I’m Taking the #Biking4Vocations prayer challenge, Will You? UPDATED!

I’m Taking the #Biking4Vocations prayer challenge, Will You? UPDATED! June 1, 2015

8e55a316-b3de-41e5-86c7-57a41c794b3a   Friends, I’ve been following along as two priests and three seminarians travel from St. Augustine Florida to Rockville Centre, New York raising awareness for vocations to the priesthood.  They’ve been doing a fantastic job – check out their progress at http://biking4vocations.org and make sure to pray for them.  Any one that has been to one of my Masses knows that I always add a special intention for an increase of vocations to the priesthood and religious life.  We can’t have the Church without the Eucharist and we can’t have the Eucharist without the priesthood.  Each and everyone of us has the responsibility to pray for vocations.  To help do that, I’m participating in the Biking4Vocations prayer challenge!  Check out my video below.  Off to the gym for a work out and some prayer too! God Bless! Fr. Duffy

My own Bishop, Bishop William Murphy of the Diocese of Rockville Centre joined in on the challenge too and he challenged his three auxiliary bishops to join as well!

Huge thanks to Deacon Greg over at The Deacons Bench for joining in!

The Anchoress joined in too!

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