What’s In A Sign? Deciphering Sigils, Symbols, & More

What’s In A Sign? Deciphering Sigils, Symbols, & More August 13, 2021

What's In A Sign?Happy Friday the 13th! Today I’m tackling something that shows up in my inbox more than any other question and it comes in the form of either “I dreamed this symbol” or “I drew this sigil” followed by the demand: “tell me what it means.”  (Ok, it’s not always a demand, sometimes this sentiment is expressed a little nicer, like “please can you tell me what it means?!” But usually it’s a photo dropped in my inbox by someone I don’t know without much courtesy.

I’m always a bit mystified when people send me these messages and emails, especially when they have claimed to have read my book, Sigil Witchery. If you really take the time to work with the book, you’ll not only be able to create your own sigils consciously, but you’ll also have the tools to decipher what may come to you in other forms – either in visions, dreams, or automatic drawing.

I get it – folks want answers, usually in the form of outside validation because they don’t trust themselves. Yet oddly, they’ll place their trust (perhaps) in some person they don’t even know to tell them what a personal symbol might mean. Sure, I do have a design degree and am a best-selling author on the subject so I understand the willingness to trust my opinion. But that still doesn’t mean I can tell you what the symbol you saw in your dreams means. Not to mention expecting that time from me without compensation or consideration is not very respectful or magically-minded. (Not that I would offer that service anyway.)

So here’s a video on why I can’t tell you that, but YOU can!

Additional Resources:

A video about my process for making sigils

More about crafting effective sigils!

Learn more about Entoptic phenomenon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entoptic_phenomenon

Book shown in video:
Sigil Witchery by yours truly: https://www.amazon.com/Sigil-Witchery-Witchs-Crafting-Symbols/dp/0738753696/ (or buy direct/signed copy from me here http://owlkeyme.square.site)
Magical Symbols & Alphabets by Sandra Kynes: https://www.amazon.com/Magical-Symbols-Alphabets-Practitioners-History/dp/0738761923

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