October 18, 2018

Jesus, then, is not inviting one person who happens to be rich to change; Jesus is asking all of us to change in such a way that the system is changed. Read more

October 16, 2018

Solomon said attachments were meaningless. Jesus preached about eternal life. The Buddha sought Nirvana. What can we learn from these three spiritual masters? Join Adam Ericksen as he explores the spiritual practice of detachment in Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Read more

October 12, 2018

Twelve years. That’s all the time we have. That’s all the time we have to make a such a dramatic shift in the way we live – we as in humanity, as in the entire world, but especially those of us with the privilege of relative economic security and the capacity to make changes – so as to prevent unfathomable planetary disaster. I have to admit, I’m terrified. Right now I’m trying to write through my near-hopelessness. Because writing is… Read more

October 11, 2018

Join Suzanne Ross and Adam Ericksen as they discuss Taylor Swift, politics and mimetic theory in the latest edition of the RavenCast! Read more

October 8, 2018

To live boldly in a world of shame isn’t about having the right words or the right answers. It’s about showing up. – Rev. Adam Ericksen Read more

October 5, 2018

This Sunday marks the 17th anniversary of the War in Afghanistan. Monday is Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day. Lindsey Paris-Lopez and Adam Ericksen discuss how mimetic theory helps us understand the connections between these two days in the latest episode of the RavenCast! Read more

October 4, 2018

“They wanted to put down roots,” my priest said, referring to the Israelites wandering in the desert, and suddenly it all made sense. My eyes had glazed over the litany of fruits and vegetables for which the wandering Israelites cried out, their tongues parched from years of manna as on and on they journeyed from one life to another… but now my eyes were opened, and I saw… The Israelites were not just longing for new tastes… they wanted identity…. Read more

September 30, 2018

I did not want to write about Judge Kavanaugh. There are many reasons, but two stand out among the others. The first is that I recognize how significant his nomination is and his potential appointment to the Supreme Court would be, and I neither want to understate that significance nor overstate it and scapegoat him. By “scapegoat,” I’m not referring to guilt or innocence (although in the case of specific allegations made against him, that very much matters) but to… Read more

September 24, 2018

The ancient prophets risked their lives to speak truth to power. Rev. Adam Ericksen claims we are in a prophetic moment as women rise up. Check out his latest sermon to learn about these modern-day prophets. Read more

September 21, 2018

It’s about time Sesame Street, a children’s show with a reputation for teaching compassion and inclusion, added recurring gay characters to their long roster. Bert and Ernie just don’t cut it. This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the undeniably adorable odd couple that has been a core part of the show since its inception. Bert and Ernie are an iconic duo by any standards, and this pair is, without a doubt, a wonderful model of love and… Read more

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