The United States’ flag has had some tough times lately. Colin Kaepernick caused an uproar among many conservatives when he began to kneel during the national anthem. Kaepernick claims he kneels for patriotic reasons. The flag symbolizes “freedom and justice for all.” He kneels to bring attention to the fact that systemic racism means that not all people in the United States experience freedom and justice. President Trump has accused Kaepernick and other NFL players as being unpatriotic when they… Read more

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Eid Mubarak from Teaching Nonviolent Atonement to all of our dear Muslim sisters and brothers! The holy month has drawn to a close, and all around the world, the ummah, or Islamic community, is celebrating the culmination of 30 days of fasting. Long daylight hours, at least in the northern hemisphere, have made this Ramadan among the most challenging in decades, with faithful Muslims refraining from food, drink and sexual intercourse… Read more

Does the concept of Satan have any relevance for us today? Or should we leave the concept of Satan to human history? Watch Rev. Adam Ericksen as he preaches in character to reveal that the satanic principle of accusation is very much alive today. Read more

Should we be hostile toward a religion that creates and “us against them” mentality? What does this mean for baking wedding cakes and for immigration? Join Suzanne Ross and Adam Ericksen as they discuss in the latest episode of the RavenCast! Read more

Paul knew and had known since his conversion that light comes from God. The light comes when it dawns on us we all are persecutors who have been forgiven. – Rev. Tom Truby Pastors have a frequent question when they begin to discover mimetic theory. “That’s great. But how does it preach?” Reverend Tom Truby shows that mimetic theory is a powerful tool that enables pastors to preach the Gospel in a way that is meaningful and refreshing to the modern… Read more

Immigrant children are being ripped apart from their families. But the Bible calls us to care for immigrants. Rev. Adam Ericksen points to the hope for a better America in his latest sermon. Read more

United States citizens, we need to take a brutally honest look at what is being done in our name. Our nation remains, as Dr. King said, “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world.” So many of us are rightfully horrified by the new policy of criminalizing “100 percent” of undocumented immigrants at the border, including asylum seekers who fail to enter at specified ports of entry.  (This violates the Refugee Convention of 1951, which allows immigrants seeking asylum to… Read more

If Nicodemus wants to enter the Kingdom of God, that place where there is no rivalry, he must give up his quest to be better than his neighbor. – Rev. Tom Truby Read more

We just got the video from my talk on Maria Montessori and René Girard that I delivered at the Italian American Literati event on May 12. If you’d like to read the text in article form, see “René Girard and Maria Montessori: Scientists, Mystics, Revolutionary Thinkers.” We hope you enjoy the video! Images: Maria Montessori, Wikipedia. Rene Girard, courtesy of Imitatio. Stay in the loop! Like Teaching Nonviolent Atonement on Facebook! Read more

Roseanne Barr sends an offensive tweet, but Adam Ericksen says this is an opportunity to do some soul-searching. Read more

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