Sr. Lucia, last visionary of Fatima, Dies at 97

Sr. Lucia, last visionary of Fatima, Dies at 97 February 13, 2005

Funnily enough, a friend and I were just talking about her, and remarking at how odd it was for a Marian visionary to live to such a ripe old age.

My friend wondered if there was some specific event that was meant to happen before she (and JPII) could finally take their rest.

The Iraqi elections? (Shrug)

Sr. Lucia, dead at age 97. Perhaps the world is about to get much more “interesting?”

Hmmm. A picture of her lying out. And Yahoo has more pictures here…but I’m wondering why nowhere are we seeing the remarkable pictures from the last apparition, the October one, which showed the tens of thousands, under umbrellas in the teeming rain, their reaction to the movement of the sun, and the sudden and full drying up of the muddy field. All pretty interesting. Here is a pretty good recap of all the apparitions, with one small picture from the October 13 miracle. And then here is a better picture, worse recap.

I haven’t been able to blog much about it, but thanks to Michelle Malkin I now know who those bloggers are who HAVE been! :-) Check out musings, thoughts, and some good reporting of the whole Fatima phenomenon at:

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and for some interesting thoughts about Lucia, Fatima and Islam check out Matt Abbot.

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