Watch: The Most Important Thing is Getting to Heaven!

Watch: The Most Important Thing is Getting to Heaven! March 15, 2015

IMG_9130Permit me to introduce you to one of the priests that has had the greatest influence in my life.  This great man eats, lives, and breathes the priesthood.  He was influential in helping me to accept my vocation to the priesthood, mostly because of his own zeal for souls.  These videos are brief, but they are incredibly powerful.  Take some time to watch Msgr. James McDonald, an incredible pastor with never ending zeal for souls and a man with the deepest love for the Catholic Church that I have ever met.

If you know of any young men that are considering a vocation, share these videos with them!

The videos comes from a website that I would highly recommend to you,

Msgr. McDonald gave one of the greatest homilies I’ve ever heard preached at an Evening prayer in the presence of the Heart of John Vianney.  After nine years, I can still remember it clearly.  You can listen to that incredible homily here.

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