Interview With Frances Fuller, Author of “In Borrowed Houses”

Interview With Frances Fuller, Author of “In Borrowed Houses” November 23, 2014

This special guest interview with author Frances Fuller was conducted by Lindsey Paris-Lopez, Editor in Chief at the Raven Foundation.

About a month ago, I introduced Raven Foundation readers to a beautiful story which, I believe, models what it means to take being a member of the Body of Christ seriously. In Borrowed Houses is an incredible memoir of 7 years of the life of Frances Fuller and her husband, Wayne, when they lived in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War. For anyone who enjoys autobiographies or stories of incredible faith in action, I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Fortunately, you no longer have to take my word for it, because I had the honor of interviewing Frances Fuller earlier this month. As you listen to Frances tell her story in her own words, I think you, too, will be touched by her wisdom, humor, and compassion.

At the Raven Foundation, we use fancy words like “mimesis” to talk about the fact that, for better or worse, we imitate each other. The negative side of mimesis is rivalry, people setting themselves up against others, competing for the same things, fearful and distrusting of others. War can be seen as mimetic rivalry on a macro-scale, and this thought came to mind a couple of times as Frances spoke of the fear driving the violence in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. But there is a positive side to mimesis in the form of role models, people whose embodiment of compassion, courage and perseverance inspires others. Frances has become such a role model to me, and in telling her story, she introduces us to some of the beautiful people of Lebanon who inspired her and helped to make her who she is as well.

In spite of a little technical issue when it comes to the audio/visual synchronicity (for which I truly apologize), Frances’s story is powerful and moving. Thank you, Frances, so much for sharing with us!

You can buy Frances’s beautiful story, which makes a wonderful holiday gift, at Westbow Press.

*The music in this video has been donated courtesy of Jim Pampandrea (

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