Yule 2020: After The Darkness Comes The Light And We Must Embrace It

Yule 2020: After The Darkness Comes The Light And We Must Embrace It December 16, 2020

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How will Yule 2020 be different from all other Yules?

The obvious answer is that COVID is still greatly impacting us, our ability to celebrate with others, as well as what we do for the holiday. In one of my traditions we normally gather together and do an all night vigil as we say goodbye to the light of the old year and welcome the light of the new.

Yule 2020 heralds both the good and bad

A vaccine is on the horizon which means that while there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s not an immediate one. It requires two shots and time in between, so masks and physical distancing will still need to be observed. In 2021, the United States will be welcoming a new president. And while he is not perfect, at least he will not be embracing fascism and white supremacy.

A new way of life will greet us on the other side of this coming Yule. We have to embrace it and find every opportunity to rebuild, but better.

Our celebrations will virtual with rare exceptions

I live alone, work from home, and have met the standards of quarantine since March. While I can safely visit my parents under such conditions (and they too have been cautious), we stay masked indoors and eat in separate rooms. It’s also just the three of us.

Unless you have similar circumstances, you need to celebrate either virtually and/or with people already living with you. Zoom Yule rituals will be a thing. I’m attending one myself.

You can keep a camera on the main altar, and everyone can bring their own special beverage and food for the rite. From there you can safely celebrate the longest night of the year.

After the darkness comes the light

After the longest night of the year (Yule 2020, not just 2020 itself), the days will be getting longer. Light will be increasing.

I recommend taking this opportunity both spiritually and magically to bring in as much light into your lives as possible so we can weather the winter season together.

Expect to keep fighting no matter what. Because while the light is indeed increasing in our lives, there is much darkness remaining. And there’s not much we can do about its existence other than to make sure that it is able to impact our lives as little as possible.

All that we have weathered together won’t be over after the new year, but at least now we have a fighting chance.



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