A Lukewarm Social Club That Makes God Sick

A Lukewarm Social Club That Makes God Sick March 16, 2012
It has been a long time since I’ve gotten an email like this one.   A few thoughts:
1.  I wasn’t going to teach Baptist Polity this fall.  Too much to do.  I think I might reconsider.  Geez.  Some days I feel surrounded by misperceptions about what it means to be Baptist.  By Baptists.
2.  There are way more important things about Calvary and about me, actually, than my gender.  At least I hope.
3.  Curiously, I harp all the time about how the church can’t be a social club; we have to be people about the hard, hard work of living the Gospel in a world that so desperately needs it.  So, strangely, it seems that Duane and I are kind of on the same page.
4.  Are we still talking about this?  Really?  It makes me tired.
So, I’m not sure whether I will respond to Duane or not.  But I do know I am looking for some new material after years of saying the same thing over and over.  Any thoughts, anybody?
I am the pastor of _______________. We are currently putting together a website for the church. So I was looking online to get some ideas. When I came across your website I was surprised to see that a woman is the pastor. Even more surprised because your website says baptist. Just curious, when the Bible says that a bishop MUST BE THE HUSBAND OF ONE WIFE, how do you get around that? Do y’all use the Bible there? As much as the bible clearly indicates that men should be in leadership positions, how do you end up with a woman pastor? You are NOT baptist in doctrine, only in name. Why is that? Why not remove baptist? Many ecumenical churches do that today. In our world today, the average so called “church” is a watered down, laodacian, lukewarm social club that makes God sick! You obviously do not believe the Bible. Duane.
"Any updates with the blog ?"

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