Velvet Jesus

Velvet Jesus July 29, 2006

If holiness is directly relational to how many pictures of Jesus one owns, I have to say this congregation is far holier than I’ve given them credit for. In our recent move we’ve unpacked an astounding array of pictures of Jesus, which are now propped up on the floor of the church library.

I’ve toured museums in Europe and never seen the vast collection of different renderings of Jesus that I recently came upon lined up along the walls in the newly renovated library. I’ve spent several days of speechless perusing (which, if you know me, is really very unusual).

There are at least 7 framed copies of this one . . .

Along with all of these . . .

These, I was assured, are not technically Jesus, but rather former pastors of Calvary:

I am currently debating which is my favorite: this Jesus in iridescent paint on black velvet or Jesus knocking on one of the windows of the UN.

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