Profiles in Cowardice: Ted Cruz

Profiles in Cowardice: Ted Cruz February 8, 2020

Let’s start this out by asking a really simple question: Was anyone reading this surprised that the GOP-led Senate voted to acquit President Trump in this past week’s show trial?

If you’re like me, it went exactly as you expected. There was never a threat of the morally bankrupt Republican lemmings falling out of lockstep with their leader.

With that in mind, what does the acquittal of Donald Trump mean for our nation? While we know and have seen that it’s cause for celebration among his fervent cult base, we have also seen the immediate call for retribution.

Because he yielded to his conscience over party and sided with Democrats during the trial, Utah Senator Mitt Romney has been roundly attacked by the Trump mob, with drunken frat-boy bootlick, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz calling for his removal from the Republican Party.

We also saw the removal of key impeachment trial witnesses, U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, and national security aide Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

We were told there would be a price to pay for speaking a truth that proved inconvenient to the Trump narrative. Now we see what that means.

Trump and his band of sycophants are out for blood. This is no longer a free republic, in their view, but a monarchy, and there will be no dissention. There will be no betrayal of the king, for any reason. Not for patriotism. Not for love of country. Not for the rule of law.

We are in truly treacherous territory. We’ve reached a point in our nation’s history where the great experiment is in peril. How should we react? Do we simply curl up and watch the republic burn? Do we wash our hands of it all?

Or do we call each traitor out by name?

I’m going to call every coward out by name. For those who betrayed their oaths, their duties, and our trust, I will name them. I will do my part to leave a mark, a record of their retreat and complicity.

This week, we’ll talk about Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

What I’ve discovered in the years since Cruz’s 2016 losing bid for the presidency is that quite a few of those devoted “Cruzahs” have seamlessly morphed into compliant and equally devoted Trump apologists. This move mirrors that of Cruz, himself, and highlights the growing cult of personality trap our nation has fallen into.

Not all is lost, however. I’ve seen some cracks in the façade, as former Cruz devotees have watched the man’s descent into wretched Trumpism, and have willingly confessed their shame.

Kudos to you all, as I will confess my own.

I was a Cruz fan for quite a while. When he announced that he was running for the presidency in 2015, I wasn’t mad. I was thrilled!

I bought the whole act, hook, line and sinker. I was awed by his Constitutional zeal and conservative mores. I was sure that he was just the type of bold leader we needed to clean up the travesty that was the Obama years.

Of course, those who know me, know I’ve long been a firm supporter of former Texas Governor Rick Perry (more on that in the coming weeks), so when he entered the race, Cruz was pushed back to a very close second choice.

Cruz’s appeal lessened for me, dramatically, when he became Donald Trump’s prison wife during the primaries. He stepped and fetched for the clownish reality host so much on the trail, that it bordered on parody.

We later learned, by Cruz’s own admission, that he was so complimentary to Trump because he’d hoped that when Trump washed out of the overcrowded field of GOP contenders, that his fans would equate to primary votes for Cruz.

That didn’t happen.

During what became an ugly primary fight between Trump and Cruz, we saw Trump and his team do what they’ve become best known for: attack and demean.

And no, there was no bottom to the behavior. They went after Cruz’s family.

Trump called on pal, David Pecker, and his outlet, The National Enquirer, to spread stories of multiple extramarital affairs by Cruz. They also accused his father, Rafael Cruz, of being involved in the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Cruz’s wife, Heidi, was also attacked, as Trump and his supporters insulted her looks and spread stories of an alleged mental breakdown.

Any real man would stand up for his family. Any principled man would not only defend himself, but would take careful note of the character of one who would pull off such nonsense, and would react, accordingly.

Cruz had one shining moment, where he instructed his followers to vote their conscience before the 2016 election. He could have stood on that and salvaged his reputation, at least, to some small degree.

He didn’t.

He is a full-on Trumpian lackey. He is the senatorial equivalent of Renfield to Trump’s Count Dracula.

I can’t recall any strong stance Ted Cruz has taken since 2016 that was not simply toeing the MAGA line. His social media is a disappointing goulash of quips and odes to all things Trump. It’s as if that great mind he’d conned so many (including me) into believing he possessed has been vacuumed out and replaced with Trump-branded steaks and water.

On January 31, instead of addressing the upcoming vote on charges against President Trump, Cruz dutifully detailed the imagined case against Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden.

Attention-seeker that he is, Cruz also made multiple comic appearances before the media during the course of the trial, appealing to the public, in the most cringe-worthy fashion, to focus on those who were not on trial, and who have no bearing over our nation’s direction, at this point.

He has played his part well, providing no actual leadership. He is a follower. He is complicit in what Donald Trump is doing to our nation.

Ted Cruz, like almost every other Republican in the Senate has actively worked to give away his authority as a member of one of three co-equal branches of government.

