Dem primary now are miles better than Trump.

    Partisan politics aside, I think it’s a good thing if America’s conservative party (whether that’s the GOP or Libertarians) started running away from insanity. I’d vote for Amash over Tulsi Gabbard (who voted present on the impeachment vote), but not over any of the other Dem primary candidates. Right now I don’t feel like I have a choice — I’d like to be able to hold my nose and vote for a conservative if my side decides to elect some cuckoo bananas candidate.

  • cindy blandin~Sound a Warning

    Glad to see you back, Susan. I’m not a regular commenter here, but I do read your articles. You were one of the few people I trusted when I found you at RedState (which I no longer frequent since you left).

    And I’m with you. I would vote for Justin Amash in a heartbeat. This binary choice thing has to be upended. Both the Democrats and Republicans have become too arrogant in their power. Instead of giving us someone to vote for, it has become a game of who would you rather vote against.

  • mersey

    I’m a bit scared to ask, but who do you consider a “cuckoo bananas candidate”? Personally, I’d put Warren and Sanders in that category.

  • There is a Republican state senator from Nebraska that basically has taken the GOP to task over numerous idiotic stances they’ve taken and they more or less have shunned him and told him to leave the party

    He hasn’t left the party and still stands up for what he believes, because, as I gather, he thinks his voice IS needed within the party for sanity’s sake He’s more right central, which is something I can support as an independent and moderate. i REALLY wish he would consider running for national office. I could definitely get behind someone like him.

    I can NOT, in good conscience, vote for ANY republican nowadays as long as they support trump and his ignorance. The Republican party has become extremely bigoted, misogynistic and DEFINITELY hypocritical when they try to claim any one of them is a Christian. Until they regain sanity, integrity and intelligence, I absolutely REFUSE.

  • chemical

    Sanders is a bit further left than I am. I think that his policies would be good for America if they’re actually enacted, but I don’t think there is a realistic chance of that happening. Matter of fact, I’ve heard some pretty convincing arguments recently, from European socialists, about why a European-style universal health care plan for the USA may not work very well. Being progressive, I’m all about progress. It’s something to shoot for, but I’d also support a health care plan that IMO wouldn’t be as good, but still better than the status quo, if it had a chance of actually passing Congress. So I kind of see where you’re coming from.

    As far as cuckoo bananas goes, I’m referring to candidates that don’t have a strong grip on reality. The main one guilty of this was Marianne Williamson, but she dropped out of the race recently. I have a very low opinion of New Age hippy woo nonsense, and frankly, it’s kind of embarrassing that a sizable portion of my fellow lefties latch on to it.

    The other class of cuckoo bananas candidates currently in the Dem primary are the filthy rich ones, like Michael Bloomberg and John Delaney. Or anyone who says that the government should be run like a business. There’s a reason why we call one a business and the other the government. Yeah, that’s just what the USA needs right now: Another mediocre, filthy rich gazillionaire that thinks he can buy his way into the White House. Been there, done that. /eyeroll

  • Michael Weyer

    Sanders is every inch the socialist the right claimed Obama was and that, combined with his age, make it harder to vote for him. Warren I’m still not sure about with some of her views and policies. Biden has going for him “comfort food” after the chaos of Trump.

    I agree and know a blog of liberals who roll their eyes at the insanity of the ultra-progressive types who seem to go out of their way to look like jokes. I’ve always been more of a moderate (I’m for LGBT rights but pro-life for example) and amused by how many people on both sides think “Democrat=progressive liberal”. Take a trip down South, you’ll find Democrats more conservative than most in the GOP these days.

  • chemical

    The USA has had socialist presidents before.

    The thing I like about Warren is that she has released a bunch of detailed plans about how she is going to tackle various issues that the country is facing. That’s a nice breath of fresh air, as opposed to Trump who flies by the seat of his pants, even when making decisions that have enormous impact (like, say, assassinating a general in a rival nation’s army). I wish, during the primary debates, that the candidates and moderators would discuss foreign policy more. Because that gets us into a LOT of trouble, and it costs the USA a LOT of money.

    I’m from Texas, and I’m a progressive liberal. So I think it depends on what you mean by “the South”. But I’d generally agree that the Democratic base is actually more liberal than Democratic politicians, especially in the South.

  • Alpha 1

    I’d say the Democratic party, as a whole, is at least as right wing as the Conservatives here in Canada. I don’t see much difference between Obama or Biden’s politics and the politics of the Canadian Conservatives: they’re both pro-fossil fuel, pro-free trade, pro-military, deficit hawks, and skeptical to hostile towards social democratic programs. The Democrats may be even further right since our Conservatives have to at least pay lip service to our healthcare system, which was actually created under a conservative government.

    There are a few Democrats who are as left or further left than the NDP, our social democratic party, but I can count them on one hand. Overall, it’s shocking just how far right American politics are compared to the rest of the world.

  • mersey

    Seems to be a problem posting comments on the site now. They always await Susan’s approval but never post. Technology….two steps forward three steps back. I assume there is a word or words that are throwing up a flag. Don’t know which word or words. Nothing was offensive….unless your name is Donald Trump.

  • chemical

    The patheos filter is a bit overzealous. There are some relatively benign words that will get your comment flagged, primarily because spambots would frequently use those words. A somewhat useful workaround is to screenshot a comment, and then reply again and post the image of the text in the comments.

  • mersey

    I think that I basically tried that. I copied and pasted the comment into the body of an email and then tried to copy and paste the comment again on a different computer. No luck. The weird thing was that it also changed the user image to the same picture that J. G. Pugh and KDNDLKJ use for their picture. I blame the G.O.P.

  • guy

    Theory. Someone has Susan captive and is only letting her write occasionally. You have been gone much too long.

  • Jonathan G. Pugh

    Nah, Susan just got burned out. When you’re constantly having to smack down these brain dead, fake “conservative” Trump cultists, it can get tiresome. I can understand why Susan needed to take some R & R and recharge the batteries.