A Prayer for the Brink of Lent

A Prayer for the Brink of Lent February 22, 2012
God, how well we remember
the celebrations of last year–
the hopes and dreams
and wild expectations
that we dared to allow in our hearts.
And now, how troubled
we are to recall our faliures!
We have not lived up
to our own expectations.
We have not measured up to your call.
The world has not been healed.
There is no peace.
The poor are still hungry.
Our dreams have burned to the ground.
The songs and carols of Advent and Christmas
brought a brief respite
from the darkness,
but now we stand on the bring of Lent.
We are weary and frustrated.
We are fearful of what
you might now ask us to do.
Help us to bring today
the ashes of our dreams,
and present them to you
for transformation.

–Katie Cook

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