Video Feature: The Witch is Back!

Video Feature: The Witch is Back! July 18, 2019

So back in May, I mentioned our cross-country journey.  But I don’t think I have really sat down and talked about the how and why we moved, our new home, etc  – and it’s much easier to talk about them I think.   Links and more details follow below the video.

So to sum it up: we have moved from Seattle to New England.  This wasn’t a sudden thing – it was practically a year in the making from initial inkling to plotting and planning, to saving up money for moving and a downpayment.  Then there was flying out to look at property, find some houses, put in some bids, deal with the hell of pre-approval, and got our offer accepted – all in the space of a week.  We were VERY tempted by a large purple Victorian house, and we absolutely loved the house when we finally saw it – but didn’t love the neighborhood, as there really wasn’t much within walking distance.  We were tempted by other Victorians too, but they needed a LOT of work, and we just don’t have that sort of time and money to put into a house, especially time.  Then a friend sent us the listing of a house that was not far from where she lived – and it was perfect: a 1920’s Tudor-style home that looks a bit like Baba Yaga’s hut sitting down. We’re within walking distance to a bunch of places, and really easy to get to anywhere else by car with a short drive. We fell in love with a house that felt like a warm hug.

We left Seattle May 1st, and 54 hours later we landed at my parents’ home in NJ.  Then we cooled our heels for a week while we waited to be able to head up for closing.  I wish I could say it was stress-free, but there were issues getting my car picked up to be shipped back in Seattle, crazy hoops from the mortgage company, and more cray-cray from the title company. But in the end, we closed without incident and on time, our stuff arrived via POD, we got it all unloaded in record time (thanks to our local Witch family), and my car arrived before we had to go to the UK. It all was incredibly stressful, but now, it’s amazing that we own a house. Like holy shit!

I’ve got upcoming events here:  and you can follow the Witches’ Night Out Market – New England branch and here’s the event page for our first event on September 13th.

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