We have to ask ourselves if the goal is to do away with Congress, while centralizing control of the government to the executive branch?

That’s how it appears, but that’s not how our founders intended it to be.

Ted Cruz is a coward, but like all cowards, he finds his security in the pack of likewise spineless enablers.

If we are to save our republic, we must be honest about those we once held in high regard.

Ted Cruz’s complicity in creating a president with unchecked, unrestrained power should not be forgotten.


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  • Michael Weyer

    A while back on another site, some loon was talking about (and I quote) “do you realize the United States would not be a sovereign Republic today if not for Ted Cruz? That you owe every freedom you have to him? Name one Senator before or since who has fought as hard or done as much for our nation’s laws as him. You can’t because there isn’t one.”

    Like you, the other commentors there were former Cruz fans who had their eyes opened to point out how full of it the guy was. And so many others echoing “It was always about himself first, I can’t believe I never saw it before.” The fact he barely managed to win re-election should have been a huge warning sign but he’s taken the lesson to be he won because of Trump support, not that he nearly lost because of it.

  • Michael Weyer

    I await who else is going to be in this series. Graham is no shock, he’s always been a slimy weasel and McConnell just wants power. McSally would be good as my sister (who just moved from Arizona) says Republicans there consider her a disgrace to McCain’s seat. Sasse…man, I really had hopes on him but nope, he’s just like the rest of them.

    Honestly, it says so much when MItt Romney is the guy with the backbone to commit political suicide as a stand for principles. Too bad he and Amash are the only ones in the GOP willing to do so.

    BTW, sorry if multiple posts show up, it seems another one of those weird “need approval” bits by Paethos that always seem odd.

  • Ted Cruz and the rest of the “conservative young guns” the conservative Republican Party Media had sold us are nothing more than the new guard for the corrupt establishment order. Sure they may have policy disagreements with each other, but on a fundamental level they are in agreement. It’s the same as when Republicans denounce socialism only to turn around to implement it (e.g. Repeal and Replace Obamacare). Obviously it’s not socialism or violating the Constitution to implement it Republicans disdain, but merely a contest over whose socialist policies are better. Yet even that is apparently negotiable.

    Trump campaigned on giving six weeks of maternity to new mothers ONLY. Yet when President Trump petitioned the Congress to enact this unconstitutional policy in his budget request, he suddenly decided it should also apply to fathers and adoptive parents as well. “Conservative young guns” Senators Marco Rubio and Mike Lee answered their new master’s call and went to work on crafting alternative bills.

    Here is Rubio’s brilliant plan which would add to the national debt by letting people borrow money from their Social Security accounts, in other words borrow money which doesn’t exist.

    Side note, there has been a few op-ed pieces at the National Review promoting this with no rebuttals. Establishment hack and former Republican Senator Rick Santorum is an author of one of them.

    While a national paid family leave act has yet to pass, the Congress bipartisanly passed one for all federal employees in which they stuffed into the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. Except this one gives twelve to sixteen weeks of paid leave, and that is on top of their vacation and sick leave pay. Doesn’t it warm your heart to see our public servants be so generous with the tax-payers money? This bill was passed in the Republican controlled Senate 86-8 with Senator Cruz voting in favor

    Btw here is what the 2016 Democratic Party Platform has been calling for all along:

    …Democrats will make sure that the United States finally enacts national paid family and medical
    leave by passing a family and medical leave act that would provide all workers at least 12 weeks of paid
    leave to care for a new child or address a personal or family member’s serious health issue.

    Even if Trump and the Republicans hold their ground for six weeks in a national bill, once the limits of the Constitution has been allowed to be transgressed there is nothing preventing the usurpations from being expanded upon. The genie is out of the bottle.

  • Dffallis .

    Just as I will do my part to see John Cornyn retired, once and for all, I will do likewise when Ted comes up for reelection. He is not just a disappointment. He is a bitter disappointment and I believe was never anything like the man he pretended to be. He makes me sick just to look at, now.

  • Mother124

    The fact that Cruz is now called “Beautiful Ted” instead of “Lyin’ Ted” by Trump says it all.

    How desperate does one have to be to grovel to a man who implied that his father was involved in the Kennedy assassination, not to mention likened his wife’s emotional struggles to a mental breakdown????

    I can understand “compromising” for the sake of politics, but FAMILY should be the hill that one dies on. But he saved his own (political) life at the expense of the woman he vowed to cherish.

    If he were my husband, I would have left him after that, for being so disloyal. He made clear what came first in his life.

    He’s dead to me.

  • Pearl Nardini

    Betting on the wrong horse…that’s exactly what I have been doing. I thought Ted Cruz, Mark Rubio, Ben Sasse, Mike Lee would be candidates worth supporting. They stood for something! No, they didn’t. They all turned out to be weaklings, cowards and subservient to that “stable (evil?) genius” in the White House. I am now aware that if someone is sounding too good it is time to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. There are too many wolves out there wearing sheep clothing.

