Get Real

Get Real May 6, 2006

I just noticed that my last two posts were awfully cheerful. This must stop; I cannot continue perpetuating the illusion that the world is a cheery place.

My commitment to angst is why one of my favorite companies of all time is this one. If I had my way the entire office would be decorated with their products.

Here’s one for today, particularly as my sermon from last Sunday used an illustration about the arduous journey of the Pacific Sockeye Salmon:

"I really, really, really liked this article. Thank you. ♥"

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  • Will

    Hi Amy

    Change you link to

    It will patch you in to your last sermon.

    You’re Friend

  • Will

    ===NO COMMENT===

    Hi Amy

    Change your link

    It will take you to your last sermon.

  • Tripp

    Ah…the plight of the salmon. Is this just like a candidating weekend? Hmmm…


  • Will

    ===NO COMMENTS===

    Hi Amy

    WoW!!! That was a great sermon today. I just what to thank for that event after church. I’m looking forward in being their when you’ll need me.

    Plus I’m still can’t beleave. For me being with people who is out reach. Every so offen I need to look around. Plus I what to injoy in being in the choir for five or six more weeks.

    I’m going to miss see the church in a whole form the polpit.

    But I sign up for being an asher for every sunday… Yes every Sunday. I got use to siting in the chairs. O the peru I think that way their peru. It peru after we sit for and hour.

    I thank your a very good mother. Plus your a very good person and your going place. I what to have a sign picture of you soon before you get a populer.

    The BBQ at the First Baptist whas nice Jim was their and Rod and many other memeber. One day it will come natural to me. I still have hope for Calvary look at the pastor and music director.

    P.S. My parents did take me off their checking account. Don’t worry Amy that little person in side all of use . He will be kicking me from here to kingdom come. If I did it.

    You’re Friend

  • Amanda Butler

    Oh,! I love their BitterSweets (for anti-Valentine’s Day parties… so sarcastic, so perfect for making better poetry with candy hearts).

    I met a couple who attend a Presbyterian church in town. They recognized the name Calvary Baptist from the recent Post article, and thought you sounded like a breath of fresh air, refreshingly open and candid; in other words, from the brief bit they saw, they like you.

  • juniper68


  • Anonymous

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  • Katie

    Heehee. Those remind me of the “Deep Thoughts” by Jack Handy calendars – I like “It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.” They look really nice and happy, and then you look closer and they crack you up!

  • LutheranChik


    Then again there’s the poster in a local store, showing a frog halfway down a crane’s gullet, nonetheless choking the bird with its little front feet.

    The caption: DON’T EVER GIVE UP.