Unseen: A Video Interview with Dr. Jack Graham

Unseen: A Video Interview with Dr. Jack Graham September 19, 2013

In so many ways, the supernatural has either been relegated to the world of fantasy or ignored entirely. Zombies and vampires may rule in Hollywood, but Dr. Jack Graham argues that the unseen—angels, demons, heaven, and hell—pervades our lives in real ways, though we may be unaware.

Dr. Graham—pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church and founder of PowerPoint Ministries, a radio and television ministry—approaches the unseen armed with an awareness of and passion for equipping the people of God for the spiritual battle of their lives.

In Unseen: Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell and Winning the Battle for Eternity, Dr. Graham tells the story of his father’s encounter with evil, and his lifelong work of understanding and teaching about what Scripture tells us about these things. I was privileged to chat with Dr. Graham about the book, what compelled him to write it, and how his own pastoral ministry has incorporated the principles of spiritual warfare he writes about.

For more conversation on Unseen – and to read an excerpt – visit the Patheos Book Club here. 

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