  • Surf Ski

    “Ted Cruz’s complicity in creating a president with unchecked, unrestrained power should not be forgotten.”

    Sorry, but the Republic has been doing that since 1939.

  • Surf Ski

    Well as soon as we get Sanders into the W/H we have all the nice reeducation camps to look forward to.
    I mean Reeducation spa.

  • mersey

    Well said Susan. It’s time to take the gloves off and tell it like it is! Ted Cruz, are you a man, a mouse or even worse, a Trump Republican? No need to answer that question because your actions and words speak volumes. The whole of the GOP make me ill. I can’t believe how many years and how much money I gave to these rotten b@st@rds. Excuse my French, but my blood is boiling.

    I anxiously await the rest of the Republican party that you call out in the coming months. This could take a long time. I’d better stop now before I write something that would ban me from this site. 😉

  • Bob Marks

    In this day and age when the moral structure of our nation is rapidly deteriorating and socialism permeates every aspect of our society, we find vindictive articles like this written by people who should know better, attacking a man who may not be the greatest conservative, but is a heckuva lot more American then those who do the bitchin.

  • Minarchism Leads To Freedom

    Great article Susan, thanks for the read.

  • JASmius

    Ted Cruz was always a cynical, calculating, overly ambitious hack. Remember when he led that fool’s errand to try and defund ObamaCare back in 2013, culminating in that futile government shutdown debacle? There was never any chance of that foolish gambit succeeding because the Democrats controlled the Senate and Obama was in the White House to veto any such bill, and yet Cruz smeared any fellow Republican who pointed out this day-glo obvious fact as part of “the surrender caucus”. And it ended just as we said it would, with ObamaCare still fully funded and GOP poll numbers a flaming dumpster fire because Americans hate government shutdowns more than whatever issue used to justify them (remember Trump’s shudown a year ago, and how that turned out?).

    So why did Cruz pull that giant stunt? The answer was equally obvious: to raise his national profile in order to run for president in 2016 as the Tea Party warrior/purity posse candidate. And it probably would have worked, too, if Trump hadn’t done a cannonball into the race, and if the actual GOP candidates had worked together to stamp him out rather than savaging each other in order to get to a one-on-one showdown with Trump.

    After losing that showdown, all of Cruz’s high ambitions were dashed, and his only path back to a point of salvaging them was to glue his lips to Mafia Don’s bulbous posterior and never let go, And that’s what he did and continues to do, and will remain that way until he perceives it in his self-interest to suddenly “regrow a spine”.

    Politics has always been that way to some degree. The Trumpidency has simply exploded it beyond the capacity of anybody to measure it. That Cruz seems so in his element in that bog of filth speaks to who and what he really is.

  • cindy blandin~Sound a Warning

    In this day and age when the moral structure of our nation is rapidly deteriorating….Odd comment considering that our nation is currently being led by an immoral man who has never felt the need to repent of anything. While Washington could not tell a lie, Trump cannot tell the truth. Name calling. Betrayal of allies, while praising our enemies. Retaliation and retribution for those who dare to say anything negative about him, even though it is the truth. A hateful, boastful, arrogant man. Autographing Bibles? What Christian would ever think of doing that? Never giving credit to God for anything. Everything is always about him and what he thinks he has done.

    I am concerned for our country, not only because of trump, but more than that, because of the people who say our country is rapidly deteriorating morally, while excusing a man who has never demonstrated any morals from the start.

    And please…..what makes a person “American?” What makes trump more American than Susan?

  • cindy blandin~Sound a Warning

    Looking forward to your take on Ben Sasse. I grew up in Nebraska and was proud to see him represent the farmers I knew so well. I had high hopes for him once. Read his book. And now….crickets. What gives?

    And please, move Senator Cory Gardner close to the top of the list. He is planning to campaign with trump in Colorado Feb 20, 2020. Somehow he thinks it will help his re-election once Coloradoans hear the great things he and trump and done (not) for us.

  • Ellen Elmore

    I was a huge Ted Cruz supporter in 2015-2016. I put all my hopes on him to be our next president. I watched him tell us at the Republican convention to “vote our conscience” in the election. I voted my conscience (third party) for president. But Ted did not. Or he did and he was lying to all of us. Trump is exactly who I expected him to be, an immoral, self-serving, crude narcissistic, ego-maniac who is a pathological liar, a serial cheater and an abuser of women. Ted Cruz is the biggest disappointment in the Republican party. I expected better from him. Three cheers for Mitt Romney.

  • Mirror

    Have you stopped to consider that it is You who have changed? As I have said before, I am no Trump supporter, and generally tried to keep a balanced approach. It is evident that your hatred has deeply colored your perspective.