Ashley Bridges Still Lives, but in Hospice

Ashley Bridges Still Lives, but in Hospice June 2, 2015

You recall this post from six months ago, concerning Ashley Bridges — the young mother who was ten weeks pregnant with her daughter, Paisley, when she diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer.

Her daughter Paisley will be a year old in July, and Ashley has been told she will probably not be alive to see it, but she is a fighter:

“I am really pushing for Paisley’s first birthday. This is what I do. I do October, OK, I just got to make it to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving comes around — OK, let’s just go to Christmas. Then Christmas comes and Braiden’s birthday is in March, so I’m going to make it to Braiden’s birthday. I’m just going to keep setting little goals for myself and we’ll see.”

Ashley’s Give Forward page has an update.
As you can see, Ashley has become very weak and frail, and is keeping her children nearby. There are 29 days until Paisley’s first birthday.

Do we believe in miracles? I do, although sometimes we only recognize them in hindsight. Let us continue prayers for the intentions of Ashley Bridges and her family, and for God’s consolation and mercy to abide:

Lord, the one you love is near death. We know that you can do all things, and that to your glory and infinite graces, remarkable healings are possible at all times — healings of mind, body and spirit. Confident in this knowledge, we appeal to you, in your manifold power, to hear our prayers for Ashley Bridges, whose love has been so great, and whose desire, in the sight of your greatness is so very small. Have mercy upon this young and dying mother, O Divine Physician. In scripture we recall how Christ Jesus raised the daughter of Jairus from her deathbed, after his healing essences first flowed out to the hemorrhagic woman, restoring her to health. From this abundance of generosity and healing power, we beg a small portion for Ashley. Fulfill the promise of your own lips, Lord, “If you ask anything of me in my name, I will do it.” We ask now, on Ashley’s behalf — in all simplicity and with a most child-like faith — and for the sake of light, and of love, for real healing of body, mind and spirit, for Ashley and her family. Have mercy on me, a sinner, and give your blessings to this family. In your Holy Name, I pray.

Photo: Elizabeth Scalia
Photo: Elizabeth Scalia

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