Autumn Is Coming, And Too Many Are Not Prepared

Autumn Is Coming, And Too Many Are Not Prepared July 31, 2021

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Autumn is coming, and I need for people to read that with all of the energy of someone who has been running a marathon and has another 10k or more to go. Also there are big, huge direwolves a few miles behind you and if you stop now, they’ll catch up. And eat you.

You’ll thank me later for telling you all this. I am just sorry that I didn’t write this blog post well over a month ago, and hope that I’m not too late.

Hi, I’m back with an important message. Did you miss me?

Remember back when I blogged last year with a message from Hekate about COVID? After that I even gave tips on solo ritual, group ritual, even bread baking for Lammas. Which is tomorrow, btw. Just in time for me to have to give up gluten cause my body is an a——.


There’s a storm coming. Back around beginning of June, I kept commenting how it felt both like summer and autumn simultaneously. No, I wasn’t talking about the weather. And I wasn’t the only one who was seeing it, either.

Autumn is coming

I keep seeing a shadow descending over the land, a warning of a storm to come. Hekate comes bearing a torch, but I can’t honestly tell if it’s a torch or a flaming sword. I’d like to think I’m being hypervigilant, melodramatic, paranoid, etc., especially I’ve lost people to COVID this past year and it weighs on me very heavily. But I trust me on this stuff, and honestly most of you should too. Feel free to be skeptical but yield the appropriate caution and remember that prepping for problems in advance means that you won’t see the problems.

Autumn is coming, and I’m concerned that we aren’t even remotely prepared. And I’m also worried that there are some things that being prepared for isn’t going to be a thing. We’re just going to have to weather the storm.

There’s some practical in this, and you know it

Article after article has been gaslighting us about the pandemic allegedly being over, or on its way out. Telling us to be sympathetic of those “living in fear, unable to give up our masks.” There are so many, and I won’t bother to link them all–you get the idea.

Meanwhile many children still aren’t vaccinated, there are a fair number of people who are immunocompromised, and at no time was there ever a vaccine with 100% efficacy. We have variants on the rise due to the people who can’t be pressed enough to wear a piece of cloth over their faces. This means that the virus happily incubates in the non-vaccinated, evolving and growing stronger. Stronger as in, past our vaccines. The ones that supposedly meant that this pandemic was ending and everything was going to be awesome.

It’s not fearmongering, it’s just science. Happy Lammas!

There’s other stuff too

The feeling I keep getting over and over again is that what is yet to come will be harder to deal with cause we haven’t really dealt with it before. It’s the pandemic, it’s the outcomes of the pandemic, and there are other things to contend with too. Politics, world events, etc.

My best and most practical advice to people is the following:

  • Stock up on useful supplies now. Don’t go crazy hoarding or buying out entire racks of toilet paper, just be sensible.
  • Find ways to spend less time outside or going places, as much as possible. Stop eating out at restaurants, going to pubs, having massive gatherings, going to sporting events, and if you weren’t doing all that to begin with and are ready to take my head off for even thinking that you were GOOD KEEP NOT DOING IT THANK YOU
  • Find ways to get stuff delivered vs going out to buy them
  • Remember how the pandemic was for the first couple of months in terms of supplies, etc. Just bear that in mind.
  • Keep in touch with your friends and family as much as possible.
  • Treat both mental and physical health as #1 priority

When can we breathe again?

When vaccines are a regular thing including boosters, when there are NO new cases for at least 4-6 weeks (I’d say even more like 6-8 tbh), and when we elect people who care more about the welfare of the people over profits and the economy is when we can breathe again.

Until then, not a moment sooner.

I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry. Please take care of yourselves and others as much as you can. I love you all.


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