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The Strategic Voter November 2, 2020

The time of reckoning is upon us. It is Election Day eve. After tomorrow, we’ll see one of two scenarios: Republicans will suddenly go back to caring about the Constitution, or Democrats will suddenly go back to not caring about the Constitution.

Did I step on some toes, there?

I’m sure I did. I’ve been trampling on the closely held sensibilities of a lot of varying factions for the past five years, and if God be willing, I’ll continue on for many more years to come.

As of Sunday, November 1, 2020 there have been a record-breaking 93 million early votes cast. That’s 93 million registered voters who could not wait to cast their ballots. That’s more than a third of all registered voters in the nation.

I wish that meant that some of those tedious campaign ads would stop, or that social media platforms would stop flooding my feed with “Susan, Have you voted?” posts.

Yes. I’ve voted.

I actually made it a point to stop by my local election board and voted on the very first day of North Carolina’s early voting period. I’m done. My conscience is clear. All I have to do is wait for the outcome, at this point.

I understand the tensions surrounding this election. We’ve just endured nearly four years of something so unlike anything we’ve ever experienced as a nation, that to consider this election “business as usual” would be a mistake.

We have one side of the aisle insisting that a Biden/Harris victory will usher in absolute socialism – the small-bite precursor to Communism – and will end our free republic.

The other side of the aisle points to President Donald Trump’s eerie similarities to Adolph Hitler’s rise to power, the manic, unhinged rhetoric, and a hundred other reasons why allowing him another term would plunge us into a national socialist nightmare.

So where am I on all of this?

For those of you who have kept even a relatively close tab on my work, whether from my previous employ with Salem Media, to Erick Erickson’s The Resurgent, several contributions to The Bulwark, or here, in my own space with Patheos, you know how I feel about Trump.

Frankly speaking, I’m of a mind that we have a psychopath in the White House, currently. Is he Hitler, reborn?

Not necessarily Hitler. Donald Trump is his very own brand of rancid, destructive evil.

Unlike Hitler, who was a dangerous narcissistic personality, Trump is a dangerous narcissistic personality, who is also incredibly dumb. And our president.

If Mike Judge were to ever grace us with a prequel to his 2006 masterpiece, “Idiocracy,” it would surely begin with Donald Trump’s election and a close look at those who support him.

When I say these things, I usually get the screeching, wailing protests from the right, declaring me a Soros-plant and Obama supporter.

None of those are true. If you look at the title of this particular blog, it is “Susan Wright on the Right.”

My evangelical, rightwing political roots run very deep, but I am anchored in the nourishing soil of principle, rather than the shifting sands of partisanship.

I don’t care about party. I care about the bedrock principles of freedom and adherence to our nation’s Constitution, which have made us the strongest, most prosperous and courted nation in the world.

Donald Trump has done much to damage our reputation abroad.

Before the leftists start cheering, let’s be clear about Biden/Harris.

Joe Biden was one half of an administration that did more than their fair share to push the narrative of a divided nation. In fact, Barack Obama was such an arrogant tool, he allowed free speech on college campuses to be threatened, while chaos ensued.

Anti-police rhetoric did not begin with the Trump years. They began with President Obama’s “They acted stupidly” battle cry.

Joe Biden was a willing participant in pushing Obama’s agenda of class warfare and this notion of the United States as a hateful, oppressive union, in need of a total reform.

The American dream of working hard, innovating, succeeding – just code for racism and classism, obviously.

Not that this is unique to the Obama administration. Democrats have worked for years to make the citizens feel guilty for any successes, and in fact, seem to imply that actual “success” is for all citizens to be equally broken, poor, and dependent on the benevolent hand of the Democrat Party.

Of course, that requires higher taxes for us, increased regulations, and tax breaks for their D.C. cabal.

It takes a lot of money to compel a nation to embrace that utopian platform, I guess.

The left wing of the dirty bird of politics never seem to realize their own hypocrisy. They never seem to understand how attacking those who have realized the American Dream does not help lift up the less fortunate.

Nor does separating citizens into special classes, then assigning branded victimhood badges draw us together. It only serves to widen the chasm.

Kamala Harris is one half of this election’s Democrat team. She’s a heartbeat away from the presidency, and she’s probably one of the most annoying, entitled, arrogant candidates – at least since 2016.

Couldn’t the Democrats do better than Bernie Sanders in lipstick?

