Wonder Woman and the Myth of Redemptive Violence – The RavenCast

The weekly RavenCast interviews challenge “us vs. them” thinking with new perspectives on the issues that divide us. Hear from knowledgeable guests and join live with your questions and comments. Can’t join live? Watch or listen to the recordings at your convenience. In this RavenCast, Adam Ericksen and Suzanne Ross discuss the hit movie Wonder Woman. Warning - there are spoilers in this review! The full MP3 and the video are below, along with a description of a portion of their discussion. Tell  … [Read more...]

Sermon: Doing Your Thing

Year A, Pentecost 2, Proper 6 June 18th, 2017 Matthew 9:35 to 10: 8By Tom Truby and Bruce Prewer DOING YOUR THING Words often change meanings, or take on additional meaning over time. Take, for example, the word “thing.” “Thing” used to mean some object. Dad would say “get that thing over there” pointing to a screwdriver, a crescent wrench, a hammer or any number of other things all in the general direction he was pointing.  He had the same problem I now have. He couldn’t think of the “th … [Read more...]

Hands Off My Story! Truth, Lies, and Cultural Appropriation

Cultural diversity makes our world interesting, doesn’t it? Our lives would be so impoverished if we were not being exposed to that wonderful variety of language, food, clothing styles, and spiritual practices of cultures different than our own. Yoga and tai chi, bok choy and basmati rice, Oy vey and “hasta luego, baby”, Little Italys, Chinatowns, Irish folk dance and African music – the list of cultural cross-pollination is endless and we are the richer for it, culturally and persona … [Read more...]

Mimetic Theory and Race Relations: Avoiding Pitfalls that Perpetuate Racism

On Violence and Forgiveness: Mimetic Theory 101 Violence begets violence. Victims of violence, when they have and use the power to retaliate, perpetuate cycles of violence that eventually blur the distinctions between the original attacker and the one attacked. Sometimes, victims of violence without the power to retaliate against their attackers begin new cycles of violence against those whom they have the power to harm.Forgiveness is the best hope we have for stopping violence in its … [Read more...]

Man Who Attacked GOP Was a Product of American Logic of Violence

Violence continues to run rampant in the United States. This time it struck against Republican lawmakers playing some early morning baseball yesterday. We’ve learned that the attacker was an outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter, and a critic of Hillary Clinton, the GOP, and Donald Trump.The shooter was 66-year-old James Hodgkinson. He shot into the baseball field, where more than a dozen Republican lawmakers  and staff members were practicing for a charity event. Steve Scalise, a member of the … [Read more...]

Sermon: The Love Flow of Trinity

Year A, Trinity Sunday June 11, 2017 By Tom TrubyThe creation story in Genesis stands in sharp contrast to almost all other creation stories. Usually creation is pictured as coming from the conflict, discord and the rivalry of the gods who are contending with one another. Often, the people who tell the story see themselves as the dismembered remains of a slain body. But not the Genesis story. In the Hebrew genius, creation is out of nothing except God’s initiative. The story is warm, p … [Read more...]

Islamist Militants Carry Out Terror, Not Jihad

Editor's Note:  This article was written by Teaching Nonviolent Atonement friend Dr. Asma Afsaruddin and originally published by Religion News Service. It is posted here with Dr. Afsaruddin's permission. For more, see my interview with Dr. Afsaruddin about "Islam and Violence: Debunking the Myths."One of the most persistent accusations leveled against Muslims today is that the Quran explicitly instructs them in the name of jihad to fight against non-Muslims — solely because they are non … [Read more...]