Voter fraud in Massachusetts? UPDATED!

Voter fraud in Massachusetts? UPDATED! January 19, 2010

But of Course!. For goodness sake, when MSNBC (a real news outfit, per the WH) is declaring they’d vote “twenty times” for the Dem candidate (any Dem candidate), there is zero chance that the press would do anything but yawn and smile, if the special election in Massachusetts could be stolen.

There are over half a million dead people and other non-residents clogging the voter roles.

I know many are feeling confident, but I say don’t count your chickens. Unless Brown manages to pull off a win with a ten-point margin, expect this election to be “Franken-ized” until they “find” or “recount” the number of votes they need.

I think the Dems are being very stupid about this, myself. They should welcome a Brown win. He would be their salvation, as he would pull them out of their Obamacare quagmire, AND give them someone who is actually in office to demonize and hate, which Dems always need.

I’m going to assume Coakley wins MA until “every vote” is counted. And if the Dems cheat and take the seat, it will be filed, eventually, under a “Dumb Democrat Move.”

American Digest looks at the margin Brown needs

Instapundit has more as does Michelle Malkin

The Sec State of Mass says fraud is being reported. People are being handed ballots that are already filled out? That’s pretty brazen!

Campaign Spot and the Corner are two sites you’ll want to keep open for almost non-stop rolling updates.

David Brooks: still writes of Obama as though he is perfection incarnate, but hedges a little.

This is STUNNING: From Martha Coakley’s campaign, and dated YESTERDAY. Yes, YESTERDAY!

Campaign Manager Kevin Conroy:

We’ve received several independent and disturbing reports of voters across the state being handed ballots that are already marked in favor of Scott Brown. This is obviously a serious violation, and our legal team is taking immediate steps to protect the integrity of this election.

Honesty. Ethics. Holy. Moly. Even her cheating is incompetent:

(Screengrab from Mary Katharine Ham on Twitter)

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