Computer problems force a light round up

Computer problems force a light round up June 21, 2006

My computer is acting up today, to the point where I just want to find a rifle and blow a hole through the thing…or find a katana and slice it to bits…so I’ll offer you a few tasty bites to chew on as I go out and find a weapon!

Europeans Support Bush on Nuclear Stance”. I’m surprised the headline hasn’t yet been changed.

Alexandra at All Things Beautiful has a provocative piece up (but then she is always fearless and provocative) wherein she wonders, “Does Society Set The Standard For God’s Law?” The piece is deservedly getting enormous attention and the comments section is rather stunning. I expect this declaration will be brought into it, today.

Hootsbuddy is also writing things church-y

Byron York notes the Kerry Campaigner working for a Republican on the intel committee.

Speaking of NRO, Oh, Look! The Anchoress was kindly invited to join their summer-reading symposium! Many other, better, writers also suggest some books for the summer – check it out!

Vanderleun has two important posts up, both of which get personal in different ways. The first reminds us that we don’t always know what is going on in a seemingly peacable place and the other reminds us of the unstoppable allure of America. “Because in Russia, freedom can go away. Here never. If I vote for best.” Read ’em both. They will both touch you.

Speaking of touching you…Blue Crab Boulevard
writes of attending the funeral of 22-year old SPC. Benjamin James Slaven, a member of his son’s company. Very affecting. It is, as the author wrote to me, the best and worst thing he has ever written at the blog.

Ann Althouse has quotes about another felled warrior.

Tim Blair brings us irony in a screengrab. Jim Geraghty writes about waht is going on over there.

Rod Dreher is taking a page from the Presbyterians and running a Name-That-Trinity Contest. I have no brilliant ideas, but maybe you do.

Dr. Helen points us to a new blog that that looks at why dads matter.

Meanwhile Dr. Sanity has a great cartoon up about the Democrats and their Bus-to-no-certain-policy-on-Iraq.

Count on Julie for a good mid-week joke.

Oh, and Cindy Sheehan is doing Norma Desmond overseas. She’s ready for her close-up.

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