Maybe I don’t have to hate the person I disagree with online

Every so often a need arises to remind ourselves of what we are doing here on social media, on the internet, in the public sphere.  Having engaged in a number of discussions and witnessed a number of tirades on social media recently I am moved to think that today may be a good time for such a reminder.As a Priest I am called to be a living sign of Jesus Christ in the World.  That reality goes deeper than my priesthood though, it goes to my vocation as a baptized member of the Body of Christ. … [Read More...]

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Gays not welcome, or not welcomed enough? Paragraph 55 from #Synod14

Paragraph 55 of the synod document released today didn't get the necessary 2/3s votes to pass.  This paragraph deals specifically with homosexuality.  Buzzfeed translates the Paragraph for us:55. Some families live the experience of having members who are of homosexual orientation. In this regard, questions have been raised on pastoral care which is appropriate to deal with this situation by referring to what the Church teaches: “There is no basis whatsoever to assimilate or to draw even rem … [Read More...]

The grace of Rome, the Synod’s opening Mass, and the electricity of the Holy Spirit

This was my fourth visit to Rome, but my first as a priest.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, all I can say is that it was quite overwhelming.  I used part of my summer vacation to lead a pilgrimage to Lourdes and Rome and then to stay in Rome a few days with just some priest friends.  It was an i … [Read More...]

National Conference of Diocesan Vocations Directors to Meet on Long Island in Huge Conference!

While I was in seminary, I was blessed to be able to come to know an organization that does a tremendous amount of good behind the scenes for vocations.  The executive offices for NCDVD - the National Conference of Diocesan Vocations Directors were located in the building where I went to seminary. … [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade controversy! Charity abounds!

This recent blog post by Cardinal Dolan is a welcomed bit of clarification re the St. Patrick's day Parade.  His post exudes charity.  Something we can all learn from.  I'm reminded that in all things we should have charity.  Everyone in the world knows what the Church teaches about homosexuality.  M … [Read More...]

Father Francis Grogan, the other priest that died on 9/11

Everyone knows the name of Fr. Mychal Judge, the first official casualty of the September 11th terrorist attacks.  Not many people will recognize the name of Father Francis Grogan, C.S.C.  Fr. Grogan was a passenger onboard United Airlines Flight #175 when it hit the second tower.  The newspaper … [Read More...]

Funeral Homily for the Saint of 9-11

This homily was delivered by the other Fr. Michael Duffy: Homily Preached at Funeral Mass for Fr. Mychal Judge, OFM Delivered by Fr. Michael Duffy, OFM, at the Mass of Christian Burial for Fr. Mychal F. Judge, OFM, celebrated Sept. 15, 2001, at St. Francis of Assisi Church, 135 W. 31st Street, … [Read More...]

Some Wednesday pick-me-up: Nuns on a paddle board!

A little pick me up for today, Via the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church's Facebook page.    What's better than seeing a Sister on a paddle board? How about seeing three! Thanks to "Mountain Gear Spokane," who loaned us a board for our outing this summer, all the Sisters had an … [Read More...]

Papal Blessings for Charity

As a parish we get many requests for papal blessings for many different occasions.  Vatican Radio released this important information today:Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, the head of the Holy Father’s Alms-giving office ("Elemosineria"), has confirmed that as of 1 January 2015, papal blessings wi … [Read More...]

RIP Joan Rivers

Even in death, Joan Rivers could make the world laugh:  When I die, I want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights, cameras, action...I want Craft services, I want paparazzi and I want publicists making a scene! I want it to be Hollywood all the way. I don't want some rabbi … [Read More...]

Where are the Voices? Genocide in Iraq

Cardinal Wuerl of Washington D.C. speaking at the end of the Mass of the Holy Spirit to open the Academic year at the Catholic University asks that question.  Where are the voices raised in horror over what is happening to the Christians and other minorities in Iraq?Watch this video and ask y … [Read More...]

YES! The John Paul 2 Medical Research Institute Provides Ethical Research for ALS

I have gotten quite a few emails and I have seen many comments online questioning wether the alternative I have suggested for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge actually engages in research to find a cure for ALS.The John Paul II Medical Research Institute has now updated its website to provide an … [Read More...]

Nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge? Donate to this Morally Acceptable Alternative!

As the ALS association is supportive of embryonic stem cell research, we as Catholics ought not to support it, especially when there are morally acceptable alternatives.  The John Paul II Medical Research Institute is just that, a morally acceptable alternative to the ALS Association. If you are … [Read More...]

The Moral Problem with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge UPDATED, AGAIN!

We've all see it, and many of you have probably done it.  Many celebrities, politicians and even priests have done it.  There is a great amount of good that comes about from furthering awareness of such a terrible disease.  Since July 29th, $31.5 million has been raised for ALS research. The problem … [Read More...]