No, they couldn’t. They’ve been moving at a quickened pace towards this Lenin-esque nightmare for ages.

And while I find Joe Biden more likeable and reasonable as a human being than Donald Trump, there’s no way in this world I would ever vote for him.

So I didn’t.

For those asking, I voted for the Libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgensen.

Am I now a Libertarian? I mean, I’ve been touting the potential of Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash for quite a while.

I’m not a Libertarian. I’m not even 100% sold on their platform.

What I am is tired of the duopoly. I’m tired of being told only a Republican or Democrat can win. I’m tired of the debate committee only allowing the nation to hear the same two voices, resulting in the same back-and-forth failures of policy and common decency.

Do I think she has a chance to win?

I do not. She will not win. It will not even be close.


And I’m sure to many of you, that seems to be an insane prospect. Why would I vote for someone I know is going to lose – and big? Isn’t that the same as throwing away my vote?

No vote cast in earnest regard for principle is ever wasted.

But then, there’s also a method to this political leap of faith.

For far too long, the Republicans and Democrats have had the field to themselves. They banter back and forth over matters big and small, pointing fingers, each accusing the other of civic malpractice. The reality is, their goal is the same. Both sides are more interested in “winning” elections and staying in control than they are genuinely concerned with reaching solutions that work for everyone.

Here’s a thought: If they actually achieved what they claimed to be fighting for, what would be their battle cry for the subsequent elections? What boogey men would they set over the populace, in order to gain support?

You can look to abortion as a prime example.

Trump and his Republican minions claim to fight for the sanctity of life. They promise to end abortion, stop funding, and all those things conservatives claim to care about.

They neglect to point out that the very reason we have Roe v. Wade is that a majority Republican SCOTUS signed it into law. They fail to explain how, under Trump, Planned Parenthood has received more funding than with any president before him, and have reported record numbers of abortions performed.

But c’mon… with one more term, THEN he’s REALLY going to do something!

Why not before?

The Democrats, with their desire to make obtaining abortions as easy as shopping for a toaster, while callously labeling it a “women’s health” issue, continue to rally around the specter of back alley procedures. They push the image of desperate, broken young girls on dirty operating tables, as hardened thugs use wire clothes hangers to free them of the parasitic clump of cells that somehow managed to make its way into their wombs.

They won’t let go of that golden calf, even as Republicans in Washington give them everything they want, with the only exception being gestational limits on the procedure.

And of course, Republicans say they care about the rising national debt, until it’s a Republican president doing the raising.

My reasoning for supporting the Libertarian candidate in this election has to do with numbers. I’m praying that I’m not the only one so fed up with the searing hypocrisy of the two major parties, that a radical response is the only response that makes sense to you.

Looking at the myriad third party options, it would appear the Libertarian Party is best suited to break into the arena with the major parties. It is better known than its next closest competitor, the Green Party, but far more reasonable for moderates from either side.

It is neither a liberal or a conservative party, per se, but with its adherence to personal liberty over government interference in the lives of citizens, it has a certain appeal.

The Libertarian Party is middle ground, and while no political party is going to satisfy everybody, I feel this is a start.

Several things have to happen in this election.

First of all, if Jorgensen can get a mere 5% of the national vote, whoever runs in 2024 (Calling Representative Amash!) will be eligible for public grants for the election, greatly boosting their reach and the ability to be seen as a legitimate political force.

I want to know I did my part to help shake up the duopoly and give voters a chance to hear fresh voices and views.

If the next Libertarian to run for the presidency can get 15% polling support, they will make it to the debate stage.

I can’t stress strongly enough how important this is, and it starts with financial backing and a society that has had enough of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

I didn’t just vote for Jo Jorgensen. I also cast my vote for Shannon Bray, the Libertarian running opposite Thom Tillis and Cal Cunningham in the North Carolina Senate race.

I think the inclusion of Libertarians in down ballot races is a positive step forward, as I have long felt the need to see third parties strive for other political offices, rather than go all in for the presidency, and nothing else.

They need exposure. They need experience in office. They need to occupy everything from the local level to the federal level. They need to discourage the fringe lunatics and offer valid, serious solutions to the issues our nation faces.

I voted, and have encouraged everyone to vote strategically. It’s too late to save this election. One of two very bad choices will win. It is not too late to plan for 2024, however.

Keep praying for this nation, as we are in a precarious position. May God have mercy on us all.



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