Brown's Win and Obama's Iraq

Brown's Win and Obama's Iraq January 19, 2010

Keep on Truckin’

Just two quick thoughts on the fascinating and stunning victory of Republican Scott Brown over the Democrat, Martha Coakley, and both of them respond to remarks heard on television after Coakley’s concession:

1) Juan Williams and Sean Hannity discussing what this means for Obamacare. In response to the notion that this unprecedented upset might inspire Barack Obama to -like Bill Clinton in 1994 – adjust and step center to meet the mood of the country, Williams says, “it’s Vegas, baby, and Obama is going to go all-in,” Williams pooh-poohs the notion that Obama would say, “we tried too much, went too far and hey, we’ll go back to the drawing board.”

Hannity says, “why not, a little humility might be a good thing.”

I think Williams is right, and Obama will double down
, because he’s too stubborn not to. But I think Hannity is right, too; many Americans would like to see the drawing board re-emerge, and a healthcare bill written with the co-operation of both parties, and as transparently argued as Obama promised it would be, in the 2008 campaign. People want what they voted for; they don’t like the bait-and-switch.

It’s all very ironic, though; Williams seems to admire Obama for precisely the same thing he disliked in George W. Bush: the stubborn tenacity that will go “all-in” rather than admit to an error as the public perceives it. And Hannity, in suggesting that Obama admit a mistake on healthcare, is echoing Williams’ sentiments of about four years ago, that “Bush should just admit he made a mistake in Iraq; the American public will prefer that to continuing.”

In which case, we can say that Barack Obama’s healthcare plan is George W. Bush’s pre-surge Iraq war. Take that any way you want. Democrats seem like they’ve understood the message more than the president has.

Second thought: I so rarely watch televised news that I forget how insulated these people are, who talk amongst themselves all day. Chris Matthews – after admitting to Marxist analysis then to his credit, reverted to his sentimental-Irish mode tonight, wondering at the thing that makes America great – her electoral process. Rachel Maddow, in response, said, “[Brown] ran a coherent campaign, but one totally divorced from reality.”

Divorced from reality?

Oh. Okay, honey. Keep blaming Bush, too, while Obama and the Democrats (who have controlled the economy since 2006) continue to tax and spend, with no discernible benefit to anyone’s interest but their own.

Will the Dems delay seating Brown? They’d be very foolish to try. After all…the whole world is watching, and the people shouting “Seat him now” and screaming against Obamacare in Massachusetts sound almost cathartic.

“Our political leadership is uncomfortable with dissent…” – big roar from the crowd.

“Yes we can!” Uh-oh. What does it mean when Brown’s crowd appropriate’s Obama’s tag for themselves?

Major Garret notes on Twitter: “I’m nobody’s senator, but yours.” Brown’s coda. I still don’t think I heard word “Republican.” Right. Just as Obama did not mention Obamacare while he was in MA, Brown is keeping his distance from the GOP -although he did give a shout out to McCain- this was not really a GOP victory.

Brown addresses “the people who wish to harm us…we do not grant rights and privileges to enemies in wartime. Our tax dollars should go for weapons to defeat them, and not lawyers to defend them!” Is he signaling a future WH run?

When Brown said, “I’m nobody’s senator but yours,” I thought: he is a very clever guy – he is alluding to an Irish song, “Nobody’s Darling but Mine…” and his Boston audience would have recognized that; you could tell by the roar that they appreciated it. Brown knows who he is talking to. Coakley never did.

Starting tomorrow, you’re going to hear Democrats talking less about healthcare and more about “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

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