Trump Faces New Peril

Trump Faces New Peril May 19, 2021

After the exit of the Trump brood from the hallowed halls of government power, smart money was always on when – not if – the long arm of the law would finally catch up to them.

For those of us who knew the background of Donald Trump before he ascended to the presidency, we were aware of the fact that he was the epitome of a crooked Manhattan businessman. He was the garish caricature of 80s excess and greed.

Had he stayed in his lane, maybe stuck to reality TV, today’s news would likely be quite different. He would have likely been grappling with yet, another bankruptcy. He may have been able to keep his faux charity and managed to bilk unsuspecting socialites into funding his projects further, through their donations. Whatever the outcome, it would have been much safer and wiser to keep his dealings as low key as possible.

Did I mention “wise”?

I did, but we’re talking about Donald Trump – literally the dumbest, most corrupt individual to ever hold public office, much less, the presidency.

So, the latest breaking news has not just Donald J. Trump, but his entire, parasitical family of grifters in the hot seat.

For the years of the Trump presidency, he was protected by “presidential immunity.” It appeared he was getting away with the kind of crimes that would have put most of us behind bars, by now. All of that is not unique to the Trump presidency, in that all too often, there seems to be different rules for politicians, than any other citizen. With that being said, Donald Trump went out of his way to insult, divide, and bend the system to his benefit. He was clumsy and ham-handed in his efforts, appealing to our geopolitical foes, while pushing away our allies.

He also, by his very nature, dredged the national gutters, building up an army of the worst, most intellectually-barren, uncivil cretins to act as his personal guardians. We saw the culmination of those efforts on January 6, 2021, when they converged on the Capitol and attempted to overthrow our government, in order to install Donald Trump as king.

Donald Trump would not go away quietly, as the one-term loser and cautionary reminder of how fragile our freedoms are. Now, his scheming and glory-hunting have brought the hounds of justice to his door.

On Tuesday, as the hours of the day waned, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that what began as a civil investigation into Trump and his business practices has now morphed into a criminal case.

The investigation began in 2019 and centered on testimony from Trump’s former personal attorney and “fixer,” Michael Cohen.

Cohen testified before Congress as to the Trump Organization’s practice of inflating the value of assets, for insurance purposes, and in order to secure loans. When it came to taxes, however, the value was mysteriously downplayed.

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