Wrapping It Up

Wrapping It Up November 20, 2006

Calvary is such a goldmine of interesting and talented people . . . I am constantly amazed at the creative ways I am challenged to live my faith with the help of folks in my congregation. One of those folks is Caroline Armijo, who, in addition to having numerous artistic gifts, has this amazing passion to mesh faith and artistic expression.

Whenever I am with Caroline, the creative part of me (a very small part, granted) just wants to sing. Or decoupage something.

Over this past year Caroline and I have thought up some pretty unusual ideas for worship; this time we cooked up a four-week series in Sunday School called Wrapping it Up. Caroline owns a gift subscription service, MerriMail, and is particularly interested in the art of gift-giving.

I am particularly interested in trying to finish my Christmas shopping list before December 22 (for a change).

We divided the four weeks this way: Gifts of the Bible; Gifts You Can Make Yourself; Socially Responsible Gift Giving; and Wrapping it Up–Special Alternatives for Wrapping Your Gifts. I taught the Bible one.

Caroline has taken on the rest.

After participating in the discussion this morning on Socially Responsible Gift Giving, I am all ready to spend some of this Thanksgiving Week attacking my Christmas List. And, thanks to Caroline’s hard work, you can easily access the information we shared in our class this morning and try it yourself.

Happy shopping!

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