Sand Castles

Sand Castles October 5, 2008

Somehow I came to know about a poet called Gypsee Yo, who lives in Atlanta.  I saw a YouTube video of her performing a poem and then read some of her poetry.  This one made me cry:

Sand Castles by Gypsee Yo

my happiness is a sore arm where my daughter’s head rests easy

I’m her favorite pillow and blanket too

They say that every desert was once an ocean that someone forgot to love

So I will rock you like a storm, girl

I will toss wishes down into the wells of your eyes

I will rain stars over your soul

For 40 days and 40 nights to drown the wickedness of doubt

so that your dreams may never run dry

For there are little girls in this world who walk alone

Their lives so tiny, almost invisible

Like grains of sand trapped inside the hourglass of time

And no matter how hard they try to climb

They always end up at the bottom

Others are swept from dirty streets by evil hands

Under the promise of a golden beach

Just to end up thrashed in the dark

Stripped of their pearls

Torn limb by limb

With souls hollow like the seashells washed ashore

And if you place them next to your ear

They say nothing

And some are struck by lightning so many times

That they coagulate into glass

So translucent at first glance

Seemingly perfect and strong

But all it takes is just one scream in the right pitch

And they are cracked open, shattered, and gone

They say that every desert was once an ocean that someone forgot to love

But here is so much sand in this world, girl

And so much dirt in this world, girl

And , oh, so much beautiful glass…

So when it is time for you to walk

Throw me on your shoulders like a blanket

Pull the threads of these lullabies and stitch with them wings

Make a boat with my limbs

And float above the malice and sadness of this world

My arms will be your lighthouse

You can always call me home

Learn how to swim against the current

Sail safely to your shore

Up up

Climb climb

Learn to make castles with the sand

And if you see a little girl

Walking alone on the sidewalk

Run and hold her hand

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