A Prayer for Today

A Prayer for Today September 11, 2012

It is a stunningly gorgeous day outside, as it was eleven years ago.  Everything feels somber in this city, whose world was especially rocked by the 9/11 attacks.  I can’t think of generic words that might be appropriate this day, so maybe a prayer instead:

O God,
We are busy, busy people.  We rush around in all our importance, making plans and setting goals, moving through life as if we control the minutes and the hours that make up our days.
On this day we pause to realize again: we do not.
In the bright sunshine and crisp air of this day, we remember that in the space of just a moment, our illusions of control and safety can quickly be shattered.  The dis-ease of this truth leaves us shaky, for if the illusion of control we’ve constructed cannot hold us, who will?
You will, O God.  You have and you will keep us in all the ways in which we need so deeply to be kept.  You will gather us close and love us through and take us to whatever is next.  This we believe.
So on this day that we remember what we do not control, help us turn our hearts and our minds toward you, the source of all comfort, rest, and hope.  
Keep us ever mindful of our own frailty, but cover us with the comfort of your love.

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  • susansevier201

    Thank you. I cried all the way back from campus this morning, as I was stuck in the traffic by the Pentagon. This hopefully got out the rest of the tears.

  • Beautiful