are you affiliated with an organization that helps women and families directly? the new pro life movement would like to promote it

are you affiliated with an organization that helps women and families directly? the new pro life movement would like to promote it November 11, 2016

Over at the New Pro Life Movement (NPLM), we’ve been talking a bit about how to move forward with our vision of creating a truly prolife culture. It’s a grand vision, and a daunting one, because the history of humanity shows that we have always been violent, and that every civilization has worshiped power while turning a blind eye to injustice.

IN case you are not familiar with our movement, it stands as an alternative to the mainstream movement that has focused primarily on combatting abortion on the legal level, and which has become increasingly dominated by right-wing political and religious leaders who, in our view, fail to grasp the full complexity of the abortion phenomenon on a systemic level, and who ally themselves with political figures who promote anti-life policies. While we share the “old” movement’s commitment to defending the life of the unborn, we diverge from them sharply in a) situating abortion within a larger context of life issues; b) focusing on reducing demand for abortion, instead of supply, by eradicating those injustices that drive women to seek abortion; c) maintaining an intersectional concern with women’s rights as well as with the rights of the unborn. You can read more about our Ten Pillars here. 

While our movement originated on an ideological level, and we emphasize the importance of education on bioethics, politics, and culture, we are not content simply to talk about being pro-life. We want to encourage all who value the rights of the unborn, and the rights of women, to direct energy and resources towards helping those organizations that already exist: those who have already been doing the work our movement supports, on a grassroots level. We want to reimagine prolife as being about action and engagement, not about marketing of personal identity.

We are hoping to establish a database that will allow all those interested in our movement to see which organizations they can donate to – and to which organizations they can direct women and families in need. In the future, we hope to emphasize fundraising that will allow us to donate to groups that assist people directly, instead of to groups that focus only on advertising or promoting political campaigns.

Are you affiliated with a group that provides resources for pregnant women, and new mothers? Can you recommend a charitable or social-justice oriented organization that helps get families the food, housing, financial assistance, and medical care that they need? We are not looking exclusively at religious groups, or even at groups that identify as focusing on eradicating abortion: the goal is to make as many resources as possible immediately available to women in difficult situations who might otherwise feel that abortion is their only option. If you’re already out there doing the good work, we want to help in any way we can.

If you have information on a group that you would like us to promote and support, please contact us via our Facebook page. And peace to you.



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