Another Roundup of Reactions on Benedict’s Move – UPDATE

Another Roundup of Reactions on Benedict’s Move – UPDATE February 12, 2013

First — best comment of the day, from I know not where. Stole it from Mark Shea on Facebook:

“Pope joins Twitter. Loses interest in job.”

I think part of the reason some people have had trouble processing what Benedict is doing — aside from the fact that we’ve never seen this in our lifetimes — is that we have become so habitually ironic that we don’t know how else to be. But even irony has grown stale. Only authenticity can still surprise us, and being shaken from our torpor today suggests that authenticity has been in short supply. That can’t be a good thing.

Anyhow, with no fanfare at all, here are some links to really good stuff that flew by, today, in the fast, furious reactions to Benedict’s big news:

That lightning strike at St. Peter’s tonight? After Benedict’s news today? Fuggedaboudit. As Joanne writes, Benedict has seen the lightning and rejoiced…he knows how Psalm 29 ends. Don’t miss this piece — especially if your’e afraid of lightning.

Speaking of the lightning: More thoughts from Rick

Haters gonna hate, so Consider the source and let it go.

Or, if you can’t let it go, post a message of thanks to Benedict at this website

Msgr. Charles Pope, a beautiful blog post. Poignant.

So is this piece by Will

If you haven’t been following Radio Vaticana this is a good time to start. They’ve been just superb today! And if you’re not following New Advent, then same deal

Speaking of Radio: Kathryn Lopez, Dwight Longenecker and me, chatting with Ed Morrissey on Benedict.

Speaking of Fr. Dwight: He has a nice piece up at the Washington Post. Different, but really good. So is this piece, different and good.

Coming from a strict Protestantism, Calah, a convert on, “The pope who came to me…” It’s been a curious thing to discover that I am not the only one who felt that Benedict spoke “to me…”. Seems many do.

Videos: George Weigel hits a triple and Father Robert Barron a home run.

I think so too, in time: Pope Benedict XVI’s relatively unmomentous papacy may yet prove to be of resounding consequence.

He’s a small man, but he packs a punch, our Benedict

At First Things: An Evangelical looks at Benedict and prays that the next pope will be as “human.” An Anabaptist appreciates him, too!

Courageous Humility: A lot of people putting those two words together today.

Satire: Because why not?

Also amusing: Benedict’s resignation vs Steve Jobs’

Prophecy?: Meh. Stick with what works

Some people want to start guessing. Remember, the Italians have a saying, “go in to the conclave a presumed pope; come out a Cardinal!” But here’s a list of the Cardinals. One of them must do. I have a friend who likes this guy for the next Vicar. Hey, a Middle Eastern Pope? Might be time!

Here’s more talk of new popes

Speaking of Lebanon: I love this pic

Persecution? Yes, of course. Oh, Papa!

Mission and missteps: The Papacy after Benedict

Not everyone is feeling sad

Ugh. Just ugh, already

A 2003 Short Story: “We Have a Pope” by Christopher Buckley

Patheos say Be not afrai’. Except of this woman and this woman, if you’re saying the wrong things. Don’t say the wrong things.

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. And then, as Deacon Greg says: look at the ashes, but remember the flame… Sounds like something Benedict would say.

The Ash Wednesday Homily I would Give!

If you want to understand mercy, Work Your Lent

More tomorrow, as the story unfolds, the Cardinals gather, and I try to figure out if I have skymiles enough to get to Rome, Italy, or only to Rome, New York!

UPDATE: And now for something completely different.

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