Spiritual Hygiene And Safety In The Age Of Coronavirus

Spiritual Hygiene And Safety In The Age Of Coronavirus March 11, 2020

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Coronavirus has a lot of people freaked. If you personally have health issues and/or know someone who does, you’re likely to be freaking out just a liiiiittle bit more than most.

I’m here to come save the day by providing people with suggestions on how to handle things such as group ritual and personal magic that can help ease the burden.

Group gatherings should be small, first of all

We’re talking less than ten people. Don’t attend large gatherings for a while, fam. We do have Spring Equinox coming up, and it’s understandable if you belong to a coven and want to see this particular sabbat honored to be best of your ability.

But consider keeping it closed, to your coven only–assuming that your coven is of reasonable size.

Wash often, not just ritually but in actuality

In some practices, there is ritual washing of the hands and face before entering circle. If you don’t implement this practice ordinarily, now is a good time to get into it. It’s an ancient, time honored practice in many cultures including ancient Greece.

Believe it or not, the ancients sometimes got it right.

In this instance, you do NOT want a shared water basin, bath, or anything like that. Do it over a sink. Use paper towels to throw away or if you want to be more eco-friendly have multiple hand towels, one for each person. Use the guidelines for handwashing as given online and elsewhere.

Consider also doing the same thing once you’re done with ritual.

Nothing should be shared

This means that the ritual chalice typically used in Wiccan ceremonies and elsewhere is NOT a good idea. One suggestion: consider having a unique chalice for each person, have one in the center of the chalices be strictly for the High Priestess. That could be the chalice that you do the Great Rite with, then ceremonially bless each of the chalices and pass them along to each participant as you pass off the cake plate.

Another possibility: use one larger chalice for the Great Rite that you pour into the other chalices. One possibility with prepouring the chalices is that you can have allowances for people who may not be drinking alcohol, which may be useful in some groups.

Also make sure that each individual takes their own cake, not touched by others in circle.

Avoid physical contact whenever you can

Instead of hugs or a kiss in circle, do a ritual gesture instead. Consider instead of holding hands, holding onto other people’s shoulders when they do the circle dance or other similar ritual practices. Alternatively, wear disposable gloves if physical contact isn’t something you can avoid completely.

A lot of groups are used to being friendly and touchy-feely, but we’re not going to be able to do that here. Don’t worry, everyone will still know that you love them.

Ritual feasts need to be carefully done and considered

Ordering in or only eating things that come out of packages and containers isn’t a terrible idea to consider. If you’re used to cooking food for people, wash your hands frequently. Consider wearing disposable gloves. Do not share plates, utensils, cups, anything anyone else could potentially have contact with. Another possibility is that everyone brings food for themselves specifically and eats it.

When in doubt, be practical

If you’re immunocompromised, have chronic health issues, and/or have people in your coven who are, consider cancelling or postponing entirely and doing either a virtual session online and/or a meditation that everyone can perform together on their own. Obviously if you’re sick or feel like you might be coming down with something, stay home. Don’t tough it out for the gods and for the sake of those in your group, just do the right thing.

Be smart, stay safe.


Any suggestions, corrections, or ideas for this list? Feel free to suggest in the comments.

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