It actually really IS Good TV!

It actually really IS Good TV! March 19, 2009

Do you remember a while back, CNN and other outlets were remarking on the clever ad campaign put out by the Diocese of Brooklyn at the launch of their new offering, New Evangelization Television?

The little devil in red was urging us to Stop Good TV; the ad got a lot of attention and communicated a sense of dynamic energy and good humor.

But you know, with the exception of EWTN (which is very good but…in the wee small hours of the morning – which is the only time my cable channel offers it – can sometimes underwhelm with lots of old, grainy, worn-out tapes) I did not want to get my hopes up. Catholic television, for the most part, is usually pretty sterile stuff, and even knowing that Deacon Greg Kandra (who did over 20 years of hard labor at the Black Rock of CBS before Jesus called him to a better class of company) was heading up the news division, I still needed to see before I could believe.

Well, like Doubting Thomas, I have seen and I believe. What the folks in Brooklyn have managed to deliver actually is really good tv! And they live-stream it, so you can work at your computer, get fed up, declare “I need a break” and click over to see what’s the good news!

Actually, the nightly news program, which – in keeping with the Net/Fishers-of-Men/Water theme is to cleverly be called “Currents,” – debuts soon, but there is plenty of excellent programming going on over there. Aside from providing Holy Mass, rosaries and other opportunities for prayerful viewing, the broadcast schedule runs the gamut from kids programming in the morning, to regular (and very good) teen programming, to useful catechesis to some pretty lively restaurant and cafe-hopping with a Christian bent, to charming looks at historic “Catholic New York” and topical discussions (I turn up there from time-to-time, but don’t let that scare you off). They even have a medical call-in show that I admit is making me curious.

And because there is a true notion of mission with this gang, NetTV offers real-time, confidential help, if you need it.

Just now, I clicked on and found a fascinating program running, on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Enjoyed that, thoroughly!

Do check out NetTV. I’m going to put a little logo-thingy in my righthand sidebar, and I hope you’ll click on it, from time to time, and see what’s playing. Sometimes people ask me how this blog manages to keep a “serene” tone to it, in the face of the craziness of our political/religious focus. I don’t know if “serene” is what I would call it – sometimes I do go on my Irish rants – but often when I feel a little frazzled, I switch to decaf, head over to a nun-blog, or a monk blog and read their offerings. I often find these folks optimistic, sweet and calming.

Now – particularly when the monks and nuns are all busy praying instead of updating blogs, I can call “Time!” and watch something interesting, or inspiring, or informative – either via live-stream or through the station’s archives – and let some sanity roll over me.

I hope you’ll avail yourself of NetTV, as well. It is casting out into the deep and murky waters of the internet, as Jesus recommended…fishing for men. And women. And children. And gourmands. And news-junkies. And teens. And the home-bound. And you. And me.

May it raise a wondrous bounty for God.

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