Prodigious Talent; Beautiful Family

Prodigious Talent; Beautiful Family June 26, 2009

Gorgeous. Beautiful voices, beautiful children, beautiful family. How proud their mother must be, and what a testament they are to her own fine parenting!

We want our talented children to grow into their gifts and blossom and flourish. But then we see how difficult it is to maintain equilibrium when the world is throwing glories at your feet and demanding that you do for them, be for them. We can look at Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and even -latterly- Susan Boyle, to see what the demands and pressures that come with the adulation can do to the mind and the soul.

There is a story about the newly-widowed Jacqueline Kennedy, writing to a friend (I am paraphrasing), “the world is throwing terrifying privilege to my children…” she understood how “too much, too fast, too unbalanced” could wreck a human being.

I hope these kids do well; they’re wonderful. And I pray that they cling to that good mother when the world begins to offer them too much, too fast.

H/T Deacon Greg, who has a way of finding these things.

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