Please renew prayers for Ben

Please renew prayers for Ben September 9, 2009

I know that I do a lot of asking for prayers for people, and it’s sometimes hard to keep track (you should see my prayerbook! Names, lines, names, lines…) But a few days ago I posted a prayer request for a young boy who was dying:

Ben had a heart attack a few days ago on the soccer field. His heart attack it turns out, was from a huge blood clot in his leg, which has since been amputated below the knee. He is stabilizing but still in need of much prayer.

For a few days it looked like things were getting better and Ben, who is 15, was stabilizing, but he’s back on a respirator and in need of dialysis as his kidneys are not functioning properly. The latest update:

Ben is on continuous dialysis for his kidneys and remains on the ventilator. We are once again on the down side of things – waiting to see what comes next. He remains sedated for the time on the
ventilator and we are hoping that this will not last long.

There are sad stories and people to pray for on every street, but when you know a name and a need, it just seems so natural to pray for someone. Please offer up a prayer or sacrifice for Ben and a word for his parents, if you are inclined to prayer. Thanks.

Also, please remember Terry and her children in your prayers – she is in a marriage to a man who is increasingly unstable and violent and is looking for help and a way to get herself and her children to a safe place.

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