It’s Officially Tend To Your Cauldron Day!*

It’s Officially Tend To Your Cauldron Day!* May 8, 2017

book2*Not officially.  Technically more of a nice idea.  Other options include “Hug Your Cauldron Day,” “Bring Your Cauldron To Work Day, “Cauldron Appreciation Day” and “Adopt a Cauldron Day” – or I’m open to hear your creative titles!

Today (as in when I’m writing this, who knows when you’re reading it), is May 8th.  That means my first book, “The Witch’s Cauldron: The Craft, Lore, and Magick of Ritual Vessels” is now OFFICIALLY** released.

**really officially, as opposed to my title nominees for today’s acknowledgment.

I’m sorry it’s been quiet here during the past week.  I had company (which meant cleaning house), a solo show to hang (which meant finishing art and a lot of prep), two book signings/talks (which means social panic) and a pop-up market (preparing to vend with stuff I needed besides what was required for everything else.)  I have had plenty of blog posts brimming, but none that I could dedicate enough time to.  So watch for those coming soon.

But wow folks!  It’s official – my first book is out there, and my second book is going into the editing and layout phase!

The first book signing and talk was in conjunction with my solo show opening at The Cunning Crow Apothecary.  OMG, it was packed all evening, despite folks coming/going in shifts.  The talk went fairly well (with lots of good questions and silliness!).  I had to pinch myself to keep in mind that not all book signings will be as well-attended and awesome as that.  And well, Sunday I was over at Edge of the Circle, where we had a smaller turnout due to it being a ridiculously gorgeous day in Seattle – which I expected. But still, people came and listened to me ramble about cauldrons and writing books.

Not sure if I quite have the hang of it yet – perhaps by the end of the Pacific Coast Tour, I’ll have it down 🙂

But really, about tending to those cauldrons…

Spring is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest, with whispers of summer not far behind.  It’s rather inspiring! So there’s several ways you can “tend to your cauldron.”

1 – Time to clean!  Cleaning and cleansing are important elements of Witchcraft.  What’s your working space like? Is it clean?  What’s the condition of your tools? Have you used them recently, did you clean and cleanse them properly, and then put them away?  Or are they out gathering dust and rust?  If you’re going to put effort into any working – spellcraft or ritual, taking care of your tools is part of the process.  Treat them with care and respect, and it will definitely aid in your endeavors.

2 – Time to prepare! How are you feeling emotionally and mentally as the seasons shift?  Have you really checked in with yourself lately.  What’s the state of your spiritual cauldrons? I wrote an article for Llewellyn that accompanies the book release about tending to your spiritual cauldrons that can help you out with learning about and caring for your spiritual cauldrons.  (There’s a guided meditation as well in the book).

3 – Time to make! Cauldrons are for making, brewing, and transforming.  What do you need to set into motion?  What are you planning on brewing up?  It’s an excellent time to get down to manifesting things both physically and metaphysically. Do you have all of your materials and ingredients ready?  If not, what’s holding you back?

But what’s this about a book?
The most common question I’m getting is from folks asking, “I won’t be able to make a book signing – how do I get a signed copy?” or “I want to get a copy now, then have you sign it later, what’s the best way to purchase?”

Great news! You can buy a signed book directly from me! (I know a guy…) But only for a limited time, as I’ll be taking the buttons down while I’m on the road.  The next best option is to purchase a copy from your local brick and mortar book store/occult/witchy shop.  It may cost a couple dollars more than amazon, but you’re directly supporting your local community – which is DEFINITELY worth that spare change.  Plus it may even smell better 🙂 (Book + herbs/incense = win!)  But if that’s not an option, then consider direct from the publisher, then lastly, amazon – which if you’re into kindle editions, then I believe that’s the primary way to go anyway.

And regardless of where you buy it, if you enjoy the book, then please consider writing a review on amazon, sharing on your pages, blogs, podcasts, and other social media goodness.  Thank you! 

OK, thank you for your patience on this somewhat shameless self promo post (hey, those 3 cauldron tend-to’s are handy!) – I promise more blog posts of significant depth coming soon!

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