About #Biking4Vocations? Even I Managed 45 Minutes!

About #Biking4Vocations? Even I Managed 45 Minutes! June 3, 2015

So, these 2 Catholic priests and 3 seminarians are “biking for Priestly vocations.” They’re doing a a 29-day,1,400-mile bike pilgrimage from Saint Augustine, Florida to Rockville Centre, Long Island. My very own diocese!

Several of us have been challenged by Father Michael Duffy — a young priest of the diocese — to participate, either by biking (or otherwise exercising) or praying for 45 minutes. Our

Unfortunately, this is not retroactive, so I can’t offer up my prayer time from last week’s most excellent retreat, and anyway our bishop, William Murphy, has claimed the prayertime!”

I needed the exercise, so here you go, Father Michael! 45 Minutes on a stationary bike! I dood it, offered up for priestly vocations. No video, because I am a techno idiot and also because nobody wants to see that, but here is proof of my poor effort!

45 minutes

Now, whom to challenge, that’s the question…I think I will send a challenge out to Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, The very fit and very faithful Diana von Glahn from The Faithful Traveler and new author Leah Libresco, who in her book Arriving at Amen talks about praying the Divine Office as she walks to work. She is a girl who can managed both the prayer and the exercise without huffing!

You’ve been challenged, ladies and gent; #Biking4Vocations wants you!

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