Remember That You Are Dust

Remember That You Are Dust March 9, 2011

Blessed Ash Wednesday, all.

On this day of reflection and confession I have two things to offer you.  For the spiritual among us, the following beautiful prayer by Ann Weems.  For the rest, my favorite Ash Wednesday memory ever.

A Modern Psalm of Loss
O God, find me!

I am lost

In the valley of grief,

and I cannot see my way out.

My friends leave baskets of balm

at my feet,

but I cannot bend to touch

the healing

to my heart.

They call me to leave

this valley,

but I cannot follow

the faint sound

of their voices.

They sing their songs

of love,

but the words fade

and vanish in the wind.

They knock,

but I cannot find the door.

They shout to me,

but I cannot find the voice

to answer.

O God, find me!

Come into this valley

and find me!

Bring me out of this land

of weeping.

O you to whom I belong,

find me!

I will wait here,

for you have never failed

to come to me.

I will wait here,

for you have always been faithful.

I will wait here,

for you are my God,

and you have promised

that you counted the hairs on my head.

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